Leviathan, the Mystical Serpent and the Messianic Age – A New Age of Freedom

  • The greatest prophets desired to reach the highest goals above religion.
  • Religion is necessary but exists as a separate entity within the world.
  • Leviathan is the serpent hidden under the waters who will bring to the world freedom.

The wise men of God and truth in the history of mankind set their goals for the highest levels of truth and peace. The lives of these great saints are recorded in history.  There are two types of spiritual giants who are compared in scripture to the Ox or bull and the whale or sea serpent called Leviathan. These are saints of national religion and universal faith. In history their ideologies sometimes clash. The universal light is called the supernal shining light. The National light is compared to the moon which has no light of its own.

Leviathan Israel gas resource which is the #1 target of Arab terrorism.

About the days of the Messiah, scriptures relate that these two giants of spirituality will clash.  Leviathan the whale who comes up out of the water through resurrection represents freedom and universal faith. There was built a natural gas resource outside Haifa Israel which is called Leviathan.  Iran and Hezbollah have warned Israel that their first target is Haifa where is located nearby Leviathan gas wells belonging to their enemy Israel the democratic Jewish state.  Certainly we are in the Messianic Age.

Trump wants to bring the world peace through democracy and freedom and the national religious leaders of Israel are against the Trump Peace Plan because it requires a compromise on possession of the land. The religious may be right according to the principles of Judaism; they also may cause a third world war on the principles of religion. Jihad is on both sides Islam and Judaism. Netanyahu and Gantz live on principles of democracy; the world is just as important to them as Israel. Trump declared America does not worship America; it worships God.  In the light of National religion, God is to them one with their nation Islam or Israel. The conflict in these ideologies with democracy has interfered with Israel making a government.

Adam the first holy man in history merited to live in the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve.  His desire was for eternal peace but his hope and desire was only temporary as he was banished from the Garden.

Noah was a righteous man in his generation where the people in his time did not live their lives righteously and God sent on the world a flood.  Noah and his family were saved with the livestock the animal species which he could bring on to the arc. Dinosaurs were too large and their species became extinct. Noah was castrated by Cham his son who was destined to be the father of the people of Kanaan. The land of Kanaan became to be named the Land of Israel. Kanaan was destined to be servants. Jews were destined to be a free people in the Land of Israel which is the Messianic light.

Abraham grew up in a world in which each person thought only of themselves and their own benefit without any idealism.  Abraham was enlightened, he had communication as a prophet with the God of Peace, the God of Truth.  From Adam the word of God continued through Noah. From Noah it was transferred to his son Shem called in the Bible, the King of God. Abraham was the successor to Shem. These righteous saints preserved the memory of the Garden of Eden in which Adam lived before his sin recorded in Genesis. Abraham was not satisfied with less than truth and returning the world to its perfection. Even though he waited until the age of 99 with his wife Sarah who was 90 to have children, he was willing to give up family life for the sake of God and peace.  Peace is the name of God.  God is unknown above the understanding of man, the creator of the world. How wonderful it was for Abraham and Sarah to finally bear a child Isaac and bless him through circumcism on his eighth day of life in the Jewish custom, Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac on an altar if God requested it from him.

Leviathan a spiritual awakening revealed by Chassidism through the letter of Rabbi Nachman written 150 years after his death bringing the light of resurrection to Judaism.

In the story in Genesis Abraham woke up early in the morning. He took his son Isaac on a journey to a mountain called Moriya.  He set up there an altar to sacrifice his son Isaac if it would be necessary for his highest desire which is for peace and truth. When he was about to sacrifice his son Isaac, an angel came down from heaven to give him a blessing for his faithfulness to God, the God of peace, and to stop him in time. God sent in the place of Isaac a ram for a sacrifice. Abraham proved himself as a man of truth who lived with the highest the deepest spiritual goals to reveal the name of God in the world, which is peace.

Life was not easy for Abraham living in a world where the people of the world were evil. Abraham desired peace but the people of the world were only interested in their own welfare and did not want to recognize that peace is greater than anything else. Abraham taught the people of the world in his times that there is a God of peace. The people worshipped God but not the God of peace, the God of Adam and Noah. Isaac the son of Abraham was taught to know the importance of peace by his father and he also experienced the miracle which occurred on the mountain of Moriya when he was saved by death at the last moment.  God was revealed to Abraham and Isaac, they were men of truth; men of peace.

Isaac had twins from his wife Rebecca Esau and Jacob.  Jacob was educated in the truth of God and peace by his father Isaac. Esau was not interested at that time in Godliness and preferred hunting and world pursuits. Isaac did not give up on Esau his first born son and wanted to give him the greatest of blessings as the firstborn. His wife Rebecca interfered with him with trickery.  She knew that Esau her son was not ready to be a spiritual leader in the world to receive this special blessing from her husband Isaac. Jacob instead received the blessing of the firstborn to become the spiritual leader and successor to Isaac, and Abraham. Also Sarah requested that Ishmael the son of Abraham be sent away with his mother.  The Jewish people are descended from Jacob.  Ishmael and Esau were given blessings by their fathers but not to be the leaders of spirituality in the world. Woman are generally national religious. Men are more often universal.

Jacob was a man of truth. He had twelve sons which became the twelve tribes of Israel. He led and taught his generation the teachings of the goal of truth and the secret of the name of God which is peace. His successor was Joseph.  The brothers of Joseph were jealous of him because his father had chosen Joseph to be his successor and had given to Joseph a coat of many colors as a special gift. The coat of many colors is connected to the universal light of God in contrast to black and white which is a lower level of spirituality, national religion.

Moses was the next man of truth and peace to make attempt to bring civilization to the highest of goals. He almost succeeded but on the way down from Mount Sinai with tablets written by God with the Ten Commandments he received the red light when he saw his brother Aharon and other people worshipping a Golden Calf declaring “this is the God of Israel.” Shocked he broke the two tablets and returned onto the mountain to pray for another solution. The solution he was given by God is to make the Jewish people a separate nation with a constitution called the Torah or Law of Moses. The Jewish camp was separated between the elders of Israel who appreciated freedom exodus given to them by God through the miracles and wonders in Egypt the ten plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea, and the younger generation who wanted for their families a Jewish nation. The Jewish nation was to be a Monarchy a theocracy.  Only in this way could the Jewish people with their lineage to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob protect their families from assimilation.

The biblical nation of Israel had very strict laws about marriage and divorce and only a Jew had citizenship. King Solomon the third king built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the nation was conquered four hundred years later by the Babylonians. The Land of Israel changed hands being possessed by the Assyrians, Greeks and finally the Roman who destroyed the second temple which also stood for four hundred years. Jewish religion was continued through courts of Jewish law which were established in countries throughout the world where the Jewish people were exiled even until today. Moses did not succeed in his mission but laid the framework for the future of the world contained in the Bible the five books of Moses.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who after his death his students continue to follow him as the Messiah.

The righteous saints never give up. They are devoted to peace and truth.  Jesus was called the Messiah by his followers in the middle of the second temple in Israel under the Romans.  He was accepted by many Jews and even by the Roman Empire as the Messiah of freedom, peace and truth. The Christian religion became the spokesmen of Jesus for all generations afterwards.

Five hundred years later Mohammed gathered together all the tribes of the nation of Ishmael. He claimed to be the last prophet after Jesus who would bring the world to peace and truth through Islam and the Koran. He was met by opposition from the Christians who already were building for Jesus their empire, the Byzantine Empire. National religion Islam related the Ox-bull clashed with Christianity related to Leviathan.

Moses already had prophesized in the bible that Jesus and Mohammed representing Esau and Ishmael would follow him. It was all in the plan of God hinted in Genesis1:20, On the fourth day of creation was created hidden under the water two great serpents called Leviathan.  These two serpents will appear at about the year four thousand corresponding to the fourth day of creation.

Israel recently discovered natural gas in the Meditarrean sea outside Haifa the last discovery is called Leviathan. From this place Israel will supply natural gas to Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus.  Leviathan is a mystical sea serpent referred to in several scriptures such as Job, Psalms, the Book of Isaiah, and the book of Amos. These are Jewish scriptures and Jesus and Mohammed are enemies of the Jewish nation therefore these terminologies are used in scripture related to a sea serpent or snake. Jesus and Mohammed have built their own nations in the world who are in competition with the Nation of Israel. The fact that reference to Leviathan as emerging from the sea is connected to resurrection where the dead arise from the earth from death.

The belief in Jesus as the Messiah was completed through his resurrection written about in the Christian Bible. The biblical nation of Israel is a theocracy against freedom all the laws of the nation of Israel are the commandments of God to the Jewish people. Jesus being the Messiah of freedom is to Israel Leviathan the sea serpent, the snake the whale which rose up out of the water a danger to the nation. The mystical esoteric book The Zohar discovered in Spain about eight hundred years ago reveals the great power of Leviathan which is the power of freedom which today has evolved into democracy. Mohammed was able to build the nation of Islam only after Christianity broke through the monopoly of Judaism as the only nation of God. Jesus and Mohammed are the enemies of Israel, the theocracy. The State of Israel today a democracy is not threatened by Christianity, or Islam like Orthodox Judaism.

Moses did not see other prophets which would come after him as a threat to his high ideals of peace and truth. In Numbers 11, Joshua objected to Moses allowing other prophets freedom to preach in the camp. Moses answered him saying, if only all my children will be free to prophesize. However to build a Jewish nation was needed a constitution which would be strict not to accept other prophecies than the prophecy of Moses and his law. Instead the people are encouraged to only learn from accepted writings authorized by the leader of Israel. Jesus was a free thinker which was against the law.  It was against the Roman establishment as well as Israel. Many of the prophets whose works are included in the Bible were persecuted for speaking out against the establishment.

The three religions survived history until today Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They have many branches and sects.  Chassidism is a sect of Judaism which came about three hundred years ago. Protestant originated in the 16th century.  Islam is divided into Sunni and Shiite faiths. There are always changes within the religion without creating a new ideology. Baha”i faith came in the late 1800s in Acre which accepts Judaism, Christianity and Islam as true ideologies but is against religious wars. Yoga which is essentially Hindu is connected to Baha”i. Yoga literally means unity and peace. There can only be peace when the whole world is at peace. Baha”i and Yoga attempt to include the whole world history of religion in one breath and one soul.

Leviathan connected to resurrection from the water, the revelation of freedom is also connected by the Zohar to Moses.  Where Judaism describes Jesus and Mohammed as sea serpents, the resurrection of Moses is praised by the Zohar as the light of unity and truth.  Moses who was from the tribe of Levites is also Levi-anthan which literally means the Levite I will give. Moses is united with Jesus and Mohammed and the three together achieve the ideal of peace and truth that each one of these prophets alone could not achieve. Together they reveal the Universal Truth and Faith, a Trinity of three opposites.

Leviathan in the last judgement.

This revelation was not ripe to be revealed at Mount Sinai. Moses attempted to reveal it Exodus:17 when he stood on the mountain in the war of Amalek with Chur and Aharon holding up his arms. Judaism was established as the religion of the Biblical Nation of Israel. Orthodox religion whether it is Judaism, Christianity or Islam is based on theocratic doctrines without comparing them.  The prophet of Baha”i who arrived at the end of the 18th century saw the unity between them and received all three prophets in meditation on the name of God which is Shalom. These three religions can only become one through the vessel of freedom.

The Jewish people are still waiting for the Messiah. Three times a day they pray for his coming. The State of Israel was established even though the Messiah had not arrived. This was considered a danger to most of the religious leaders of Israel. Most of Orthodox Judaism does not accept the State of Israel since it is against their hope for the Messiah.  Avigdor Lieberman a representative of the State of Israel vehemently opposes the Messianic ideals of Judaism. They drastically conflict with Israel being a democratic state.

There is a sect of Jews in Israel connected to Chassidism and Chabad who claim that their Rebbe who passed away over twenty years ago is the Messiah which the Jewish people have been waiting for two thousand years. They claim that he is alive like the Christians claim that Jesus is alive. The difference between the two Messiahs is that the Rebbe connects to religion which is theocratic and Jesus is Levianthan who is the snake that brings freedom and democracy to the world. The snake is also connected to Kundalini Yoga.  Baha”i faith accepts the importance of religion even though it emphasizes more spiritual freedom. Both Yoga is important and religion are important. The perfection of faith is when there are two messiahs, a Messiah for freedom Jesus, and a Messiah for religion which is the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Neither of the two Messiah are God.  Islam will not accept that Jesus is God. Judaism will not accept that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is God.  God is peace and truth. God is freedom infinity which cannot be limited. There is one God which no religion can claim to be the only representative.

The leaders of the nations of the world came to Israel for Universal Holocaust Remembrance Day.  They all agree that World War II and the holocaust demands the world to unite with Israel as a democracy. The minds of these leaders is for the people of their nations to live in this world happily and that there should never be a replay of the holocaust and World War II. The minds of these world leaders are on this world. Many of them believe in God and other may be agnostic but all these leaders care about life and health. Humanitarians have a special part in the future of the world.  Religion is less concerned about physical life and more concerned about the afterlife. Baha’i faith and Progressive Jewish Spirituality bring God and the two Messiahs into this world without rejecting the importance of religion and the afterlife. Maybe there are some religious fanatics that pray for the destruction of the world to cleanse it from sin. It is not the way of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who is called by his followers the Jewish Messiah.

Orthodox religion without freedom is important especially in family life and child education. People will always abuse the privilege of freedom.  Torah Scholars connect to God through study of scripture.  Prophets connect to God through connection to other prophets and their eternal souls.  Connecting to God through his prophets and their resurrection was the way of the generation of the wilderness who remained in the wilderness forty years with Moses. Judaism connects to God through learning Torah and prayer. These are two ways the short and easy connection through mercy; and the long and difficult connection through study of the law. The humanitarian agnostic or atheist is in the middle of these two paths to choose the way most suitable for him. To accept God with religion is more difficult than accepting God alone with peace Shalom which is his name.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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