Liberalism may lead to Communism

  • China is not our friend; but our enemy.
  • Coronavirus originated in China with power to destroy America.
  • World peace can only be achieved through democracy.

Israel started off in 1948 as a democratic state but was still dependent upon socialist values for survival. There were a number of Kibbutz or closed collective communities which were developed for survival of each separate unit. Kibbutz combined socialism and Zionism. The economy of these communities was primarily agriculture but was partly supplanted by other economic branches including industrial plants, and high tech enterprises. In 2010 there were 270 Kibbutzim in Israel. Many of these Kibbutzim have been privatized opening up to free enterprise and Jewish family life.

Kibbutz Kfar Marsyck in Israel.

The vast majority of Kibbutzim even today are completely secular Zionist, left liberal socialist educating their children in secular Israel schools without any Jewish traditional education. The Kibbutzim are left politically today in contrast to Likud the largest political party in the country which is aligned with the religious parties and more American social influences. Israel is fighting to leave the socialist kibbutz society and transform into a nation which is completely free enterprise.

Kibbutz in its beginning was a way of survival when Israelis lived under difficult economic conditions. Today the economy has improved and most people feel they no longer need Kibbutz life style. In Kibbutzim socialist society and the children of these families are the strongest atheistic element in the country.

America leads the free world as a democratic republic with freedom and liberties. It is the greatest economy in the world representing free enterprise. Free enterprise refers to an economy where the market determines the prices, products and services rather than the government. Businesses and services are free of government control.  In a free enterprise society there are homeowners who have invested their hard earned money in real estate.

Not everyone is always capable of buying a home. Those that cannot own their own homes, a forced to pay rents to landlords which are very often expensive.  Lower class living is in subsidized housing, built by the government for low income families. These families have no investment in real estate through buying a home. They have the incentive to better their style of life through saving from their weekly incomes and through the help of mortgage banking they can buy a home.  Free Enterprise is a competitive society.

Socialism is a less competitive society.  Each person is guaranteed an income and an apartment. There is less incentive to improve living conditions but there is less stress on the people from pressures of poverty. Kibbutz life in Israel was once necessary but today most people prefer to own their own homes and find employment independently from the government.  The economy of Israel has improved and continues to move away from socialism.

America under President Trump was in the best economic conditions in its history. The Corona virus and poor elements within America uniting behind the blacks who still have not reached middle class American life has caused a breakdown of American capitalism.  Liberals in America have even spoken about returning to socialism. Today there is a strong movement in America to help Americans who have difficult competing in a competitive society. They have even become violent looking for more reasons to force the American government to change.

Trump a Republican is aligned more with the affluent society of America. America is a democracy where each person has a voice. Trump from the day he entered office has tried to boost America in the direction of free enterprise as a representative of the ideal of freedom. He is also working to promote the image of America as a nation endorsing religious values. The liberal socialist element in America has rebelled against Trump MAGA and has formed a bloc which is Anti-Trump Americanism.

Small outbreak of Corona in Beijing, China.

They are taking advantage of democracy and freedom through demonstrating and abusing democratic freedom in politics to severely cripple the nation by creating a schism in the American society. The liberal democrats do not want to be ruled by the Republicans and are willing to sacrifice the American ideals to rule the country. Republican Party and Democratic Party instead of working together to improve America have created a war between liberalism and conservatism.

On the other side of the world is China and Communism. Corona virus came from China at a time when America was booming under the leadership of President Trump. The economy of China has also boomed in the last twenty five years. Now under the lockdown of Corona Communism and Capitalism are in conflict. The Corona virus has crippled the world economy. Many Americans are leaning toward the side of Communism which is left liberal socialist. Americans have to make up their mind. Is China an enemy of America? Can America continue to grow MAGA Trump in a world where China is also growing and dominating?

There are people in the world who see China as a threat to freedom. These people have organized to educate the world about the dangers of China. They publicize the abuses of human rights in China along with other types of atrocities. China is against freedom of religion and other freedoms which America and other democracies enjoy. The political power of China is in Beijing where the nation is controlled by a minority leadership with a powerful military and police force. Do you want America to become Communist or socialist?  Enclosed is a petition objecting to the Communist regime explaining its abuses and dangers to modern Western culture.

See the dangers of China explained on You Tube

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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