Lidocaine Numbing for Male Genital Desensitization

One of the more controversial, and fun, uses of lidocaine numbing products is to use it to enhance performance in bedroom activities. Whether you suffer from early discharge, or just want to give your significant other a little bit extra every once in a while, a little lidocaine can go a long way.

It is no secret that 1 in 3 men occasionally jump the gun at one point or another in their lives. For their partners this can be a source of frustration, or even conflict in their relationship. For men who have struggled with this male genital desensitization issue, it is certainly a relief to know that there is a solution, and it is easy to apply.

Most lidocaine numbing products will do the trick, but some are better than others. Even many of the products designed specifically for this purpose quite literally “fall short” of solving this issue. That’s why we wanted to talk a little bit today about Numbify.

While Numbify is not specifically designed for this purpose, we have found through side by side testing against other like products, that it is quite possibly the strongest numbing agent on the market. It is designed to be one of the most effective numbing agents we have seen.

You see Numbify is a little different from other companies. While most companies talk a lot about their products being great, Numbify backs it up with action. With satisfaction guaranteed, Numbify shatters the competition with stronger numbing power.

Another interesting fact about Numbify is that they use natural ingredients wherever possible. Obviously 4-5 % of their products are lidocaine, that is expected. The other 95-96% is top quality natural ingredients, and other high quality components. It is this commitment to quality that sets Numbify apart from the dozens of competitors that fill their products with the cheapest ingredients possible and charge more per ounce.

That’s right, even though Numbify is made from more expensive, higher quality ingredients, it is still cheaper than most lidocaine products on the market today. Which quite frankly is baffling. How can you charge so much more for a lower quality product that costs so much less to produce? It must be to pay for all of the fake positive reviews they are buying on sites like Amazon, ebay, and

That’s why Numbify has the Strongest Numbing Challenge: they have challenged the entire lidocaine numbing industry to a side by side 3rd party testing challenge. So far – no one has beaten them!

So whether you are looking to numb up for date night tonight, or looking for a free sample to try out before you buy in bulk for your shop, head on over to and find out why everyone is talking about Numbify!!!

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