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There has been a lot of news lately about a fast growing pain relief product line called Numbify. It has been widely lauded as stronger, more effective, better quality, low priced, and honest. But today we want to talk a little bit about the natural ingredients in Numbify, and why those ingredients really push Numbify to the next level in comparison with their competitors.

Natural and organic ingredients are a hot topic of controversy here in our nation. There are more opinions on this subject than fish in the sea. But the truth of the matter is that opinions are not relevant in the discussion; scientific data, and testing is they key to unraveling what is really best.

Just because an ingredient is natural, does not make it better. Point of fact, snake venom is natural, but we’re certainly not going to get an injection of that to fight cancer! Chemo therapy is synthetic, and toxic, and can just as easily kill a patient as save them, but it is much more effective in testing than marijuana or you know, snake venom. Just because an ingredient is natural does not make it better. However, there are many healthy natural ingredients that have been used as medication for thousands of years, the hard part is sorting through them all and finding what works and what doesn’t– finding what is safe and what isn’t.

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For example, homeopathy is believed by many to have wonderful healing properties. They start by introducing bio-matter that causes similar symptoms to a disease that someone has, and then diluting it with water repeatedly until there is no trace of the original bio-matter. Then they trust that the water retains a memory of that bio-matters properties and take it as medicine. This has consistently been shown to work no better than a placebo, which is to say, it only works if you believe it works, and even then, its not actually doing anything, its simply your mind masking the symptoms subconsciously.

This is not the type of natural ingredients that are either healthy or effective. In order to determine the safety and effectiveness, double blind testing is required. That way no beliefs can enter into it. Through rigorous and extensive testing, Numbify has identified and isolated multiple healthy natural ingredients that are then included in their products– not simply because they are natural, but because they are simply better ingredients.  Thus, based on blind side-by-side testing, we believe numbify is stronger than all the major competitors.  That’s why they have challenged all in their industry to a side-by-side duel.

There are times when synthetic ingredients are the better choice for a product, and every time that is the case, Numbify uses those ingredients instead. There are times when the safer more effective choice is a natural ingredient. When that is the case, Numbify chooses that option. In most pharmaceutical products the cheapest option is usually the chosen option. For example, a large percentage of similar products on the market contain a lot of water. That is certainly cheap, and natural, but that doesn’t mean its best.

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Cheap chemical options that get the job done (barely) and are chosen simply for their price point are not necessarily the right choice. Well, it does depend on your definition of “right.” It’s certainly better for the shareholders, unless they actually need to use the medicine themselves. For those of us who actually need to use the medicines, the higher quality ingredients not only produce a more effective product without jeopardizing safety, but they often provide a more comfortable experience.

So when we talk about Numbify’s commitment to using safe natural ingredients, the deeper meaning here is that Numbify is committed to using safe natural HIGH QUALITY ingredients whenever that is the better choice. Numbify will never pick a natural ingredient over a synthetic one when the synthetic one is better for the end user. But it also recognizes that high quality natural ingredients have a lot to offer, and when properly vetted, and infused into a lidocaine product such as Numbify, that can make a world of difference.

The craziest part is that side-by-side, Numbify is on the lower end of the pricing scale. Their commitment to a better product for a lower price really resonates with the end user. So when you get that bottle of Numbify shipped to your doorstep, you can rest assured that you got the best available for the right price.

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