Lidocaine Use on Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises and Pyracantha

Like many of you out there, I am a bit accident prone. I am always bumping into things, scraping myself, and or otherwise causing myself (and anyone too close) minor injuries. I’ve been called a klutz for as long as I can remember.

Most of the time its not too big of a deal. A little neosporin and I just deal with the pain. But being an avid outdoorsman I love to get out in nature, and being klutzy in the wilderness can have unforeseen, and much more painful consequences. I, like many others who enjoy outdoor activities, enjoy doing it alone. Camping, hunting, fishing, all of it. It’s my sanctuary away from the world. But I’m sure at this point you can see where my story is going.

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Also being a tattoo enthusiast, I recently had some work done a few months before, so I had some of my favorite numbing gel left over. (it’s a brand called Numbify for those of you who are looking for a good numbing gel) I absentmindedly packed it in with my first aid kit. You never know when something like that might come in handy.

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So there I was out in the woods, hiking and taking it all in. I found myself a great place to set up camp, a small raised area surrounded on three and a half sides by wild pyracantha. It seemed a nice secluded, and importantly secure place to set up camp, only a hundred feet or so from a little stream I could hopefully catch some fish in for dinner the next day. It was a great place to stay, and for the first couple days I was doing great, but on my third night, I woke up about midnight to nature’s call.

Lidocaine, also known as lignocaine, is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area (local anesthetic). It is also used to treat ventricular tachycardia and to perform nerve blocks. Lidocaine mixed with a small amount of adrenaline (epinephrine) is available to allow larger doses for numbing, to decrease bleeding, and to make the numbing effect last longer. When used as an injectable, lidocaine typically begins working within four minutes and lasts for half an hour to three hours. Lidocaine mixtures may also be applied directly to the skin or mucous membranes to numb the area

I snuck back behind my tent, to water the bushes, when I realized that there was a small drop off I was halfway off of, that decided to give way mid stream. So halfway through my watering I went down face first into the Pyracantha with my trousers around my ankles. Let me tell you, there is a reason Pyracantha is nicknamed firethorn!!! I lay there in agony not wanting to move because it hurt so bad every time I tried. The only thing going through my mind was damn, its a good thing I had my tetanus booster last month!

Eventually I crawled my way out of the bushes and began the arduous task of extracting all of the thorns. It took half of the night, but I finally got them all out. I felt like my skin was on fire, so I grabbed out my bottle of Numbify , and just slathered what I had left all over everywhere I had been pricked. Now I have tested lots of lidocaine numbing products, and I have always found Numbify to be the strongest, but I cannot even begin to describe the relief I felt after putting this stuff on. I slept like a baby for the next 3 or so hours till dawn. It was starting to wear off when I woke up, so I used the last of what I had, and hiked my way out of there. Ill tell you what, I never camped next to Pyracantha again, predators be damned!

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I popped into my doctors office a day or so later and she could not believe how well I was healing. It turns out Numbify has some pretty bad ass antimicrobial properties, so I am healing much faster than expected. (not entirely surprising as that happened with my tattoo as well)

So the moral of the story is, get yourself some Numbify . It’s better than anything else out on the market, low cost, and a must have for your next survival experience!!!

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