Life Coaching – Beware of Spiritual Charlatans and False Gurus

  • For many people they live their lives without a Life Coach. They believe in God and feel that their connection with God is enough alone without needing a Rebbe or life coach.
  • Life Coach has become popular today because of these deep conflicts which need answers living in a traumatic age.
  • Parents are not always the best example to their children and the best life coaches.

Some people say that Life Coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world. The true life coach definition is a committed professional who has the right training and tools to help you achieve your goals.  Few people can say that they are already performing at the top of their game each and every day. A life coach can help you reach your true potential.

Open the internet. Type in the words life coach. You will find a long list of advertisements and information about the meaning of Life Coach.

When a baby comes into the world the first life coach is his/her mother.  The child also connects to his/her father but through the mother he reaches the father.  When the child gets older his/her relationship grows also with his/her father like he has with his/her mother.  Both parents give the child direction.  The father is an example.  The mother is an example.  They are both life coaches for the child. A girl will look more to her mother as a life coach.  The boy to his father when he grows up.  Children need two parents in a family.  A broken home has a disability.  Divorce may sometimes be necessary both for the parents and the children. Parents are not always the best example to their children and the best life coaches.

Rabbi Sholom Arush – A Life Coach in the Jewish world famous for his books available in English on the internet.

Chassidic communities have their teacher and mentor the Rebbe who is the life coach for his/her whole community. They go to him with questions on all matters of life education, marriage, livelihood, spiritual guidance, and health.   People went to the Lubavitcher Rebbe A”H with many questions on health and other matters.  A child was diagnosed with retina damage.  All the doctors and specialists insisted that the disorder was chronic. He went to the Rebbe with his/her parents for a blessing.  The Rebbe gave him a blessing “May the almighty grant that you should learn Torah with open eyes.”  They lived in Johannesburg Australia and on the visit to the Rebbe after receiving the blessing they went to specialists in NY.  The specialists in New York gave them the good news. Nothing to worry about.

For many people they live their lives without a Life Coach.  They believe in God and feel that their connection with God is enough alone without needing a Rebbe or life coach.  When a person has a question on business they go to an accountant or business consultant.  If they have a health problem they go to a doctor or a specialist. They don’t feel that they also need to consult with their life coach or their Rebbe.  When your life coach is also your spiritual mentor, he may not be as important to help you in health as a doctor, or in business as an accountant but it is always a good idea to ask him for a blessings.

You can ask God for help at any time.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov advised his/her students to connect with God in prayer from the heart in your own language like to say, “Please God help me find a job.”  When you look for a job, you open the newspaper to Job Opportunities or go to an employment agent. God helps and the blessings from your spiritual mentor can also help.  Your parents are always available for their help.  They may not be as knowledgeable as the Rebbe or your life coach but they have been given by God the blessings to help their children.  Therefore the Bible teaches, Honor your father and your mother.

People today are recognizing the importance of life coaching.  The Bible advised people to find a life coach a teacher, a spiritual advisor.  Even though the Bible commands to Honor your father and mother which will bring your long life, it says the honor for your spiritual mentor is even more important. Your parents bring you into this world; but the spiritual mentor brings you into the next world the afterlife. The spiritual mentor and life coach for Jews has always been the Rabbi of their congregation, for Christians their pastor.

Guru Janardan Parmahansa – Toured America in the late 1960’s and helped many people rehabilitate from drugs. Sometimes the Guru may be authentic but his followers exploit his name.

There is another category of life coach which the Rabbi or pastor is not enough; but people sometimes need a specialist for answering their deep inner conflicts.  People today go to psychologists for answers about mental health issues.  The psychologist may send them to a psychiatrist to get medicine.  These deep questions can become overwhelming.  People have become atheists or agnostics faced with questions which deny faith.  People can live as atheists and agnostics but are not truly happy.

God has provided the answer to these deep questions to open up the blockages causing deep inner conflicts through special life coaches.  You can open up the internet and find a life coach which is suitable to you or get referred by a friend to a life coach.  Not all people have these deep inner conflicts.  For answering the deep inner conflicts you need not only a life coach, a psychologist, you need a spiritual healer.

A spiritual healer has already answered these the questions which are tormenting people with deep inner conflicts.  He can give you the advice and the way that you need. The best spiritual healer is in the image of Moses the prophet.  God in Exodus 3 revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush. He informed Moses that he had been chosen to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt to freedom.  Moses at first didn’t want the job. He felt it was two great a task for him.  The Jewish people were not only suffering under the physical oppression of Pharaoh as slaves; they also had deep conflicts within losing their faith in God.  The best life coach like Moses is not anxious to accept the position as spiritual healer and mentor. He prefers that God should do the job without his/her assistance. It could be better for people to carry on their lives without a life coach but it is not always possible.

Moses accepted the job and delivered the Jewish people from the material and spiritual darkness called Egypt. He still preferred that the Jewish people should connect to God without him as their life coach.  He gave them the Torah through which learning and observing the laws of the Torah, the Jewish people could live their lives without him as their life coach.  It would be enough their connection to God and to learn the law.  It is possible to live your life without a life coach on faith in God alone or with the help of your parents and friends.  Life Coach has become popular today because of these deep conflicts which need answers living in a traumatic age.

Charles Manson who created a dangerous cult.

Chassidism came three hundred years ago.  Chassidism introduced to Jewish communities life coaching. Each Chassidic community has a life coach who is their spiritual mentor. Until three hundred years ago in Judaism there was no emphasis on life coach.  The modern society today are looking for life coaches because the times have changed. Religion today is not enough.  People need life coaching today when times have become more difficult living after World War II when forty million people were killed.  Living in an age of the threat of nuclear war and world contamination puts fear in the hearts of the youth.  Stories of global warming can be frightening.  Religious leaders preach believe in God and the afterlife which sustained mankind and was enough to uphold faith in God until today.  The pressures of these inner conflicts grow and religion needs today reinforcing through life coaching.  Chassidic Jews three hundred years ago understood the importance of life coaching and their Rebbe became their life coach.

Be careful in choosing a life coach. Many life coaches are devoted more to themselves than to their clients and are looking for a way to exploit people who are desperate.  If your life coach demands from you loyalty even before the first meeting it is a sign that his intentions may be with an ulterior motive for financial gains and his/her own egotism.  Many people have been damaged by life coaches, phonies making false claims such as Charles Manson. Beware of spiritual charlatans and false Gurus.

Find a spiritual mentor a life coach suitable for your needs. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. God is always available to answer your prayers.  If this isn’t enough your life coach will come to support and reinforce your faith like Moses. Everyone can become a life Coach. Everyone has a little bit of Moses in them.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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