Life is Sacred – March for Life

  • Black lives matter excludes white lives.
  • Life is all inclusive, to march for life.
  • Life is universally accepted as supreme in a democracy.

The murder of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin again arouses in people the desire to march for a cause. There are many different causes which are important. Black live matter is a favorite cause today. Those that look deeper into the need to demonstrate and march can find a better slogan which is LIFE IS SACRED – MARCH FOR LIFE. This slogan includes Black lives Matter and doesn’t create hatred.

Black Lives matter march.

There are many different values which people have. To some most important is their nation. The nation is most important to the people in Communism. However also Judaism values the nation even before life. Islamic extremists value Islam the nation of God before life. Those that value their nation before anything else are willing to sacrifice their lives for their nation. People live in a nation which is at war. The people do not always value their nation before life; but when they are drafted they have to serve in the army or be put in jail or killed. The nation is the supreme power on earth and has the right to punish draft evaders.

Only extremely national people consider their nation to come before life. For most people life is most important. Life is one of the names of God. God gives life.  God also takes life. Betraying your nation may be considered treason. The nation has the power of God to take a life of a traitor. It can go to war and kill millions of people. In a democracy freedom comes first. Each person is entitled to a fair trial. According to the law the person is punished for crime. Dictatorships can punish traitors without a fair trial. Life comes first in a democracy. In a dictatorship the nation comes first.

Freedom is connected to life and the right to defend life. A fascist believes that the doctrine of his nation gives permission to take life without fair trial. Communists also can take lives without fair trial. Hitler killed six million Jews, and Stalin killed more than Hitler. In the theocracies in history the Biblical Nation of Israel, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire the nation and religion comes before life and peace. Each of these religious empires, had the power to defend its ideologies at the expense of life. Life only became supreme after these religious empires dissolved.  Today in the free world life is supreme.

Organized march at Seattle Capital Hill.

Everyone knows that George Floyd the black man who was killed by a policeman in Minneapolis was a criminal. He served a jail sentence; and was caught by the police using counterfeit currency. After his killing, people went out into the streets carrying banners “Black Lives Matter.”  They claimed discrimination because he was black which may not have been the reason why the cop Kevin Chauvin killed him.

Yesterday a Black man Jacob Blake was killed in Wisconsin by two cops. Again people are waving the banner Black Lives Matter. Everyday in America there are homicides where Blacks kill Whites, Blacks kill Blacks, White Kill Blacks, Blacks kill Whites. Let us wave a new banner to include all these murders in one slogan, LIFE IS SACRED.  MARCH FOR LIFE. People instead of marching for one specific type of incident where White Cops or Black Cops kill civilians and march with the slogan Black Lives Matter; let us start a new march and demonstration with a new slogan LIFE IS SACRED, MARCH FOR LIFE.

More than three times as many blacks have been killed by coronavirus in America. Black lives matter. Corona does not intend to kill three times as many blacks as whites.  Corona has no consciousness to hear the complaints of those that scream Black Lives Matter. People demonstrate against the way the government is dealing with coronavirus. They don’t demonstrate against coronavirus because Coronavirus does not have an ear to hear their complaints but kills indiscriminately. Put our complaints together into one motto to include all the complaints against man and God. Let us scream out in the streets, or sing out in the streets for man to hear and God to hear, LIFE IS SACRED, MARCH FOR LIFE.

I wave the banner of democracy which is LIFE IS SACRED. I believe that God is life. God is the giver of life. I believe in Life. One of the names for God is Life. Another name is peace. LIFE IS SACRED, MARCH FOR LIFE.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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