Little Known Facts About Batman – When Will the Next Movie Open?

  • For 80 years now, Batman has been going strong and a new movie is in the works.
  • Most fans say they're loyal because Batman, unlike most superheroes, has no superpowers.
  • Imagine all the good Jeffrey Epstein could have done if he'd taken a lesson from fellow gazillionaire Bruce Wayne.

Now that we know that the dude who played the vampire in the Twilight series (Robert Pattinson) will be the next Batman, expect to withstand a tsunami of speculation and hype rolling up to the movie’s release in June, 2021.

Few film franchises have met with the critical and audience acclaim paid to the Dark Knight trilogy, and for good reason. The story starts at the fabled “Bat-Man” beginnings and continues into the present day and beyond. For a tale stretching back 80 years, it’s no surprise that the legend continues to build. Still, there is much about the myth that most fans are not aware of. Here are a few tantalizing tidbits to tide us over until the Dark Knight returns…

Batman has forgotten his oath to avoid killing his enemies when it became inconvenient. One promise Batman took up from the beginning was to spare the life of criminals and Master Villains, preferring they rot in jail. But, he’s broken the oath on several notable occasions, including his first kill (strangling a mentally ill bad guy by hanging him below his Batplane) and on to Darkseid in Final Crisis, Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, The Joker in Batman: Arkham City and KGBeast in Batman #420. Plus, all the ‘Collateral Damage’ and general mayhem which ensues when a gang of Henchmen enters the scene.

Batman didn’t start out as a bat: Bruce Wayne went out on his first mission without a disguise, and he nearly lost his life. While later reflecting on what might give him an edge, a bat flew in and out of the room. Normally terrified of them, Wayne decided to overcome his fear and, the next night, he entered the arena in full Batman regalia. He hasn’t looked back since…

Robin was killed off by the fans: In 1988, DC Comics set up a hotline asking fans whether the then Robin (Jason Todd) should be blown to bits or not. Incredibly, callers said push the button and Robin went up in smoke. Holy, betrayal, Batman!

Batman has faced the most iconic Super Villains in history: From the beginning, Batman has distinguished himself by battling psychopathic criminals way beyond the pale of the average thief, murderer or corrupt politician. From the Scarecrow through to the Joker, no superhero has ever been besieged by such a Rogue’s Gallery. And, the story continues…

Censorship killed the whole ‘Dark Knight’ rep in the 50s: In the 1950s, parents and censors came down on the violence in comics, especially the darkness surrounding the Batman legend. As a result, the story began to evolve in a campy direction that carried all the way through to the first few Batman movies. But, better sense has prevailed since, and The Dark Knight has returned to welcome fanfare from old and new Batman fans alike.

Frank Sinatra wanted to play The Joker on the TV show: After the Batman TV series became a massive hit, everybody in Hollywood tried to glom on, including Sinatra, who was reportedly very upset the role went to Cesar Romero.

Batman’s greatest secret weapon is: His brain. Despite having billions of dollars at his disposal, Batman is constantly battling warped, criminally brilliant masterminds with similar unlimited resources at their own disposal. But, in the end, no villain has yet to overcome the Dark Knight’s most valuable weapon: His superior intellect.

Bruce Wayne’s parents are still alive: Somewhere, in a parallel universe, the Batman origin story has been turned on its head. Thomas Wayne becomes the Bat-Man and his arch enemy, the Joker is his wife, Martha, who goes criminally insane witnessing her son Bruce’s murder! Luckily, it was all a side plot to The Flash story-line and never really took off…

Bob Kane did not write the Batman origin story: It was actually ghost-written by a friend named Bill Finger who worked in secret for decades building the Batman legend without credit. He later landed a job with DC Comics and created a host of new characters, including The Green Lantern. Since his death, efforts have been made by his granddaughter to recognize Bill Finger’s crucial contributions to everything that is “The Bat-Man.”

Conan O’Brien stole Robin’s costume as a student at Harvard: While Conan was attending Harvard, Burt Ward came to make a speech and show off his original costume. After the Q&A, “Security” came and whisked the costume off and held it hostage as Conan and his buddies led Ward on a wild goose-chase all around campus. Reportedly, Ward had a blast and, in the end, recovered the goods. Guess all that training came in handy!

Only a billionaire could become Batman: A nerdy Batman fan actually calculated the real world cost of constructing the Batcave, building the Batmobile from scratch and equipping the Dark Knight with his fantastic array of cutting edge weapons. The price tag? $300 million bucks…

And, finally…

Batman has gotten lotsa nookie: You might think it’s easier for Bruce Wayne to score with women, being a billionaire and all. And, he has had his share of romantic conquests, particularly with Vicki Vale. But, The Dark Knight is no slouch either, having had torrid, in-costume couplings with the likes of Julie Madison, Silver St. Cloud, Talia al Ghul and, most notably and longest running, his on again, off again love affair with Catwoman.

Now we know why he has all those toys…

Do you know some interesting trivia about Batman most fans don’t?

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