Living with Plagues is an Old tradition in the Modern World

  • Corona is changing this world to be like hell.
  • When life was good for many people this world was heavenly.
  • The world is a corridor to the next world an elevation for angels and souls of man.

Plagues are nothing new to the world. Coping with plagues has never been easy. Corona virus is no different. Unless there is a miracle and medical science reaches the solution we are in for a long period of deterioration both physically and mentally.

ISIS was the enemy of modern civilization and according to their philosophy the world is deserving of Corona virus destruction pointing at the desecration of the principles of the Koran by modern society. ISIS continues to fight even after they were defeated in Syria.  ISIS has friends amongst the beasts of the field and microorganisms in nature who are defending their cause. The cause of ISIS is to remove all evil from the world including the evil of freedom.

This is a replica of a bronze snake which Moses built in the wildness to counteract a plague. The angel Rafael is hanging on this pole who is the representative of God to do the work of healing in this world. This symbol was adopted to be on ambulances and pharmacies. The Angel Rafael as a messenger of God should bring to the whole world the healing for corona. Copy this picture and hang it up in your home for protection against the virus.

ISIS deriving its knowledge from the teachings of Mohammed has support from the Law of Moses. Adam in the Garden of Eden had dominion over all the animals of the field until the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge. When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge they lost their dominion over the beasts.  Life became a struggle. There was war and disease.

There is a continuous struggle from that time to overcome the obstacles of death and to build a world of peace within natural life. The goal of mankind is to make a world in which there is peace between man and God; and there is peace between man and man. Before Corona appeared there was no peace between Man and God and very little peace between man and man.

President Trump appeared in the world in 2016 with a solution for America and the world to build peace in these two ways and received opposition from Liberal atheists seeking complete freedom denial of God and the precepts of religion established for 2000 years. He fought ISIS defending modern society and freedom in the attempt to create a balance between religion and freedom.  He believed that through helping Israel a modern democracy with an old religious heritage; the world would also be uplifted. He attempted to strengthen the government of Netanyahu who he believed was a good leader and friend of America. Just like Liberals in America opposed Trump; liberals in Israel also opposed Netanyahu whose supporters were from the religious parties.  Finally after two elections Benny Gantz made a compromise move to join Netanyahu in a unified government breaking off from his supporters who were against connecting the State of Israel with God and its sacred heritage.

There is very little difference between ISIS and other Ultra-Orthodox religions as practiced by fundamentalists. They are all praying for the destruction of modern society against freedom and other Christian values. Christianity whose leader is today Pope Francis accepts the religious opinions of the other side from Islam and Judaism but has a different solution from them something in the way of the progressive Evangelist President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. The fundamentalists will never stop their campaign and rebuke opposing modern society.  To these fundamentalists most important is the strict observance of the Law of Moses or Sharia the law of Islam and they consider that heir purpose is to teach the law. The law is the foundation of these two nations biblical Israel and Islam. However there are differences amongst Jews and Muslims to what extent they are willing to follow their religious leaders.  Fundamentalists will not budge one inch. The Torah calls them Stiff Necked people.  The Law of God cannot be changed.

The Magen David also called the Star of David or the Shield of David shows the secret of the unity of heaven and earth. These are two triangles represent earth facing upward and heaven facing downward. The sides of the triangles are the three angels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael in an eternal unity. Copy the flag with the Magen David and hang it in your home for a blessing and protection from Corona.

Israel like the rest of the world is faced with Corona epidemic. Almost all the synagogues have been closed. Even making services in open is prohibited in areas like in front of a building or in a park where each person distances himself two meters from the next person. Congregational prayer is very important in Judaism. The Torah is read three times a week only when there are at least ten listeners. Closing synagogues even those which have old heritages like the Western Wall, the grave of Rachel, the grave of the patriarchs, and the Tomb of Bar Yochai the author of the Zohar strikes hard on the faith of Jews that everything that occurs with the hand of God called divine providence. One of the leading Rabbis in pain commented, “God doesn’t want our congregational prayer.”

The danger of Corona is mostly to the elderly.  It is a difficult decision for political leaders to give preference to the young over the old. Most political leaders are over fifty. Boris Johnson who recently contracted the virus was born in 1964 which makes him 56 years old. Trump is over seventy and his opponents in the elections in 2020 are over seventy.  Corona is pressuring society to find younger leaders, stronger physically even though they may be lacking the life experience of their elders.

In the time of Moses, Jews in the wilderness and people in those times lived in danger of plagues.  Plagues are mentioned in Exodus 30, when the people were told to donate a half shekel coin to the building of the tabernacle to stop the plague. There was a plague in the wilderness which was stopped by Moses when he built a bronze snake which today is a symbol of healing on ambulances and pharmacies. The snake is connected to the angel Rafael the angel of healing who feels the pain of the sick and in love heals them. Another suggestion given to the Jews in the wilderness for overcoming plagues is unity.  The Jews united together in the wilderness as a nation to overcome these obstacles when each person gave a half shekel representing that only through uniting together can be fulfilled the whole purpose of the Jewish people. Mankind unites together to stop and heal corona.

Corona has united the world together in the battle to end the plague.  The whole world has become infected and mankind recognizes the importance of unity even though each nation separates from the world through quarantine. China was the first to quarantine.  The virus spread to other nations connected to China economically.  Modern technology made it possible for the virus to spread to other nations by air or ship. Corona is now a pandemic, world crisis.  In the past plagues were epidemics limited to a closed area.

The hyssop plant was used by Jews for protection from the Angel of Death on Passover night. Today they make from this plant a spice which may be for people protection from Corona virus. Use this spice in your salads, soup, or take a teaspoon of zatta hyssop spice with olive oil two times a day. God should protect you and your family.

Faced with plagues, Moses decided that the young should take leadership of the Jewish people. Only two elders from the generation of Moses Joshua and Calev entered the land of Israel. King Solomon was only 14 when he became king. Corona has uplifted the youth while their fathers are left to perish. President Trump will run for a second term for president but his vice president should be chosen to be under the age of fifty.  Netanyahu is 70 and Benny Gantz is 60 years old and will both be leading Israel.

The Jewish people are approaching the holiday of Passover. Passover begins on the night of the Exodus from Egypt during the tenth plague called the smiting of the first born. The Jews protected themselves from the angel of death through smearing the blood of the paschal lamb sacrifice mixed with Hyssop plant derivative.  The meaning of first born can be understood literally first born of each family young and old; or maybe first born could mean oldest representative of a family meaning grandfathers and grandmothers like who are in most danger from Corona. The leadership of Egypt became crippled by this plague.  The plague of the first born passed over many houses.  It hit its targets; other survived.

Corona can be compared to the tenth plague before Exodus when the Jews were released from bondage. Christianity began also on Passover night when Jesus was executed. Through his resurrection three day later, he became officially the Messiah of the world.  On Passover night the Jews were released from bondage and became an eternal nation Israel which has lived through the diaspora and has established the Modern State of Israel. The Messiah of the nation of Israel fights the eternal battle for survival of the nation and rewards Jews in the afterlife who maintain their connection to the Law of Moses. The Messiah of Christianity who is eternal sustains and heals emotionally mankind until the end of time.

There are three angels of God who have established religion in the world which are Michael, Gabriel and Rafael. Each angel came down for a particular purpose in a physical body of a man Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Today these prophets have all resurrected and are living under the holy temple in Jerusalem to sustain humanity emotionally and spiritually to combat Corona and build the kingship of God on earth. The greatest immunity from Corona in our times comes from belief in the resurrection of these prophets and acceptance of the Law of God.

God said before the creation of man Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man.”  The angels were with God partners in creating man. Angels are heavenly creations. Man is created from the dust of the earth. After death he returns to the dust. Angels are the eternal souls of man which are elevated through coming into this physical world to do the service of God charity and good deeds. After death these angels are people who will resurrect with their bodies to attain a higher elevation than before when they have been united heaven with the earth. All the sufferings of life have a purpose.  Life has a purpose. Everything is good. Corona appears to be an ugly virus but hidden in it is good.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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