Lockdown Strategy Against Coronavirus Questioned

  • Corona virus was at first an unknown virus which required quarantine
  • Medical Science has identified the virus and its actions
  • We are in the hands of our governments and in the hands of God

China reacted to the spread of Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, through lockdown. In this way, China was able to control the spread of Coronavirus. Afterwards, other nations looked toward China as an example, and applied the same strategy against the contagious virus. As a result, the whole world is in lockdown, and the world economy has been crippled.

Amongst medical authorities there is a difference of opinion about the use of lockdown to control the virus.

Railroads in Austria are being prepared to start working.

Many nations today are considering returning to normalcy. Great Britain, with 201,101 infected cases and 30,076 deaths, is considering returning to normalcy. Germany is considering returning to normalcy.

Israel, and seven other nations, have made an agreement to allow air traffic and tourism.  These nations have smaller populations than the larger European countries hit harder by Coronavirus, and America is the hardest hit. Lockdown as an answer worked for these nations, but may not work for the larger nations.

Critics of the strategy of lockdown explain that using China as an example is a mistake. Nations in the free world cannot dictate lockdown the way China, a communist state, has done.

The other strategy is to allow the population to reach a saturation of cases and recoveries naturally, without sacrificing the whole nation for the sake of the elderly. Oftentimes, the elderly already have critical medical conditions. For sure, coronavirus will shorten life expectancy.

Medical science has also been able to increase life expectancy, with surgery and drugs.  People will die anyway. The elderly only have a few more years of life expectancy. These critics do not look unfavorably at the number of infections and deaths.  Rather, they accept that Coronavirus is in the world, and will eventually reach the whole world population. The young will survive and the elderly will die. People who recover from Coronavirus will have antibodies.

Coronavirus was first an unknown virus. One of the most important unknowns was if people who recover from Coronavirus will develop antibodies, which will give them immunity. Another unknown about Coronavirus is its effects on children.  It is known to be deadly to senior adults and those that have previous conditions.

The effects on children are almost zero.  Children recover immediately and also do not spread the disease. Those that are sensitive to Coronavirus will only be temporally protected by quarantine. Quarantine can only be applied temporarily, since it cripples the economy. Also, quarantine affects the education of children who are the innocent victims of coronavirus.

Israel has already began to return children to schools, but under quarantine limitations. Lifting these limitations might be impossible.  The world using quarantine strategy will never return to normalcy.

Tel Aviv’s beach resorts remain empty.

After getting to know Coronavirus, the world is separated into two opinions: Lockdown or Return to normalcy without lockdowns. These two sides are either allowing nature to take its course, or to continue to control the natural spread of the disease through quarantine. Without a vaccine, both have credit.

Only through producing a vaccine for Coronavirus will the world be able to return to normalcy without millions of deaths. Depending on medicines Remdesvir and Hydroxychloroquine will only save a portion of the population until the whole world will develop antibodies.

Science still is not sure how these anti-bodies will hold up until the next flu season. Hospitals have a limitation to receive sick people gradually.  People without quarantine will be dying at home and in the streets.

Returning to normalcy is the obligation of all governments. The world economy has to be opened again. Two nations, Israel and Italy, report that they have developed a vaccine which needs a few more months to test. If this vaccine works, it will have been worth it to disable to world economy to save the lives of the elderly.

If there is no vaccine, the natural end of Coronavirus will be like the natural end of Spanish Flu, which killed millions of people. However, Coronavirus is not like Spanish Flu. The young will live and the old will die.

On the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur, there is a prayer which says, let us now relate the power of this holy day, for it is awesome and frightening. On Yom Kippur, the tenth day of the year is sealed the justice for the coming year to determine “who will live, who will die,” and in which way. The decree made on this High Holy Day can always be changed through repentance, prayer and charity. However, Religious Jews accept the will of God, the hand of God in their lives.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in addressing New Yorkers, said government is essential for the life of humanity. Government organizes the life of the nation for the sake of the lives of its people.  Our nations have tried to the best of their ability to cope with this dangerous contagious virus. At first, the virus was unknown. Medical science has identified the virus. We are in the hands of our political leaders. Hopefully they will make the right decisions.  We should not forget that we are also in the two hands of God, which are mercy and justice.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites. www.progressivejewishspirituality.net

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