Logo Designing (A Beginner’s Guide)

  • Step-by-step process
  • Why a Logo is Important
  • Principles for Creating a Logo

The LOGO – a visual representation of the brand of your product and the need of every company, organization, and institution which displays a lot about the company’s general reputation and stature. It should be captivating enough to grab the attention of the first time viewing.

Usually, when you view a logo for the first time, you pick the idea of which company the logo belongs to and that’s why you want to have a logo to be the best. Visualize the car company ‘ford’ logo on the car and the ‘Ferrari’ logo which reflects the pride of the product and brand. If you are an entrepreneur or an experienced owner of a multinational company you will definitely be sure of the fact that how the logo of the company presents its stature. In this article, you will be able to understand how to get your hands on the logo designing if you are a layman. 

This may be a new thing for you to know about the logo but you will surely get the basic ideas of the free logo design.

Why do you require a logo?

Just like when you were born and your parents named you right after entering the world. A name showcases the person’s personality and the traits. The logo works exactly like that. Something you will always require for the recognition of your brand.

Is it that important to have a logo?

Well, the answer is yes. It gives the identity to your business and the establishment and people would recognize about your company with the logo as the signature. The design of the logo plays another big role in portraying the image of the company or a brand. You can say it makes a deeper connection with the psychology of the people, they are attached to certain brands, they feel satisfied with the services and product’s manufacturing standard, the deliverance of the quality and compliance.

Some of the principles that you should keep in mind while creating a logo

logo designing also has some of the principles and rules before you start to give it a structural shape. As a beginner, it is important to know that a logo can be pretty ordinary and it can be unique depending on how you consume the idea of its innovation and creativity. Being exceptionally talented in creativity would allow you to have a great design and structure of the logo and moreover, it will also contribute to the success of your company’s stature.

For having the uniqueness in the designing you need to know few things.

Make it as simple as you can

It’s true that the complexity in the design makes it difficult to understand and sometimes can create confusion within the customer’s mind that what is the brand’s name by the way? Some of the popular brands have the simplest designs like what could be more decent logo than Apple and Nike. You need to understand that there is a fine line between under doing and overdoing and that can be pretty challenging sometimes.

Concentrate on being artistic and original

The more you will see other brands, it will most likely to happen that you would go blank about keeping the originality and uniqueness in the logo. For the starter, it is necessary to focus on the creative factor such something which defines only your brand but no other. Here it is important to realize that the style and features of your logo should not match any other otherwise you are leaving the confusion for its customer.

Be flexible and adjustable with the designing

As a starter, it is important to know the fact that a logo should be recognizable irrespective of the size and the color you are choosing. The reason why because it will be on the web pages, little souvenirs and things that belong to the company’s production. Generally, logo designers consider to make it in a simple way just something easy to remember.

The categories of different logos

It is noticeable that most of the popular brands keep the logo with fonts and some have other types of logos as well.

Text -A very common mistake a lot of laymen make is that they think that a logo should always be a design. Whereas it is not that necessary. Simple text can become a logo and it is the most adaptive way.

Symbolic -Some design which is abstract and easy can be a logo. Even just a green leaf and any form of the symbol would be good if you just follow the principles and make things easy and precise.


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