Lose Weight and Feel Full With These 18 Amazing Foods

  • You need to be careful when picking peanut butter at the store.
  • Fish is generally good for your health.
  • Almonds in particular, are great since they contain a lot of protein.

Finding a perfect balance between a meal that will make you feel full and the one that will also provide you with all the essential nutrients your body needs is key to losing weight in a healthy way. These amazing foods contain all the nutrients you need and can easily be incorporated in your everyday meals.

Peanut Butter

If you are looking for a perfect snack that will help you feel full and stay satisfied, while providing your body with all the nutrients it needs, peanut butter is a great option. This healthy snack contains up to 4 grams of fibre per serving and 8 grams of protein. It will also help stabilize your glycaemic load as well. However, you need to be careful when picking peanut butter at the store. You need to carefully examine the ingredients. Try to find peanut butter that only includes peanuts and salt and maybe just a little bit of oil. Avoid the ones that contain high fructose corn syrup and any other unnecessary additives.


Other great foods that will leave you feeling full and satisfied are chickpeas. They are high in plant-based protein and contain a lot of fibre that’s good for your body. Chickpeas also contain immune-boosting antioxidants as well as minerals that fight bloating very effectively. What’s great about chickpeas is that there is a wide variety of ways to prepare and eat them. You can use them in your soups, stews, salads, and even your side dishes. They go well with everything. In addition to that, you can use chickpeas to make flour. It’s a great baking alternative when you want to make a more nutrient-dense meal.


If you’re looking for a type of food that contains huge amounts of fibre and potassium, then pumpkin is a perfect choice for you. They are said to contain more potassium than a banana and more fibre than quinoa. Pumpkin can be prepared and served in many different forms. One of the best ways is to make a pumpkin puree. It’s great for snacking and it goes well with lots of different meals. Pumpkin puree is also a great choice for when you’re craving something sweet. All you need to do is ass some pumpkin puree to unsweetened Greek yogurt with some cinnamon and pears, and there you have it- a delicious nutritional dessert!


Eating just a cup of peas will provide you with 8 grams of protein as well as lots of other healthy and bloat-reducing nutrients. This type of foods has got all that your body needs. It’s packed with a healthy daily dose of vitamin C, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Not only is this great for your overall health, but it also creates counterbalancing sodium and brings oxygen to your blood cells. So, make sure to incorporate some peas in your meals.


Fish is generally good for your health. Tuna in particular, can provide your body with many crucial and essential nutrients that will make you feel full and satisfied for longer periods of time. It can provide you with healthy fats, protein, omega-3 acids, and other important nutrients. Salmon and sardines are also great for these reasons. They contain tons of lean protein and omega-3s that will help you feel full thus also helping you avoid too many sneaky snacks throughout the day or late at night.


Speaking of fish, salmon is also a great choice. Salmon contains high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as minerals that make this fish a perfect choice for dinner. It also contains vitamin D that has previously been proven to be linked with healthy weight loss and management. By consuming salmon on a daily basis, you will also be able to get about 25% of your daily vitamin B6 dose which can help you regulate your mood and stress levels.


Many people tend to avoid eating potatoes in all of their forms when they decide to change their diet to lose some weight. Well, believe it or not, but potatoes can actually help you lose weight. Air-fried potatoes contain high amounts of potassium and as we know, potassium is great for reducing and managing bloating and creating counterbalance sodium. They also contain a lot of fibre. That makes potatoes very nutrient-dense food as long as they are not served as French fries.

Pumpkin Seeds

We mentioned the nutritional values and benefits of eating pumpkin, but there are also numerous health benefits of eating pumpkin seeds that you should know about. Pumpkin seeds are great for providing your body with huge amounts of immune-boosting zinc, and they are also packed with fibre which makes them extremely filling snacks. In every snack-sized serving there is about 7 grams of protein. For that reason, pumpkin seeds are a great addition to your diet if you want to lose some weight while feeling full after a meal or a snack.

Plain Greek Yogurt

There are many nutritional foods and snacks that contain probiotics or in other words friendly bacteria that can help you regulate gut function, banish bloat, and boost overall immunity. Some of the fermented foods such as tempeh, miso, and sauerkraut are great sources of probiotics. However, what might actually be the best source of probiotics is none other than plain Greek yogurt. You need to look for one that is plain and unsweetened to get all the probiotic benefits from it. Also, try to find one that has five strains or even more of bacterial cultures per 6 ounce serving. To get some more flavour in, you can eat it with any type of nuts or frozen berries of your choice.


Just like yogurt, kefir is also a great source of probiotics that are healthy for your body. The difference is that kefir is creamier than Greek yogurt and it has more smoothie-like consistency. This delightful drink contains lots of probiotics that will help keep your gut healthy. Plus, taking some kefir is a great choice when you feel bloated. In addition to that, kefir is also high in protein, so it’s a great idea to put some in your daily smoothies.


Since we’re still covering foods that contain probiotics that are healthy for guts and bloat-reducing, we have to talk about sauerkraut. It is a great choice of fermented foods that can be successfully implemented in everyday meals. Since it’s a fermented food, it contains many probiotic benefits that can improve your overall health. Just like many vegetables, sauerkraut is very low in calories, but at the same time it contains a lot of fibre. That means that it will help you maintain a healthy weight while keeping you full at the same time. You can try adding sauerkraut to your sandwiches and salads too.

Protein Smoothie

If you need a drink filled with protein and other useful nutrients for your body, then you absolutely have to try making daily protein smoothies. You can pick your favourite fruits and veggies, get a milk of your choice (dairy or plant-based) or some yogurt, some quality vegan protein powder, and a healthy organic sweetener if you like, and you are ready to make a smoothie. This can also be served as a light breakfast or you can simply drink some throughout the day in between your meals.

Drinking some protein smoothies is especially a great choice for those who work out on a daily basis. You can drink some after your intense workout at the gym or before going to the gym. It will make you feel full while providing you with all the necessary nutrients your body needs to be able to undergo an hour long exercise session.


Even though probiotics are good for you, you also need to introduce some prebiotics to your diet as well. The difference is that probiotics provide useful bacteria and introduce them to your system, while prebiotics are there to feed the already-existing bacteria in your stomach and thus, helping them to proliferate. These kinds of prebiotics can be found in oats. In addition to healthy prebiotics, oats also contain a lot of dietary fibre. To incorporate more of this healthy food in your diet you can start by having oatmeal for breakfast. Half a cup of oats contains about 4 grams of fibre. That should be enough to keep you full until it’s time for lunch.


Generally speaking, all kinds of nuts are great for your health due to the nutritional value they all possess. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachio – they are all great choices and you should definitely implement them in your diet as a daily snack.

Almonds in particular, are great since they contain a lot of protein. They are also proven to be linked with a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol, and we’re speaking about the bad kind. In addition to that, eating almonds has also been proven to have a significant effect on weight loss. Almonds have a special effect on supercharging metabolisms and can help you lose weight in a healthy way while keeping you full in between your meals at the same time. Almonds as other nuts are also a great source of Omega 3 which is especially good for relieving joint pain. The benefits of this food are numerous.


Walnuts are just as great as almonds and you should definitely consider incorporating them in your diet too. These nuts contain a lot of monounsaturated fats which makes them very healthy for your heart compared to other go-to snacks such as pretzels and chips. Out of all the nuts out there, walnuts in particular have been shown to help people resist cur cravings that typically kick in between the bigger meals throughout the day.


You might be wondering why pistachios are always sold in their shells. Well, there is actually a really good reason why. Pistachios are actually the best example of a wholesome kind of snack exactly because of the fact they come in shells. Having to peel the shell of each pistachio you eat actually makes you slow down and focus on what you are eating.

Believe it or not, but the way you consume food and snacks can significantly affect your weight loss. By being able to focus on the food you are eating and therefore eating at a slower pace, you are giving your system enough time to digest the food. It takes some time for your brain to process when you’ve had enough food. So if you rush when eating, you will most likely end up eating more than you need. So, alongside the fact that pistachios have some great nutritional values, they also make you take your time while snacking.


Blueberries are also an excellent choice due to the fact they contain a lot of different nutrients your bod needs to stay healthy. They are full of fibre, for example. There are about 4 grams of fibre in one cup of blueberries. In addition to that, they also contain high amounts of antioxidants. They also have less sugar than most other fruits out there. They are highly satisfying, delicious, sweet, and healthy. So, you can try incorporating them as a daily snack or you can add them to your desserts.


Many types of berries are great for your digestive system and overall health. However, raspberries are especially great for you. More than any other berries out there, raspberries contain huge amounts of fibre (even more than any other kind of berry). You can eat them as daily snacks or you can add them to your breakfast. For instance, they go well with cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, or even some delicious smoothies.


In conclusion, there are many great and healthy foods that can help you feel full longer, while at the same time helping you lose weight in a healthy way. All you need to do is look for fresh produce that contains lots of protein, fibre, probiotics, and antioxidants. This list will help you get by and learn how to incorporate these foods in your diet.

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