Love Our Policeman – Fear our Policeman – Fear God – Love God – Love Democracy

  • If not for our government and its law enforcement, there is anarchy which we see today.
  • We need strong government and strong law enforcement of justice in the democratic way only.
  • Bad people are just looking for a chance to exploit peaceful demonstrations.

Love the policeman. Fear the policeman. God has given policemen permission to carry weapons to protect the public. Honest law obeying civilians fear criminals. Criminals are a threat to the life of honest civilians. Honest civilians are afraid to walk on streets of their cities or ride the subways at night because of the fear of criminals. Walking alone cautiously on an empty street late at night to see a police car or a police cop walking his beat calms down the frightening environment from the fear of getting mugged, or beaten by drug addicts looking for the money to take a fix.  Smart people fear criminals and love police.

Mahatma Ghandi the teacher of the way of non-violent demonstrations.

Criminals or the friends of criminals and drug addicts fear the police. Friends of drug addicts fear the police because they refuse to be talebearers about their knowledge of the crimes and thefts of their buddies even if they themselves are innocent. According to the law those that have knowledge of criminals and that they have broken the law are also guilty. The criminal may be a member of your family your brother, sister, or cousin. The fear and hatred of the police is on those that cover up the crimes of the guilty or they themselves are guilty.

Those that claim to fear the police because of isolated actions which have been done by those risking their lives in law enforcement, may be guilty of protecting criminals. Maybe they have knowledge of drug pushes and refuse to notify the authorities about them. These drug pushes are dangerous to children in America. The drug pushes are dangerous armed with firearms ready to kill any informers. The job of the police could be much easier if the public would cooperate with them.

The fact that drug use is more common in the black communities is a good reason for these black communities to cooperate with the police. Instead of fearing the police, the black community should love the police who may be able to save their children from getting addicted on drugs. Americans who love democracy love the police. Some police may abuse their power, but most policeman are doing honestly their jobs and following the rules and regulations of their democracy. Most policemen are not racists. Many policemen are blacks and people from minorities. Policeman love democracy.

The need for law enforcement began when sin entered the world.  Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, they knew each other physically for the first time.  They left the spiritual euphoria of the Garden of Eden and had two children Cain and Abel. God warned Adam and Eve that if they would have children naturally to eat from the Tree of Knowledge they would have the power of God. The snake said to Eve, God knows that on the day that you eat, then your eyes will be opened, and you shall be like God knowing good and evil. When Adam and Eve would begin to make families in the world, they would also have to write laws for their communities and to appoint police to enforce these laws and appoint judges.

President Trump the man who cares most for America and the way of Democracy.

In the Garden of Eden there was no need for police; there was no crime.  Now when Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, God gave permission to police to prosecute and kill criminals. Police appointed by the government have the permission from God to kill and arrest criminals to protect the public. Civilians have no right to kill and take justice into their own hands. The need for police comes because of the dangers of the forces of evil which threaten the lives of the innocent population. Civilians are encouraged to join in the work of the police to bring law and order to the world. Violent demonstrations against police order are the opposite of the way of democracy.

God gave our police the power to protect us from dangers threatening our lives and our property. There is a good reason to fear the police since they have power given to them by God which is not given to civilians. If not for strong government and strong law enforcement, there is anarchy. Criminals want anarchy to vandalize and commit crime. People who care about their children and want to watch over their property cooperate with the police. They love and fear the police.

Thank God that the police are patrolling our neighborhoods. America respect your government officials who you voted for to protect your nation. Wait patiently for the next election if you are not satisfied. Democracy allows peaceful changes in government which may require patience. The government is today trying to protect its citizens from Corona virus. Be thankful.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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