Low Cost Global Freelance Gigs Opens to French Language in 29 Countries

The French language is the fifth largest language in the world behind English, Mandarin, Hindi and Spanish. France itself is the second largest French speaking county in the world behind DR Congo.  Today, French language Gigs can be translated into over 100 different languages– not just English– allowing the French gig poster to greatly increase their markets.

Our FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates the French language into over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform !

The Freelance Global Gig  (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace is proud to offer global freelance news posted in each language listed long with its global population helping to expand the french speaking freelance gig world.

Here are the top 10 languages with corresponding Freelance Gig News posted in each separate language (ranked by population).

1 English Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 1.132 billion people

2 Mandarin Translation Chinese Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 1.116 billion people

3 Hindi Language Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 615.4 million people

4 Spanish Language Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 534.3 million people

5 French Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 279.8 million people

6 Arabic Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 273.9 million people

7 Bengali Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 265.0 million people

8 Russian Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 258.2 million people

9 Portuguese Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 234.1 million people

10 Indonesian Translation Freelance Gig Low Cost Marketplace covering 198.7 million people

*FGG covers 97% of the global languages and this is only a sampling of the total number of translations that now can be applied to the French language.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace has possibly has the lowest total cost of translation in the entire professional freelance industry (where the buyer and seller combine often save over 40%).

Surprisingly French (like the English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages) is spoken by more people outside the original country than live in the nation of the mother tongue.

In France, freelance job growth has outpaced overall employment growth, making freelancing the fastest growing group. Now with FGG, the pathway is open, especially for African nations that speak French, to increase their involvement with the freelance gig marketplace.

Here are the Top 29 French speaking counties (in order of population), the continent or region the countries are located in, and each country’s total current population.

  1. DR Congo Africa 84,004,989
  2. France Europe 67,401,000
  3. Canada North America 36,879,800
  4. Madagascar Africa 24,235,400
  5. Cameroon Africa 23,345,200
  6. Ivory Coast Africa 22,701,600
  7. Niger Africa 19,899,100
  8. Burkina Faso Africa 18,105,600
  9. Mali Africa 17,599,700
  10. Senegal Africa 15,129,300
  11. Chad Africa 14,037,500
  12. Guinea Africa 12,608,600
  13. Rwanda Africa 11,607,700
  14. Belgium Europe 11,358,357
  15. Burundi Africa 11,178,900
  16. Benin Africa 10,879,800
  17. Haiti Caribbean 10,711,100
  18. Switzerland Europe 8,510,000
  19. Togo Africa 7,304,600
  20. Central African Republic Africa 4,900,300
  21. Congo Africa 4,620,300
  22. Gabon Africa 1,725,300
  23. Equatorial Guinea Africa 1,221,490
  24. Djibouti Africa 887,861
  25. Comoros Africa 795,601
  26. Luxembourg Europe 602,900
  27. Vanuatu Oceania 264,652
  28. Seychelles Africa 92,900
  29. Monaco Europe 38,731
News Generation, Massive Traffic Growth, Global Engagement, and Low Total Cost, allows FGG Low Cost Marketplace to provide a Superior Overall Value to our Clients.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace has new beginner information in over 100 global languages to help and educate the freelancer about the subject they specialize in.  With your freelance services posted– either as a newbie or an advanced provider– it is a benefit to be viewed in every major global language translated into French.

Many beginners start their freelance gigs future in the evenings after working a full time job or raising a family. This allows for no income loss while making a transition to the global marketplace, knowing the global pay scale could be 10 to 20 times higher than your local rate. Migration to providing global gigs over time could be very rewarding.

We believe FGG is the only platform truly providing outstanding global translation while being a very low total cost platform.

Posting a gig and launching your post globally is free, easy and fast.

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