Macrocosm and Microcosm – Faith and Religion

  • A whole is equal to the sum of its parts but the whole is One and indivisible.
  • The whole is called macrocosm; the pieces of the pie are called microcosm.
  • Faith is the whole of the soul of creation which is divided up into religions.

Democracy is the result of six thousand years in the development of civilization. Democracy is the macrocosm of the story of life and civilization from the first day of creation until today. The microcosm of creation and civilization are the religions in the world, the nations of the world with a law. The macrocosm democracy with the ideology of freedom is one, the aspect of unity. The microcosms are multiple nations each with their own law. The law of a democracy is like is written in the Declaration of Independence, One nation under God with liberty and justice forever. Within a democracy is a microcosm which is called its constitution. There is no nation without boundaries, without a constitution. In a democracy the macrocosm is freedom as an ideal. In a microcosm a theocracy or secular dictatorship there is no statute of freedom written in the law. The people are called subjects, servants of their nation. President Trump declared at the Evangelist rally, America worships God and not its nation.

The Star of David also called the Shield of David. The Star of David is made up of two triangles united together located within a circle. The triangles are the inner light called microcosm and the circle is the transcending light called Macrocosm.

Uniting the world in peace is a goal written within the creation; written within the Bible. Only with freedom can this goal be accomplished. Freedom is connected with the aspect of mercy. On the other side of mercy is justice. In the American model of democracy mercy is in the declaration of independence as an ideal. In the constitution is both mercy and justice. In a theocracy freedom and mercy are of second importance. Most important is the law, the attribute of God called justice. There is no democracy without a constitution; without law. In a democracy freedom is also a law which is separation of church and state.

Within the world and its creation in the hearts of man is the desire to reach the perfection of life World Unity and Peace, One God, One World, One Religion, the religion of life. This nation of World Unity and Peace in the bible and the prophets is called Israel the macrocosm. The development of Israel began from the first day of creation but its development has come in stages with many obstacles on the way to a perfect world.  The way to Israel the macrocosm began with Israel the microcosm the Biblical Nation of Israel.

In the story of the Bible Genesis, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden before their peace was interrupted by the trickery of the snake. They were forced to leave the garden with only the memory of the past; the peace and tranquility which they experienced before their sin. One of the goals written in the bible is to return to the Garden of Eden.

Returning to the Garden of Eden is accomplished in two ways, the perfection of the macrocosm World Unity and Peace uniting all the nations of the world with freedom and mercy, brotherhood and security. Democracy is the vehicle for achieving this purpose.

The other way which is necessary for achieving this purpose, is through religion which connects with freedom and justice, the justice of the law of God.  There is religion without freedom which is Orthodox; and there is religion with freedom which is progressive. Orthodox is the microcosm which is separate from the macrocosm. Orthodox limits freedom or denies the importance of freedom.  Orthodox religions are entities which exist alone. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are religions which are separate without any connection to each other even though they all basically evolved from Judaism.

The relationship of man and the universe as pictured by Robert Fludd.

To unite these three separate entities which are three microcosms within the macrocosm which is World Unity and Peace, is needed a fourth microcosm whose development began in Israel in the time of the Ottoman Empire called the religion of Baha”i. The religion of Baha”i is also written in the bible the five books of Moses like the other religions.  Baha”i calls itself the Universal faith but it is also a separate entity in the macrocosm.  Within Orthodox philosophy is the denial of perfection whether it be in Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Their claim is that perfection is an ideal unreachable in this world. They claim that the only perfection comes through self-sacrifice to obey the Law of God.

Chassidism came into Judaism through Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, as an attempt to unite all the factions of Judaism and the Jewish people which are the simple unlearned, and the Torah scholars under one roof. While the goals of Baha”i are World Unity and Peace, the goal of Chassidism was Jewish Unity. Chassidism can be part of World Unity and Peace because within the goals of Chassidism is the goal of unity of God. Chassidism can be a separate element within the macrocosm which considers the macrocosm as important as the microcosm which is Orthodox Judaism. Chassidism is Progressive Jewish Spirituality.

Also Orthodox Islam and Christian faiths today are reaching out toward the goals of World Unity and Peace through progressive spirituality. Pope Francis has liberalized somewhat the Catholic Church.  Liberalization of Islam began through Baha”i in the Ottoman Empire through their prophet who was imprisoned in Acre.  Their center is located in Haifa. The Muslim world is divided in three categories.  There are Orthodox Muslim nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are Muslim nations divided into sects Shiites, Sunni united by freedom such as Egypt and Morocco. There are secular Muslim nations like Azerbaijan and Turkey.  Turkey was more secular before Erdogan took office.  Iran was more secular with the Shah before Khomeini took office in 1989. Orthodox Muslim, Christian or Jewish is against democracy protecting their laws without freedom.

The goal of World Unity and Peace through democracy accept Orthodox religion but is achieved through Progressive Spirituality, Baha”i and PJS. Orthodox religion has its purpose; but it is not the whole picture of spirituality like it claims to be. It retains always its separate identity through opposing Unity of God heaven and earth as a primary goal; and instead preaches national religious dominion.  Orthodoxy preaches “I am the Lord your God” while progressive spirituality preaches I and Thou. The “I am” of progressive spirituality is Orthodox, the Thou is progressive Orthodox which is the vessel of the achievement of World Unity and Peace.

In back of the Wailing wall is a place which God revealed to be the center of the universe. The Al-Aksa mosque is located in this place.

Building world unity and peace is compared to building a house. First is needed dig deep into the earth to make the foundation of the house. Religion is built deep into the earth and is the foundation of the house of God which is World Unity and Peace. It is well known that the bond of three called trapezoid is the strongest bond like it says, “the cord bound and knotted by three can never be untied.”  The three bonds are the three main religions planted by God on the face of the earth beginning with Judaism the strongest connection with earth and heaven. Judaism is followed by Christianity connecting to heaven and earth through the Messiah.  Islam bound up with the earth through the Koran.  Baha”i faith and PJS has tied the knot uniting the three sides.  With the foundation of universal faith the house is built a place for all mankind to enter and connect with God, a house which is a house of prayer for all people.  PJS has added to Baha”i the aspect of resurrection.

The role of religion in World Unity and Peace in the macrocosm is for the sake of education of the children who are not yet ready for freedom.  They become ready for freedom when they are educated in good and evil the fear of God; and are aware of the dangers in life including hatred, anger, violence, substances alcohol, drugs, desire for wealth and power, sex abuse, and weapons of destruction. There are two levels of knowledge which are two trees in the Garden of Eden.  The Tree of knowledge of good and evil is the lower knowledge in preparation for the light and eternal life of the knowledge of the tree of life. There is adult and child education. The Bible teaches, Children you are to the Lord your God, child education continues throughout life as we learn from our mistakes. Adult education is acquired in the School of Divinity.

From the microcosm which is religion develops slowly the macrocosm built upon the foundation of the divine law, love the Lord your God, love your neighbor, fear God and love truth. Already religion has reached its climax reaching from one religion Judaism into three or more religions in the world. The house of God is ready to be built uniting the macrocosm and the microcosm.  In Judaism was built and destroyed two temples. The third temple is soon to be revealed an eternal dwelling place for God and every divine soul.  The Bible which is the teaching of Moses the prophet commands, “Build for me a tabernacle that I should dwell within it.”  By accepting the will of God and his three prophets of truth bound together in heavenly bliss can be added the fourth pillar which is God himself the deepest and most hidden secret.

Democracy gives the freedom to build this house which is the macrocosm. Democracy gives mankind freedom to build the house of God which has no boundaries. Freedom is for this purpose and not for the sake of freedom alone. Freedom is the male attribute of God. Religion and nationalism is the female aspect. In the words of President Trump, “America worships God and not only their nation.” America and the whole world is a house of God. The house of God begins in Jerusalem and spreads out to the whole world.  The sacrifices of animals in the temple are the sacrifices of the heart. The service of the heart is prayer and charity.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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