Market Research Has New Rapidly Growing Low Cost Marketplace  

You now have many options on one gig platform to buy research reports. Last Wednesday, Communal News (CN) and Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace launched their new gig service: Buy Research Report. The news system allows for any Market Research publisher to post an article using the company’s combined services and it will be published on Communal News as it always has been; Communal News often receives more than 30 research reports from writers in a single day.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money !

After their editing team reviews and approves the publishing of the news article for quality, repetitiveness and/or other issues, they will set a date for the Market Report to be published on Communal News and throughout their global distribution platform.  After all of the Communal News backoffice side is completed, then it will move to the Freelance Gigs side where it will be listed on their very rapidly growing library of new third party reports for sale.

This whole process might take a few days as the Communal Team always focuses on breaking news first; even though they believe market research is important, you must realize their roots are as a news service.

Like almost every new service they launch, there were a few early glitches (and they apologized to the few publishers affected for the errors), but advancing global service often is more complicated than people realize.

CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace are proud to offer a low -cost, simple gig service as an alternative to the market leader who charges an unbelievably high 50% of the sales price, with no consumer discounting that that we can identify. Even worse they write their own research reports that are in direct competition with their platform publishers.

They utilizing their superior market position, with better knowledge of the best client’s demands, to internally compose market reports that often pull clients away from their own platform and their third party providers (this is known as upselling).  To us, this is an unethical model: charging 50% while at the same time stacking the deck for their own internal and higher margin reports. We don’t know how the third party publisher could ever win if they list on a platform like that.

The leading market research platform provides such an unfair economic approach that this has allowed CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace to offer a non competitive (with third parties) report publishing model. Market Report sellers get an article published in the global news cycle that includes Google and Facebook News, social media and every major global language on the Communal News global platform. Plus they can sell their research on the FGG Low Cost Marketplace with only a 12% fee (at the time of sale).

FGG Low Cost Marketplace has been reaching out to all of their clients/gig sellers to remind them that the low FGG fee is only a quarter of the cost of the leading platform. They hope the sellers will pass on some of their great savings to their clients (the end buyer) by reducing their prices by 20%. That way the very low-cost FGG model is truly an open platform and a real benefit to all, including the consumer!

CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace are still growing at very rapid rates; we believe currently they have around 4 million visitors a year. CN and FGG forecast, that with time, they will amass a very large (possibly a market leading!) global library of market research reports, allowing for a very wide unfiltered open selection– with hopefully the lowest overall cost in the global market.

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