Marriage Tonic: Learn To Say “I am Sorry”

  • Most couples find it extremely difficult to say "I am sorry"
  • Why That's So Difficult
  • How to Overcome the Problem

Most couples do find it extremely to say: “I am sorry” when accused of doing something wrong, unexpected or harmful. Instead of tendering unreserved apology, they will be uttering statements that can make them to be justified. Those partners who are sincere and mature will always admit when accused for doing things wrong. Saying, am sorry is a good sign of humility and maturity in marriage! In fact, saying SORRY is a good balm that offers lasting span for successful marriage today. Couples must always be ready to promptly and sincerely ready to tender unreserved apology when accused of any wrong doing if peace will reign in any relationship under heaven. Never proof you are right or wrong, instead, simply say: i am sorry. You will save yourself from terrible or several headaches attached to such ugly situation. I have a weakness, any time am accursed of doing something wrong or harmful either intentional or otherwise. Ever before explaining myself, my first statement as usually has been: I am sorry! It is a saving grace that helped removed unnecessary explanations that often prolong matters and fuel quelled between lovers in the society today. I have learnt my lesson and made up my mind to give my relationship the best treatment ever. When you do not want a patient to die of any sickness you take him or her to the best hospital where correct treatment will be applied.

Likewise, every relationship should be tested and treated well by experts who are experienced in the field. If you love yourself better enough, give your marriage the needed attention that it requires. Every marriage should be a lasting journey of no returns. Every relationship can be made to last for life if the partners involved can apply the right marriage tonic that will make it to be.

Look, as a husband or wife, saying sorry to each other when the need for such arises do quenches the fire that can easily destroy relationship anywhere in the world. You should be wise enough to adapt what will bail you out of crises for the love of peace and harmony. No relationships without its challenges, those who are able to cope are only determined to give every situation what it takes whether pleasant or not. If saying sorry to your spouse will make her happy and erase your offence or harm done, what stops you from offering it politely and wisely in a way that will prove that you are sorry indeed!

We cannot but offend ourselves for reasons no matter the love between us as couples in marriage. Even the tongue and the teeth do fight within the mouth and the understand ways of resolving their differences, likes you couple should understand vividly simple ways of resolving your differences maturely. You are supposed to be well matured as both husband and wife. Therefore do not mess up or throw away your maturity for any reason. It does not deserve it at all. Why must you behave in a way that will earn you blames and regrets instead glories and praises? I appreciate those who are matured enough to maintain and control their emotion when situation are tempting or otherwise. Something will test your maturity has husband and wife. If saying:’ I am Sorry’ will prove you to be matured, why not accept to say it and allow the sleeping dog to lie!

Look, It is normal to fight reasonable as couples if may be, but it should be a good fight that can be resolved without the third party. Do not allow the devil to separate you. Fight on in love not outside of it to avoid the harm in it.

Learning to say please or sorry is a good tonic for growing a lasting relationship. Every good couple who are matured, reasonable and serious enough should adapt to saying sorry as soon as need to say so arises. Nobody will make your marriage to work if you did not make it work for you. Why not make it work when others are working it out too?

The act of saying; I am Sorry-helps to cement relationship. It makes relationship to last as well.

Saying sorry whenever you performed below expectation does not prove you are wrong or not right. It is a statement of maturity and humility. Just perfect trick to give room for peace to reign.

Some situation has generated to a terrible experience which could have been afforded if the partners involved have learnt how to say I am sorry.

It does not cause you anything to say: My Dear, I am sorry for what I did yesterday!

And before you know it, the loving husband will in rely will simply say: OK. And that ends the matter for life.

Be wise enough. Do not allow anything to destroy your happiness in marriage. Is so humble enough to say I am sorry if that is what will give you peace.

Those who can say I am sorry are matured in relationship or marriage. Therefore, be matured!

Dear husband and wife, when last did you offer the rare statement: I am Sorry! Are you too big to say: I am Sorry?

Do you feel that those saying I am Sorry are not wise?

No! Not at all!

If you do not want mere incident destroy or mar your value or relationship. You must be ready to give it what it takes.

If really you desire a growing and lasting relationship in your marital life. Go and learn fast how to practice or saying: I AM SORRY!

Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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