Marshall Islands and Radiation

  • US conducted 67 nuclear weapons testing.
  • The latest study suggests that Marshall Islands have the highest level of the radiation in the world.
  • According to the Greenpeace Chernobyl continues to burn.

The study has been conducted pertaining the radiation level on the Marshalls Islands. The Marshall Islands consist of two chains of 29 coral atolls, and are located north of the equator, between Hawaii and Australia. On each atoll there are a number of islands.

The Marshall Islands Map

The first testing series in the Marshall Islands occurred under Operation Crossroads. Another study was conducted last year by the Columbia University titled “Background gamma radiation and soil activity measurements in the northern Marshall Islands”.

The data suggests that Marshall Islands in fact contain higher levels of the radiation in comparison to the Chernobyl. The authors of the study found the radioactive elements, which include caesium, plutonium and americium.

The highest numbers of the radiation were detected at the Bikini Island. The levels were 1000 times higher than Chernobyl.

Furthermore, the first testing  of the nuclear weapons was conducted on the Marshall Islands  during the Operation Crossroads. Operation Crossroads was a pair of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll in mid-1946.

They were the first nuclear weapon tests since Trinity in July 1945, and the first detonations of nuclear devices since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

Moreover, up till recently the Chernobyl surrounding areas held the title of the most radioactive zones on the Earth. At present, tourists are allowed to visit the area. The foreign experts frequent the area as well. It should be noted, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the testing has been limited this year.

The famous Chernobyl tv series  brought additional spot light on the nuclear tragedy that occurred in the 1986 . At the time, the Soviet Politburo tried to cover up the extent of the radiation levels and the details of the tragedy. Certain US experts believe that the area around the Chernobyl is no longer dangerous for visitors.

Nevertheless, the information might not be accurate. Considering, the fact that Ukraine is bankrupt, there could be an intent by the Ukrainian officials to distort the real figures, in order to attract foreign tourists. According to the Greenpeace Chernobyl still burns.

The Chernobyl before and after.

Recently, there was a research paper published  that includes the data from the agrarian industry in conjunction with the nuclear specialists. During the study, it was discovered that the fruits and certain vegetables contained very high numbers of the cesium-137.

The  International Basic Safety Standards for Protection Against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources were developed by the United Nations.

Overall, it is plausible that Chernobyl being less radioactive is not accurate. There is a need to have an additional independent testing conducted to have more precise data. To note, after US completed 67 nuclear weapons tests, it is expected to have lingering radiation in the area. Unfortunately, it has negative effect on the flora and fauna in the region.

In conclusion, there is a Fukushima disaster that will have long term side effects and elevated radiation levels. It is important to continue monitoring and measuring all the regions that were impacted by the radiation and assess the long term impact.

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