Marvelous New Technology Allows Endless Oxygen Supply Underwater

  • The new system is lightweight at 3.5 kg.
  • The system allows a diver to produce an endless air supply via movement.
  • The technology is at the final prototype stage.

EXOLung private initiative announced a new device which is currently in the final prototype phase. The device is called EXOLung which provides a diver with oxygen via a very unique method designed by Jörg Tragatschnig, who has been a senior designer at the Porsche Design Studio for over 30 years and is responsible for a wide range of successful products.

Image Source: EXOLung website.

The device works by taking air from the surface, which is inflated due to the natural swimming movements of the diver’s legs. The system is simple, tiny and does not require electricity. In other words, a diver creates their own oxygen under water.

The simplest device for breathing underwater is a snorkel. There is practically nothing to break in it, it weighs almost nothing, and it’s easy to learn how to breathe under water with it. The problem with such a device is that the immersion depth is limited by the length of the tube.

Full-fledged scuba gear with compressed air cylinders is a completely different matter. It is a complex and heavy system and requires the diver to make sure that he has a supply of oxygen for ascent and in case of emergency.

The lungs of a human are not meant to absorb oxygen through a meter long tube. Deep water diving is unsafe and if one accidentally gets stuck underwater in a cave or enters a long location, they could run out of oxygen and die.

The difference with the EXOlung is that it has a buoy that will float on the water surface for the air intake.  A hose connects the buoy with the water bell worn on the front of the torso. Inside the bell’s hard-shell body, a collapsible water bladder is attached to leg straps that secure around the diver’s feet. Every time the diver straightens and moves the legs, the secured straps pull the bladder, allowing air in as the water is pushed out of the system.

When legs compress, the straps get loose and water pressure allows for the bladder to be filled back into the hard shell body, allowing the diver to breathe in air. Since the diver creates his own supply of air via movement, it allows endless diving not dependent on a time frame based on an oxygen supply limit. However, the hose does have a limit of 5 meters to prevent the diver from diving too far down and not being able to get back to the surface or underestimate his own ability and fitness levels as well.  The system is very light, weighing only 3.5 kg. The price range  for the system will be under $1,000 US dollars.

This new technology has many applications and industries.

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