Mass Ballot Mailings May be the Death of Democracy

  • Mass voter fraud could easily change the results in a Presidential election.
  • Democrats are now encouraging riots, looting and the destruction of property.
  • What could go wrong with mass ballot mailing?

Republicans don’t have a problem with absentee ballots being mailed out to everyone who requests one. However, mass ballot mailings are a potential for all kinds of election fraud. Mailing hundreds of millions of presidential ballots to everyone on the voter rolls could delay election results for months, as in a local election in New York State several months ago. In addition, mass voter fraud could easily change the results in a Presidential election, destroying what confidence was left in our democracy.

After the Muller investigation put the country through Hell for two years, President Trump was cleared of any collusion with Russia.

Antifa and “Black Lives Matter.” are causing total chaos in most Democratic controlled cities. They want to destroy Capitalism and replace it with Communism. These organizations want to divide our country by race, hoping to cause a race war. They complain about “white privilege”, while ignoring the riots and the destruction of private and public property that they are causing. Up until a week ago former Vice President Biden, the Democratic Party and the corrupt media were calling these riots peaceful. This was happening while their corrupt reporters were in front of massive fires burning behind them.

The Democratic Party’s hate for Trump has failed to remove him from office to date. However, they are still doing everything they can to defeat President Trump. Before Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats weaponized the FBI, CIA and The Department of Justice to spy on the Trump Campaign. After that failed they attempted to impeach him and remove him from office claiming Russian collusion. After the Muller investigation put the country through Hell for two years, President Trump was cleared of any collusion with Russia. When that didn’t work either, the Democrats tried to charge the president with obstruction of justice. How can some obstruct justice just on a crime they didn’t commit?

Democrats are now encouraging riots, and the destruction of public and government property in most Democratic controlled cities, attempting to blame all the chaos it on the President. As the polls tighten in the battleground states, Democrats are becoming desperate. Next they accuse the president of saying that he didn’t want to attend a World War One Commutation Ceremony because the dead soldiers were losers and that he didn’t want to get his hair wet.

Four anti-Trump officials told this story to the Atlanta Magazine and they ran with the story, protecting the identity of the Trump haters. Of course the corrupt media and Biden also followed up without checking with any Trump officials if the story was true. Over twenty Trump officials who were actually there denied the story and a text message proved that the trip was cancelled because of bad weather. Even John Bolton, no friend of Trump, stated the story was false.

If all this wasn’t enough, Bob Woodward, another anti-Trump Democratic, just released a book claiming Trump downplayed the dangers of the Covid-19 virus. President Trump agreed as he didn’t want people to panic over the virus. However, Trump did take drastic measures by stopping people from China and Europe from entering our country, and later the same for Europe, saving tens of thousands of lives.

Democrats are willing to anything including destroying our democracy in order to defeat President Trump! There last and most devastating attempt to defeat Trump is to flood the post office with hundreds of millions of mail in ballots causing total chaos this November by delaying and questioning the results. Michigan State told the government that they couldn’t have election results out on election night, and that doesn’t consider the potential millions of mail in votes that would also have to be counted.

What could go wrong with mass ballot mailing to everyone on state voter rolls?

Trust in our government is already at a tipping point with the distrust of many of our instructions, especially the FBI, the Department of Justice and the State Department. The attempted coup against President Trump has divided this country along party lines. The last thing this country needs now is a contested Presidential election. Hillary Clinton, told her party not to concede a Trump victory under any circumstances.

What could go wrong with mass ballot mailing to everyone on state voter rolls?

  1. Most state voter rolls have thousands if not millions of voters on their rolls that have moved or died. What happens to their ballots?
  2. The reason for in person voting was to insure that no one has threatened, cohered or bought their vote. All that is eliminated at all polling locations by secure, secrete voting.
  3. Ballot harvesting, where large numbers of ballots are left at an apartment complex, allowing someone to picks up the ballots and votes in mass with them. There is no way to determine who actually filled out the ballets vs. legal ballots.
  4. The post office is responsible for mailing and receiving all mail in ballets. They should be non-partisan but the US Postal Union is supporting Biden and the Democrats. Any mail delivery person could easily fail to deliver ballots, fill them out or cell them to anti-Trump operatives. They also could delay or destroy ballots from strong Republican areas.
  5. The most serious problem with mass ballot mailing could be the delaying election results for weeks or months due to potential legal battles determining which ballots to toss or keep. The last thing our divided Country needs is distrust in our Presidential Election results!

Democrats have claimed that there is little evidence of election fraud. However:

  1. “A nonpartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, noted among its many findings and recommendations that because it takes place outside the regulated environment of local polling locations, voting by mail creates increasing logistical challenges and the potential for vote fraud, especially if safeguards are lacking or when candidates or political party activist are allowed to handle mail-in or absentee ballots”.
  2. “The Heritage Foundation’s election fraud database has been around for four years. With the addition of our latest batch of cases, we are up to 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud”.  They go on to say: “Voting by mail makes it easier to commit fraud, intimidate voters and destroy the protection of the secret ballot. It puts elections into the hands of the Postal Service. Without the oversight of election and polling officials, ballots can be lost, disqualified, and even stolen.”
  3. As many as one thousand people in Georgia doubled voted in their June 9th primary this year. One thousand of the people are being prosecuted for mail fraud. The applicable penalty range for the criminal offense of election fraud is two to ten years’ imprisonment plus large financial fines.
  4. The US Census data confirms that 11% of Americans move every year. Most voter rolls have not been updated in years. We also know dead people, dogs and cats have voted in the past. They can’t do this by in person voting!
  5. According to Real Clear Politics, between 2012 and 2018, 28.2 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for according to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission.
  6. Wisconsin is a key battleground state. As recently as April this year, thousands of absentee ballots were found in a postal center close to Milwaukee and over 9000 requested by voters were never sent out.
  7. We know of several state and local elections that have had more votes cast than registered voters. Every illegal vote cast takes away our vote.

With all the information available regarding voter fraud, how can the Democratic Party deny its potential effect on any election? Voter fraud is nothing new, but with hundreds of millions of mass mail-in ballots, this year it could destroy our Democracy. In person voting is the only sure way your vote can be assuredly counted! Voter fraud has very stiff penalties for good reason.

If mass mail in voting is allowed nationally, election results could be held up for many months or longer. The only people who will gain from this are the Marxists/Communist and the lawyers representing both political parties. The Marxist/Communist will have accomplished their objective by destroying Capitalism. Also, the lawyers will become even richer and will be fighting tooth and nail for every vote to count for their party affiliation while attempting to discard their opposition’s votes. The rioting, looting and destruction of property seen over the past couple of month will be a nothing when compared to what will happen due to the delays and disagreements over the outcome.

Save our Democracy! Tell your congressional representatives to reject mass mail in voting!

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Bob Sayre

Robert (Bob) W. Sayre, Sr. grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University. Later he was an executive in several independent distributors. He resides now in St Charles, MO. Prior to retiring, Robert owned three remodeling companies. After he retired, he volunteered at Salvation Army, Oasis Food Pantry, “Jobs for Life” and helping the homeless. He also wrote a book: “The Truth Will Set You Free, Eleven Myths Satan Uses to Deceive Man”. He is now the CEO at Developing Our World.

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