Massive Militia Marching On Virginia Capitol – Governor to Begin Confiscating Guns From Gun Owners

  • Governor Northam to use National Guard in the confiscating of guns.
  • Governor increases Corrections Budget in anticipation of jailing gun owners.
  • National Guardsmen breaking ranks, refuse to comply with Governor's orders.
  • Democratic dictatorship party breaking Constitutional law/rights.

It’s another sign of the times we live in today here in the good ole USA; ready for war? With the conservative Republicans and even liberal Democrats wanting to retain their constitutional right to “keep and bear arms,” we are faced with yet another, more serious confrontation between the far left socialists, and anyone that wants to keep and preserve their rights.

New Socialist Democratic Party.

The Governor of Virginia has declared that he will soon begin confiscating guns in that state and once this begins other states are sure to follow suit. It’s the reason that militias will march on the Capitol of Virginia on January 20th, just days from now. At last check, the militia was gaining strength of about 300 soldiers per hour.

Governor Ralph Northam has also increased Virginia’s State Corrections Budget in anticipation of jailing gun owners. What’s more is that we now have National Guardsmen breaking ranks and refusing to comply with the order of confiscation. Also, during an interview with a local Sheriff’s office in Virginia, the Sheriff (who wishes to remain anonymous at this time) said his office will never comply with such orders.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Northam already plans to use the National Guard to do the job, however he also has the choice of using UN troops to back him. (That just means a bigger fight.)

With Americans owning more than 17.5 million semi-automatic rifles, which is a mere “drop-in-the-bucket” compared to the 393 million guns owned by Americans. Guns are are deeply ingrained in American society and vastly outnumber those that would try to take them away. The cost to even try to take them all away would see our grandchildren’s grandchildren paying the price for it.

Virginia National Guard.

Amazingly, those that seek to take away guns are killing babies at an ever-increasing rate. It’s all about “CONTROL.” The question in every US citizens mind should be, “Who do we want to be in control?” And, going further, “Why do they need our guns when the same people are killing millions of babies every year, and drug related death rates are three times higher than the murder rate because our borders are not secured as they should be? It’s no secret that 95% of all illegal drugs in the United States come across our borders. Maybe our gun owners should be loosed on the cartels.

So, again, who do we want to be in control? As an independent journalist and political analyst, for me it’s more of a matter, “Who can I trust, yet who has proven themselves (trustworthy)?”

Answer? – Certainly not the dictatorship group known as Democrats.

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Michael Clark

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