Mathematics and Religion – Zero and One

  • The number 1 stands alone.
  • God can be explained by Zero, a separate existence not physical.
  • The concept of God exclusively called One separates him from his creation in the finite world.

Is Zero a number? What is Zero? How is it related to the number One? Is Infinity a number? How is infinity related to the number One and Zero? How are all these numbers related to God? First study a little mathematics.

Mathematicians have delved into the questions above and all have drawn the conclusion that 0 is a number.  Those that once believed that there were only ten numbers without including Zero were mistaken like those that once believed that the sun revolved around the moon. The concept of ten is connected to religion Ten Commandments a ten number system which we all use in our daily lives. Jews also count to seven receiving the Sabbath each week but always the week continues again from 1 – 7 without end. Zero is missing in religion but not in mathematics.  Zero stands between two directions which are positive number +1,+2  0 -1, -2.  Religion does not consider the importance of the other direction it is suppressed.

The Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism recognized the importance of simple Jews even sinners and began a movement to reverse their direction from levels of negative -1,-2 ….. and bring them back to Zero again even to +1.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov his grandson preached that there is always hope and to never give up.  Capital Punishment was once enforced for transgressions of faithlessness, if people reached Zero they were already tried in court and executed.  The new law is the law of return extending hope until into the negative numbers to return to Zero and One. His holiness Pope Francis recently made a statement saying the death penalty is inadmissible. He is representing the New Testament which considered Zero and negative numbers but in the Old Testament counting began from 1.  One is the law. This is an argument between ideologies; there are two sides, justice and mercy.  What is the extent of forgiveness?  Capital punishment is used in 29 States in America. Capital punishment is rarely used in Israel even for terrorism.

Pope Francis : When asked about permission for Capital Punishment he answered: inadmissable (quoted from text)

Religion relates to the number 1.  The number 1 stands alone.  All numbers have another number to unite it which equals it like 2=2, 2=1+1. 3=3, 2+1=3, 4=4, 1+3=4, 2+2=4, these are combinations and choices. 9=9, 8+1,7+2,6+3,5+4, the larger the number the more choices.

Judaism was the first religion representing the beginning of the number system with 1.  The law of the Torah did not allow the Jewish people to change it. It remains the number 1.  There was only one religion in the Nation of Israel which was Judaism.

The source of the number 1 is zero.  0 is not a number it has no value but it does stand up as the foundation of all numbers. 1 comes after 0. -1 comes before 0.  On the other extreme there is infinity which is also not a number with a known value. Zero has no value but it has a place in numbers 0, 10, 100,1000, without end.

Most people have not the intelligence to consider zero as part of numbers because it has no value. However they can understand that as numbers grow they have no limitation until infinity. As numbers decrease they reach 0 and pass zero to continue -1,-2,-3 until – infinity.

To say that God is one is simplifying concepts not including Zero and infinity. Monotheism is Religion with belief in One God which is simple to understand because the number one has no partner.  One cannot be divided like 2. Two can be divided 1+1. 3=2+1

God is one, supreme.  Religion begins with 1 which is Judaism, the law of God who is one. Other religions which are also monotheistic come from Zero and Infinity.  God can be explained by Zero, a separate existence not physical.  An existence unknown. One is God with a known value. The Kabballa revealed that Judaism also began from the number Zero but it is not accepted in Jewish law.

The same thing is with infinity. It has no known number. To call infinity One and all including is possible and within the law of One. God is One and infinite. Using Zero to be a symbol of faith is more difficult than to use infinity. God can be related to Zero without a physical number free from physical but included in the number system.  Therefore there is an argument in spirituality if God is One to include infinity or God is Zero and One. Calling God Zero alone is not giving God any value.  Better to call God One than to call him Zero without number value even if zero has also a place in the knowledge of God. The Kabballa esoteric Judaism uses the unity of Zero and One. The first Christians knowledgeable in esoteric Torah preached unity of Zero and One and a new law.  This would give hope and forgiveness to those fallen souls who needed help to return to a new life. Today there are two laws in the world.

Judaism starts with the number One the root of all religions. Zero made a problem for controlling and limiting religion belief in One God to one law the Torah. Christianity came from the secret of Zero to bring into the world two religions believing in One God. Zero is related to an existence before life. God is not limited to One. He also dwells in the realm of existence called Zero which is unknown. From Zero is born the number One. The world and creation was created from nothing zero.  Religion related to the number one principally Judaism came initially from Zero. There was resurrection at the time of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Resurrection produces the number one from zero, from death to life. Life begins with one.  The existence before life is zero which became one. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov preached that even at the lowest levels of negative life God is present and there is hope. He was considered a rebel.

The knowledge of God in the world is related to One, infinity and zero. Religion limits God to One. Judaism limits religion to one divine law the Law of Moses. Zero fights against this limitation of religion to one religion of the one God. From this came Christianity after the resurrection of the Messiah. Christianity created two realms of spirituality Zero and One. The revelation of Zero or resurrection was a hidden secret in Judaism but preceded Judaism and was revealed in Christianity. To call God by the number 2 is a problem because God is a unity and undivided. Christianity has two realms Zero and One. One in Christianity is the law of their religion without free choice. Zero cannot be limited like infinity cannot be limited. Islam came to return God to the number One to reject the number Zero which was revealed in Christianity. Mohammed saw Christian thought as dangerous too lenient and he reinforced the law of One in a different way through Sharia.

The Torah starts with the letter Beit ב numerically equal to 2.  The work of mankind in this world is to reveal the unity of the number 1 represented by the letter א of the Hebrew Alphabet.  There are two realms of existence in this world which are spiritual Zero and physical One. God is hidden within the finite the number Zero. He is known to the world as the One God. Zero is the other factor which is hidden.  Zero has no value but if you divide any number by Zero it is equal to infinity. Infinity is the on the side of mercy infinite all merciful; it is also on the side of justice all powerful.

The number Zero is revealed when you sink into the negative numbers -1, -2,-3,…… These numbers represent depression falling lower and lower going crazy.  Before you can get back on your feet to return to the number 1 restore your faith in the One God and in life, joy and happiness rebuilding your life again on the way to the number one from -1 you have to pass the number Zero which has no known value but it also call God.  God hidden in the number Zero is the revelation of the Messiah who gives salvation, a new life and new beginning resurrection and healing.

The first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet numerically equal to one. The number one in the Truth of God is more than One but it is one that includes in it a unity. The structure of the letter Aleph is a point above and a point below united by a line. It is equivalent to the number one but includes in it two sides of truth which are heaven and earth.

When you are still in the positive numbers the vessel for improvement of life is through prayer. In prayer you connect to the number One the beginning of the number system. God is One and all powerful. When prayer can no longer help you may need to take pills to cope with depression and anxiety. The knowledge of Zero is the secret of spiritual healing and resurrection the light of the Messiah.

Religion restricts God to One. It does not always work out for everyone. People rebel against religion to find other ways to live.  People reject God and his law to become agnostics even atheists. To control life through restricting life to faith in One God was the solution of Moses when he gave the Jewish people the Torah and their religion. He knew that there would eventually come rebellion. The Torah starts with the letter Beit the number 2.  The law restricts it to One the letter Aleph. But God cannot be limited and people need freedom. God gave the Jewish people freedom Exodus before they received the law of One. At the sin of the Golden Calf they lost their freedom and received a new freedom which was in Judaism. The number Zero which is the greatest of all secrets is reserved for those that need salvation.

Three religions developed in the world to include Judaism. Judaism was the first the number One. When was revealed Zero came Christianity and Islam. Zero was revealed in Exodus by Moses was latter hidden when they received the second tablets after the sin of the Golden Calf. Judaism is the religion of the One God. In Christianity Zero was revealed together with religion the number One belief in One God. This was called by Islam a contradiction to belief in One God.

For Muslims who have lost their faith in Islam for many reasons and they are now considered to be rebels against Mohammed, they reconnect with faith in One God and their mother faith Islam through Baha”i.  Baha”i connects with religion spiritual healing the number Zero through connecting to all three prophets Moses, Jesus and Mohammed together. Bha”I also is not against religion. Baha”i unites the faith of Zero with the faith of One in a new way a new religion.

The Torah the five books of Moses begins with the letter Beit including Zero and One.  Judaism is the religion of the One God and One Law of God. Progressive Jewish Spirituality unites Judaism with faith the number Zero accepting the prophets of other religions united by the resurrection of Moses and Chassidism.

One is united with infinity and Zero is united with infinity. God is infinite One and Zero. One is connected to religion. Zero is connected to spirituality and faith. Infinity exists when looking out into the heavens and when looking down to earth into the heart and soul. The Torah of Moses is infinite. There is an infinite number of combinations of letters and words and infinite number of divine names of God revealed in the Torah. Zero is related to the name of God which has no vowels above speech and thought. One includes all the names of God until infinity. God is above name to include all his names. God is infinite. God is the unknown Zero.  God is one life and its essence the infinite in the finite. The realm of God is from 1 until Infinity in the heavens above , 0 until – infinity on the earth below. No place is void of God.

The concept of God exclusively called One separates him from his creation in the finite world. When he is included in Zero and negative numbers his presence is recognized also on the earth and in the heart and soul of man. Two direction of spirituality are represented by numbers displayed in the form of the letter Aleph א the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Even though its numerical value is one it has in it two points above and below which are connected by a line in the middle.

Numbers and mathematics have been discovered to be a factor in understanding the Torah.  The number nine has a special value and unity related to truth also related to the numerical values of the Hebrew letter and their combinations.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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