Medical Science is Not the Whole Answer to Corona Pandemic

  • HIV pandemic was only solved partially by medical science.
  • Legislators should have made laws limiting homosexuality after HIV pandemic.
  • Medical Science and technology are important; but the answer to the dilemma of Corona is in religion and the universal faith.

Everyone in the world is locked down from coronavirus. Right now there is no other answer than quarantine. Research is being made for a solution to stop the Pandemic through medicine and vaccination. Medical Science can only temporarily solve the problem of corona for if the problem is not solved completely there will come another virus even worse.

This is a picture of the temple of Solomon which was built at the height of the Israel Biblical empire. The temple stood for over four hundred years until it was destroyed by the Babylonians. King Solomon used advanced technology in his time to build the temple. Without technology it would have been impossible to build it. In the eye of Judaism civilization has gone downhill from the day of its destruction. Even King Solomon admitted that its destruction was inevitable Psalm 127.

Mankind doesn’t want to learn from its mistakes and pushes off important issues connected to the inner reasons for disease. It is written in the Bible, if mankind will act according to the instructions given to man in the Bible there will not be pandemics, crippling viruses. The last opportunity to begin to control disease in the world came at the time of HIV epidemic. The AIDS epidemic found its way to the United States in 1960.  In the United States until 2016, 675,000 people died from AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. Each year about 13,000 people in the US die from AIDS. AIDS like corona is caused by a virus.

Corona is a virus whose cause is unknown until today whether it was produced in a laboratory or a continuation of SERS and MERS virus which originated amongst animals.  The spread of Corona makes it unique that it is very contagious much more than HIV which is known to be spread through sexual contact and blood. Medical Science was interested in finding a medical solution for those infected by AIDS. They have produced antiretroviral drugs to heal those stricken by HIV.  The true cause of HIV, which is homosexual sex forbidden in the Bible, has not yet become an issue in Courts of Law to limit sex between males.  The solution to the HIV pandemic has only been postponed and as a result has come another pandemic corona. corona has an intelligence. It strikes out mostly against a specific group of people who are over the age of 60.  It attacks the leaders of today’s civilization who have ignored the necessity of making laws against homosexuality which is identified as the cause of HIV. Corona is a plague which punishes the leaders of nations that legislate and write the laws of their country.

Medical Science did not bring a complete solution to the pandemic AIDS. It only allowed the abuse of forbidden sexual relations to continue.  The legislators were supposed to react to end the pandemic of AIDS forever and they for some reason never attempted to nip the problem in the bud. In the last few years Gays have been allowed to march throughout the world promoting a type of life which is associated with the pandemic AIDS. No one can deny the causes of AIDS. AIDS is a health problem which needed to be quarantined just like corona. The quarantine for AIDS should have been separating males who were living together and limiting their interaction.  Instead legislators have allowed not only Gays to live together but also Gay marriage and Gay adoption rights. Promiscuous sex is also the cause of abortions which are also forbidden in the Bible.

If some people were created with a sexual weakness, it should be recognized for what it is, a weakness which puts the whole world in danger. In the past, homosexuality was contained and limited through legislation prohibiting these acts.  A person may do it privately and get away with it even with legislation but he could be fined or prosecuted. Today there is a 5,000 shekel fine in Israel for those that break the quarantine regulations. Quarantine is separation of people two meters apart. The quarantine should include separation of males for the cause of prevention of HIV pandemic. Legislators have made quarantine restrictions for Corona but many years ago they should have made these restrictions for HIV prevention. The legislators the leaders of nations are being punished by God for ignoring HIV offenders.

Boris Johnson Prime Minister of Great Britain has gone into the hospital for tests or for treatment of symptoms of Corona. He should have a speedy recovery.

HIV is spread primarily by unprotected sex. It is known to be associated with unprotected sex between males.  Medical Science did not completely find the solution for HIV.  The solution is in quarantine separation of male couples. To solve the problem of aids needed legislation which was ignored.  The lives of legislators who are usually above 60 years old are now in danger of Corona.  God is merciful but mercy and freedom are limited by justice. There is a Bible which God gave to the Jewish people that prohibits homosexuality. Jewish law, Christian law and Islam Sharia prohibit homosexuality. Mercy may not prosecute offenders but justice will defend the innocent who should not have to suffer for the sins of their neighbors. There needs to be an awakening to the dangers of viruses HIV, corona, MERS, SERS, and Ebola. HIV can be contained because its cause is known.  Corona spreads outward and in the future there may come a new brand of corona which will need another several months to find a cure.

Religion emphasizes family purity, sexual purity and education of children. Jesus did not come into the world to permit people to sin but to support people emotionally until they are able to overcome their evil inclination. He did not come to nullify what is written in the Law of Moses. In Israel the secular world are pointing their fingers at the Orthodox who delayed in obeying the quarantine laws and became most infected. The real blame is on those secular legislators in Israel and abroad who refused to nip the HIV pandemic in the bud. However the Orthodox religious are also at fault and have been caused to suffer because they are required to rebuke and guide the secular on these issues.

Boris Johnson Prime Minister of England has been infected by corona and entered the hospital for tests and treatment. God should give him a quick healing but it is well known that the British heritage was once very much against Gay rights. Same sex activity was characterized as sinful under the Buggery act 1533 and even punishable by death.

Has civilization advanced or has it gone downhill?  In the eye of Judaism it has gone downhill even dating back to the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

There is still hope for mankind to recover its hidden treasures which have been lost and buried by technology. The development of technology and medical science is always necessary but not the essential answer to the world dilemma. Religion and Universal faith is the eternal answer.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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