Merkel Appeals to Germans to “Respect Each Other”

  • "We are in a new stage of the epidemic," Chancellor Merkel said on Monday.
  • Minister of Health Jens Spahn said during the conference that Germany has succeeded so far in dealing with the pandemic.
  • German Minister of Scientific Research Anja Karliczek announced a €750 million program for vaccines.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to citizens to “respect each other,” and social distancing guidelines, in light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic crisis. Merkel made her latest appeal after demonstrations against the restrictions imposed on public life to reduce the spread of infection took place over the weekend.

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She served as the leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from 2000 to 2018.

As the German News Agency (DPA) learned from sources participating in a video conference for the leadership of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Merkel said that she had seen reports that many citizens went shopping this weekend without wearing masks, considering it a bold act. She added, however, the applicable social distance rules have yet to be observed.

“So keep your distance, and wear mouth and nose protection. Respect each other,” said Merkel. “This is very important.”

The Effect of Easing Procedures within Two Weeks

“We are in a new stage of the epidemic,” Chancellor Merkel said on Monday. “With all the mitigation measures, we need to make sure that people adhere to the rules. Here we mean social separation, wearing masks, and consideration for each other.” Merkel said that within two or three weeks, it will be clear how the easing of measures approved last week will affect the number of infections.

For his part, Minister of Health Jens Spahn said during the conference that Germany has succeeded so far in dealing with the pandemic, because the citizens have abided by the restrictions. He called on citizens to continue to adhere to health safety standards.

€750 Million for Vaccine Production and Development

For its part, German Minister of Scientific Research Anja Karliczek announced Monday, that the German government approved a program worth €750 million for the production and development of vaccines against the Coronavirus.

The Minister, affiliated with the Chancellor’s CDU, said that about €500 million will be allocated to expand the study capabilities of experiments with vaccines in Germany, while €250 million will be allocated in expanding the production capabilities.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), also known as 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease (2019-nCoV ARD), and novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) is a viral respiratory disease caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It was first detected during the 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

The Ministerial Council on Follow-up to the Coronavirus Crisis had held consultations earlier on this subject, headed by Chancellor Merkel. One of the aims of the program is to provide more people who will be used by studies to conduct vaccine trials, she added, noting that this is complicated and costly.

The minister added that it has been the practice to carry out studies using materials promising success, one after the other, and with the assistance of only the necessary number of people who will be required to conduct experiments and vaccine trials each time.

Possibility of Including Medical Kits in the Tests

Karliczek considered that it could take place early and on a voluntary basis to include medical kits or other persons of relevant professional groups in the tests. Regarding expanding the productive capacities, the minister said that this relates to support funds for packing companies.

She added that support guidelines will be established through which companies can apply for support based on these principles, “because once a vaccine is reached and approved, it must begin production here in our country and globally in large quantities.”

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