Merkel Travels to Brussels for First Trip Since Outbreak

  • "I am delighted that my first trip abroad since the outbreak of the pandemic is taking me to Brussels and, in doing so, to the European Parliament."
  • The EU's many issues cannot be dealt with virtually, Merkel says.
  • During her visit with President Macron, Merkel was seen without a mask.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel traveled to Brussels today for her first foreign trip since the coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of this trip is to participate in the important conference of the European Union, on EU financial assistance to member states for the Coronavirus epidemic.

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She served as the leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from 2000 to 2018.

“I am delighted that my first trip abroad since the outbreak of the pandemic is taking me to Brussels and, in doing so, to the European Parliament,” said Merkel. The German TV news program Tagesschau has published a report on Merkel’s trip to Brussels.

For months, Merkel has refused to travel to other parts of Europe and the world because of the Coronavirus epidemic. It is no coincidence that his first stop was set in Brussels’ international diplomatic efforts. Tagesschau’s website described Merkel as a European politician, and said she was the one who acted as a European politician.

“In the coming months we will have the great task of trying to contain the pandemic and deal with its consequences,” said Merkel. “We are facing an unprecedented situation of economic collapse, and concern about jobs.”

Merkel plans to further strengthen the link between EU member states during the visit. In particular, Germany is now leading the Council of Europe. It is not possible to pursue European affairs from behind the desk in a situation where the Coronavirus crisis has seriously damaged EU member states.

The issue of determining the EU budget, as well as negotiating a €750 billion bailout package to compensate for the losses caused by Coronavirus, are not issues that can be addressed remotely and virtually.

These discussions sometimes require long, even nocturnal, negotiations, and usually require two- or three-person sessions to advance the negotiations. Hence, Merkel has traveled to Brussels to address these issues.

Coronavirus Doesn’t Recognize Vacations

At her meetings in Brussels, Merkel will no doubt adhere to the rules set for the prevention of COVID-19 disease, including maintaining social distance. However, she believes such meetings cannot be held virtually online through video chat.

Merkel recently announced that the Coronavirus Crisis does not recognize holidays. Therefore, in order to carry out her duties, she must leave Berlin and step out of European politics by leaving the framework of national policy.

It should not be forgotten that Merkel had given up home quarantine in late March, and would continue to pursue German national affairs from her home until early April. Now, however, the scope of her activities extends beyond the private home, and the borders of Germany.

The presidency of the Council of the European Union is responsible for the functioning of the Council of the European Union, the upper house of the EU legislature. he presidency is not an individual, but rather the position is held by a national government.

She can personally deal with matters relating to the European Union and its affairs. Merkel’s first foreign meeting with European leaders was with French President Emmanuel Macron. President Macron traveled to Germany to talk to Merkel and met with Merkel at the Palace.

With or Without a Mask

Merkel’s unmasked appearance in the meeting with Macron had attracted the attention of reporters. They asked Merkel why she didn’t wear a mask. The German chancellor replied that she no longer needed a mask when she kept her distance.

Merkel said she was wearing a mask when she went shopping, but there was no reporter at the time to take a picture of her in a mask.

Chancellor Merkel has said that in order for the world to see her face once with a mask, she has consciously appeared in front of reporters with a mask, with a black mask on which the EU logo is embossed.

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