Messiah Messiah – Learning from Corona

  • Some Scientists believe the world is at the tail end of coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus has come to strike hard at the arrogance of mankind.
  • God has two hands mercy and justice which are revealed by the two messiahs.

Corona has come as a sign from God. Corona strikes hard at the arrogance of mankind. Corona has come to reveal the universal faith. Corona has come to improve democracy by adding to it the Universal faith. With all the technology of mankind the virus has been able to cripple the world economy. Corona threw a knockout punch at modern society even quicker than the knockout punch of Cassius Clay Mohammed Ali which floored Sonny Liston in the first round.

Pope Francis organized interfaith prayer at the Vatican.

Religious leaders both Christian, Islamic, and Jewish forecasted that we are at the end of the world and the Messiah will be revealed. The world is beginning to return to normalcy. Air travel is beginning.  President Trump has announced that places of worship should be opened which have been closed for two months.

Every day the effects of the virus is weakening. Infections are less each day. Deaths are less in most places. More businesses are beginning to open. Scientists have more information about the dangerous contagious virus. There are reports that the virus Covid-19 is only contagious for 11 days. Antibodies have been produced in laboratories in preparation for producing a vaccine. Oxford University is ready to make a vaccine but complains that there are not enough clients to make the proper testing.

Corona is more than a scare. It did significant damage to the economy. It killed over 343,000 people worldwide. US deaths are over 96,000. NYS deaths over 29,000. The virus has not yet ended its mission to challenge modern society and to make improvements in modern society especially in Public Health. Besides the danger of Corona to senior citizens, it is also dangerous to people with medical conditions.

People with HIV that have neglected to test and treat their ailments are among those threatened by coronavirus. These people should have been immunized to the threat of a virus like Corona but they did not listen to doctors and social workers. Instead they hid from society their disease. Corona is a wake up for these people. It was the responsibility of society to help HIV infected people before arrived Corona. Corona awakens that there is a need for compulsory vaccinations and treatments. HIV people are important in our society and should have been given more consideration and education on the importance of ART treatment.

Corona is a wake up to consider the importance of the sick and needy. Corona was called by Madonna the American entertainer and Guru the “great equalizer.” The poor and sick are no less important than the rich and healthy. God takes favor in those with a broken heart.

Health care workers are angels in human bodies saving lives at the risk of their own life.

Corona is a wake up to modern society to realize to know the meaning of helpless. It has awakened modern society to appreciate the Jewish people who have quarantined their whole nation for two thousand years separating their people from the rest of the world through their religion. Stupid people hated the Jewish people for being separate.

Corona has brought light to the importance of quarantine and separation from evil. Not only for the Jewish people also in the Lord’s Prayer it says, rescue us from evil. Separation from evil is a basic request of all religions. First comes identification of what is evil in life. Then comes ways to separate from evil. The Jewish people did this as a nation under the guidance of Moses living in a pagan world.

Christianity made separation from evil universal. Islam has it’s own concept of separation from evil. Corona has taught the importance of separating through quarantine, washing the hands, social distancing, wearing masks, avoiding public gatherings, as a preventive measure against the evil in Corona virus. Corona is teaching to appreciate religion.

Corona on one side has justified religion how it separates people.  On the other side of Corona called “the great equalizer” it has brought the world together in the cause of saving lives and the importance of health. Corona teaches to appreciate life. Life in quarantine is not a full life. The leaders of religions gathered together in prayer to return mankind to a full life.

When mankind will return to a full life again; should be remembered this moment when the religious leaders prayed together for them. Generally each religion prefers to remain separate but the cause of ending the Corona Pandemic was of great importance to bring these leaders together. The moment when they were united in prayer ignited the spark of unity of the Universal faith. The Universal faith reveals the Messiah which each religion is waiting for to come. These religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam can only come together through the power of the Messiah.

Corona has a hidden power to reveal the Messiah. The Messiah is interested in revealing the name of God on earth which is peace. Like the unity of male and female, peace is the unity of the two poles which are right and left, separation and unity, attraction and repulsion, theocracy and democracy. The Universal faith unites democracy with theocracy, faith and religion. Corona was instrumental in uniting the secular and religious in Israel to form a new unified emergency government after three elections. Corona has quieted down the battle between Republicans President Trump and the Democrats that the elections in September 2020 may be without dirty politics.

Corona has revealed the prophesy written in Malachi 4:6,  Behold I will send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. He will return the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents.  Otherwise I will strike the land with a curse. Corona has caused a lockdown for the sake of the lives of the parents which are threatened.  Now the parents are releasing the children from lockdown as the world returns to normalcy. Corona has revealed this prophesy. Corona was sent by God to awaken mankind in a gentle way to the dangers of World War.

As the world returns to normalcy, it should not forget the message sent to them by the prophet Elijah. The world has left theocracy and adopted democracy. When it adopted democracy it should not have rejected completely theocracy which is religion; but should have accepted with freedom the universal faith which unites religion with freedom. The Universal faith was introduced to the world by Baha”i faith. The concept of the Universal faith was always part of the Bible. It has been revealed in the last eight hundred years in Judaism through the Kabballa and Chassidism.

Madonna the Messiah of song in the universal faith called Corona “the great equalizer.”

Corona has connected mankind with Elijah the prophet. Through the Universal faith it is also connected to the resurrection of Moses. It has revealed in the world two worlds of eternity, which are the eternal life of the soul and the eternal life of the body revealed through the resurrection. Both aspects of etenal life are revealed through the Universal faith.

The Messiah cannot make the world into a euphoria like the Garden of Eden. The world is a corridor to the next world the afterlife where is given the rewards for good deeds and divine service. Souls have the sparks of angels which come down from heaven to do the work of building the kingdom of God on earth. Corona gave additional rewards in the afterlife to the souls of Health Workers who risked their lives in hospitals, ambulances, and graveyards.

The divine hand is in Corona. God has two hands; corona has two sides. Corona on one side comes to punish the wicked; on the other side to give reward to the righteous. The reward is in the afterlife for the soul and in resurrection for the body. Like there are two sides to truth; there are two Messiahs. God is one and he is revealed through two Messiahs. Peace Shalom which is the name of God combines the opposites of the two spiritual sides of male and female. In this world there is no permanent peace.  Through this world which is a corridor to the next world is built a permanent home in the afterlife. Reveal in this world the Good Life.

In Jerusalem is the remains of the holy temple the Western Wall which King Solomon and the Jewish people built in Biblical times. The temple was destroyed. The holy temple is a symbol of the holy temple in the afterlife reserved for each person to build through good deeds in this world.  Each person builds in this world his own private home in the afterlife. Together all the good of this world becomes united to build the holy temple in Jerusalem in the supernal land of Israel, which will be revealed at the end of time on earth.

Believe in prayer. God hears the prayers of man. The interfaith prayers of his saints from all religions which gathered together in Jerusalem will soon be answered when the world returns to normalcy.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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