Middle East Tensions – Did Lindsey Graham Admit that Israel Will Soon Attack Iran?

  • America is working to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinians. There is resistance on both sides to the peace plan initiated by Jared Kushner representing President Trump his father-in-law.
  • The Palestinians have outright rejected the proposal. Israel is willing to talk about it.
  • According to Lindsey Graham America will wait until Iran breaks the nuclear agreement and goes over the limit of enrichment of centrifuges, when he then expects Israel to attack Iran for sure. 

America is working to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  There is resistance on both sides to the peace plan initiated by Jared Kushner representing President Trump, his father-in-law.

The first phase of the peace treaty involves a $50 billion investment in all interests surrounding Israel including Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon.  The idea is to create first an environment for peace between these nations before reaching a political solution.  The agreement will attempt to connect Gaza with the West Bank.  Israel is concerned about its tourist trade located in the city of Eilat which will be cut off from the rest of Israel through this thoroughfare.  This thoroughfare could also be used by terrorists from Arab Gihad to infiltrate Israel.

Map of Israel showing location of Gaza and Eilat.

Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday rejected the economic plan and the US peace effort. His reason for objecting to the economic peace proposal is that he first wants a political agreement before discussing economics.  “As long as there is no political solution, we do not deal with any economic solution.” The political issues include occupation of Palestinian territories, right of return for refugees which are in the number of several million, and creating secure borders for his nation.

Hanan Ashrawi, from the PLO executive committee said, “first lift the siege on Gaza, stop the Israeli theft of their land, give us control of resources and funds, give us free movement and let us secure our borders, airspace and territorial waters. Afterwards we will be able to build our economy as a free and sovereign people.” They want liberation.  What Jared Kushner is offering is charity, he said. Palestine is not any issue for sale. The Palestinians have outright rejected the proposal.  Israel is willing to talk about it.

Hanan Ashrawi (born October 8, 1946) is a Palestinian leader, legislator, activist, and scholar who served as a member of the Leadership Committee and as an official spokesperson of the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace process, beginning with the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991.

Israelis, especially the right wing parties, have trouble with a political solution just like the Palestinians.  They are not willing to sacrifice land which they have captured which is considered by them to be a part of Israel.  The next elections which will take place in September will decide on these sensitive issues.  Likud may not be able to make a government all on the right side like it had in earlier elections.  The government may have to include also the Blue-White party of Gantz and Lapid which received an equal amount of votes as Likud in the last elections.  There is a possibility that again the election will fail to make a solid coalition of 61 mandates.

There is tension in the air in Israel about a forthcoming war between Iran, Israel and America.  Israel has already attacked positions belonging to Iran in Syria.  Iran and Syria have made mild retaliation by shooting missiles at Israel positions in the Golan.  On the day when President Trump cancelled the Nuclear Treaty, Iran shot several missiles at Israel which were intercepted.  Israel stands firm about their intentions to keep Iran out of Syria.  Iran is already in Lebanon represented by Hezbollah.  Hezbollah, preparing for war, built several tunnels in North Israel which Israel neutralized.

In the south there was a flare-up after a cease-fire when a missile was shot from Gaza and struck a school in the northern border town of Sederot.  Israel retaliated.  Hamas said that it was a mistake and that they didn’t do it.  Since then it has been quiet in the South with only occasional fire balloons and mild demonstrations at the Gaza border.  Israel has restored the rights to fishing for Gazans in the area.

The same day when the missile hit the school in Sederot there were the attacks on ships traveling in the Hurmuz Straits.  This has created escalation between America and Iran.  American sanctions have crippled the economy of Iran.  Events like this are a provocation to America and other nations using the Hurmuz Straits. When an American Drone was shot down by Iranian anti-aircraft, the tensions grew to the point that President Trump had made orders for an attack on Iran. President Trump claims that he cancelled these orders to give more time to Iran to consider changing the nuclear deal which was cancelled by him. However Lindsey Graham in a short interview immediately after the downing of the drone said that Trump is waiting for Israel to make the first offensive attack on Iran and to neutralize the nuclear plants in the country like it did to Iraq and Syria. America will then defend Israel.

According to Lindsey Graham America will wait until Iran breaks the nuclear agreement and goes over the limit of enrichment of centrifuges, when he then expects Israel to attack Iran for sure.  America will protect the Straits of Hurmoz and protect Israel. This interview with Lindsey Graham has been hushed up in the news both in Israel and America.  Netanyahu has been firm at his objection to Iran producing Nuclear weapons.

The people of Israel have suffered two Lebanon wars.  The last Lebanon war in 2006 lasted 34 days and caused many citizens to leave their homes to locations further from the northern border.  Stores were closed during this time.  Food was distributed by trucks.  Hezbollah is armed to a higher potential than in 2006. The civilians will have to suffer and there may be casualties.

Israel bombed the nuclear plant in Iraq and Syria without any retaliation. In the Persian Gulf War in 1990 Israel sat back while America and its allies finished off Saddam Hussein.  Iraq fired Skud missiles which hit targets in Israel.  The air force of Iraq was neutralized by America and its allies before they could send these planes out of their hangars the first night of the war.  If Israel attacks Iran first, like Lindsey Graham expects, it will be before the military power of Iran (their air force and navy) has been neutralized which will create a great danger to Israel in the first days of the war.  In the Persian Gulf War America had the support of the whole world, for Saddam Hussein had trespassed on the borders of Kuwait. If Iran will trespass on the “borders” placed to them by escalation of centrifuges it is difficult to expect the whole world to assist America in defense of Israel.

The situation is very sensitive.  Israel usually fights defensive battles. How could they be expected to take the offensive against Iran?  Can they trust America to join them and to what extent?  Can the civilian population sit in bomb shelters for weeks?

A nuclear Iran is more of a danger to America than Israel.  If Iran will shoot a nuclear weapon on Israel they will kill two million Palestinians who live in the country.  Are they that evil to kill their brothers?  They may also cause harm to their holy places in Jerusalem. They will also receive in retaliation several nuclear weapons from the Israel arsenal which could destroy Iran for generations.  Israel has not revealed if they have nuclear weapons but most sources expect that Israel has a large nuclear arsenal.  Iran knows Israel has a large nuclear arsenal and they know the results if they would ever do this wicked act of killing millions.

Let’s postpone the war on both sides Israel and America and let the sanctions do their work. Let God find an answer.  Hope for a miracle.

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