Miracles Today – NBA Finals

  • Believers in God do not look for miracles but believe that the hand of God is in everything since he is the creator of the universe.
  • Very few people believed that Trump would win the Presidential elections. 
  • If you consider life a gift; you also consider life a miracle.

We see miracles everyday but don’t recognize them.  At the age of seventy already getting up in the morning is a miracle.

There will always be skeptics to reject the miracles of God.  When I was a college student I read a book that accepted the events which are recorded in the Bible Exodus – the ten plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea but the author brought proofs that the cause of these supernatural events was an eclipse which occurred at this time which had altered nature.  He didn’t deny that there were supernatural events but claimed that these miracles came through natural cause. These were the greatest miracles in the history of the world.

Wikipedia defines miracle as an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws but attributed to a supernatural being. There are two types of miracles which are miracles above nature and miracles that occur within nature. Believers in God do not look for miracles but believe that the hand of God is in everything since he is the creator of the universe.  Miracles which are unexplainable reinforce faith in God but are not as important as simple faith.

Stephen Curry (Photo submitted by David Wexelman)

The finals in the NBA will begin May 29, 2019.  Golden State again has reached the finals after beating Portland.  Toronto Raptors will face Golden State.  The odds are against the victory of the Toronto Raptors even if Golden State is without Kevin Durant their superstar.  Golden State beat Portland without Kevin Durant.  The Toronto Raptors have Kawhi Leonard a superstar but Golden State has Steve Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and loads of superstars which makes them champions and the favorites in the Final tournament.  The odds are against Toronto.  The people who love Toronto are hoping for a miracle more than a victory.  The odds are so much against them that already the victory of Toronto will be considered by the world as a miracle. Miracles do happen and in the near future will tell.

In Genesis 32, Jacob and his family were confronted by his brother Esau.  Esau had a small army of four hundred warriors.  Esau wanted to kill him since Jacob had tricked his father Isaac to give him the blessing of the first born.  Jacob who believed in God was unsure about his future.  He prayed to God for a miracle.  He had doubts perhaps he had sinned by taking from his brother the birthright and God would punish him and his family.  He separated his family in two parts for security.  He approached Esau his brother in an attempt to appease him. There was a miracle and Esau did not harm them.

On the holiday of Purim the Jewish people celebrate a miracle.  Haman a minister in the Persian Kingdom of Achashverosh out of hatred to the Jews who were living in their kingdom after the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, coaxed the king to decree that all the Jews would be put to death for treason. Esther a Jewish maiden was chosen by the King to be one of his brides.  Before the King could complete the will of Haman and kill all the Jews Queen Esther interfered and changed the mind of her husband her master Achashverosh. There were also other circumstances involved and the king changed his mind and decided to hang on gallows Haman and his children in place of Mordecai the leader of the Jews.  The miracle of Purim happened in the way explained in the story of Purim and is called the miracle of Purim.  This miracle was explainable but nevertheless considered a miracle.

The founder of Chassidism Israel Baal Shem Tov who lived about three hundred years ago was known for miracles.  Many of these miracles were unexplainable above natural cause.  Many of these miracles were like the miracle of Purim within nature.  Like all miracle stories there are skeptics since today there are no witnesses.

There is a story on the internet in which a mother tells of the miracle which happened to one of their children.

In 1967 Israel was surrounded and threatened by their neighbors who greatly outnumbered them.  Israel took the offensive and defeated them and captured all the territory surrounding them which became for them security in the future.  They did this miraculously in only Six Days.  Those that lived in Israel at that time considered it a great miracle.  Israel captured all of Jerusalem.  There are always skeptics even from the Jewish world who are anti-Zionists and say it was no miracle at all.

Israel recently had another battle with Hamas.  Hamas fired 700 missiles at populated areas in Israel which could have killed hundreds of Israeli.  With the help of the Iron Dome only four Israeli were killed. 240 missiles were intercepted; the rest fell in unpopulated areas.  This was not the first war with Hamas where they had fired missiles which had been intercepted by the Iron Dome.  The miracle was that Israel developed the Iron Dome at the right time just before Hamas was armed with their missile rockets.  Hamas did not accept defeat and decided to build tunnels into Israel for surprise attacks.  Also Hezbollah preparing for an eventual war made tunnels in the north. Israel technology came on time to locate and neutralize these tunnels. These are miracles for Israel through developing technology before the war attack.  It says that God created the cure before he created the disease.

President Trump in 2016 was the underdog in the elections. Very few people believed that Trump would win the Presidential elections.  Some say it was a miracle. For sure it was a miracle for Israel.

If you believe in God you also believe in miracles.  For this reason you should never give up hope even until the last day.  It is not advised to rely on miracles; but the chance is always available to have another miracle to become a news story on the internet. If you consider life a gift; you also consider life a miracle.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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