Reviews — More Like “Sucks Fifth Avenue”

  • Saks will not refund for the items that do not arrive.
  • The customer service is non existent.
  • They have merely 1.06 stars out of 5 on the Better Business Bureau site.

I have switched my shopping habits to the online format due to the convenience and the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. In addition, large markdowns are constantly being advertised. This past weekend, the US advertised Presidents Day sales, and here in Canada, Family Day sales offered large discounts.

The denial of the refund email.

I opted to purchase a few items from the Saks Off 5th online store. Saks Off 5th outlet stores, while not nearly as glamorous as full-priced locations, offer a wide-variety of brand name fashions at deep discounts. The stores are very popular in the US and Canada.

The convenience of purchasing online, and having an option to use ShopRunner at the checkout gives certain stores an advantage, and the customer receives an item within two days. There are also no delivery fees associated with using ShopRunner. The only condition is to have an active account.

Personally, I opted to purchase leggings for $29, plus tax, and one more item, as it was attractive deal with 70% off the original price. The email notification stated that the items were shipped and the items were supposed to arrive within two days.

Upon receiving the package, it seemed like the package did not have the original tape. My first thought was that the box was damaged and re-taped due to possibly being damaged in transit. When I opened the box, the leggings were missing from the box and I checked the packing slip that was supposed to be two items. Yet, I received only one.

I immediately contacted the customer service number. The customer service rep offered a 20% code as a courtesy on a future purchase, then I got disconnected. I had to call back and wait in the queue.

I got another representative who stated the refund will be processed. At the time, I thought that was prompt and appreciated the care, but unfortunately the item was sold out to get a replacement.

The BBB rating of the vendor.

On February 16th, I received an email that the request for the refund was denied. I immediately called back customer service and requested to speak with the supervisor to address the issue. After being on hold for awhile, I was told the manger is unavailable, but one will call me back within 30 minutes. Of course, none of it happened.

It should be noted that this is not my first order with the vendor. I have been a regular customer for some time. I have tried to reach out to Saks Off 5th via Twitter, and thus was denied a refund and was told it was my issue with the shipping. The only other option is to open a dispute with the credit card company at this point, which would take close to 30 days.

Moreover, after doing research on the company, I have discovered that they have merely 1.06 stars out of 5 on the Better Business Bureau site, which is one of the lowest scores amongst retail vendors.

Overall, I cannot recommend shopping on their website less. Odds are you will not be refunded.  The customer service and escalation is non-existent, and there is zero care of what happened.

Sadly, the online platforms keep growing, but the customer service actually is getting worse. Perhaps it is time to shop at smaller marketplaces and online stores to avoid being just a number and actually refusing to indemnify the customers in case of the issues with an order.

Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

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