More People Died from Islamic Terrorism in 2019 than in the 9/11 Attacks

So far in 2019 there has been 3,541 deaths due to Islamic Terrorist.  On September 11, 2001 two Jet planes crashed into the each of the two Twin Towers in New York City, a jet flew into the Pentagon. and one more crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing a total 2,996 people. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor killed 2,403.

Deaths by radical terrorist in 2019, even though we are less than halfway through the year, are on track to reach about 7,000.

The New York 9/11 memorial claims “We Will Not Forget.” The United States and New York City making this claim while watching an escalation both in the number of attacks and carnage from them has to make one wonder.

So far in 2019 there have been 636 Islamic attacks in 38 countries, with 3,541 people killed an d 3,930 injured. From May 4-to May-10 there were 43 attacks, killing 200 and injuring 185. During the last 7-day period Islamic killers murdered 28 per day, with over 6 attacks each day.

This week’s worst Islamic Terrorist Attack happen in Pul-e-Khumri, Afghan

The worst attack happen on May 6th when a Taliban fighter driving a Humvee packed with explosives purposely crashed into the entrances of the police compound and then proceed to blow the front of the police compound and himself up. Coordinated just behind and after the Humvee explosion, seven heavily armed gunman stormed the damaged police compound and had a six hour gun battle with police, killing 20 and injuring 55 including 20 civilians.

This insurgent attack came while a team of U.S. and Taliban negotiators are holding peace talks in Qatar to seek a political settlement to the conflict in Afghanistan.

How in the name of religion can one cause so much horror?

This list updated list of weekly attack is below: (last update: 05/14/2019)


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