Most Affected Industries in Nepal by COVID-19

  • COVID-19 caused by coronavirus affected badly to the Nepalese economy.
  • We can clearly find a huge impact in the tourism industry, abroad workers and much more.
  • Agriculture sector is not effecting badly though in Nepal.

COVID-19 pandemic caused by a coronavirus in the world is a big challenge and affecting a lot to the economic condition. When the first case was found in China, the other countries in the world might not have been thinking that will hit badly to every country.  Like other countries, Nepal also is facing an economic crisis due to COVID-19. Let’s see here, ‘Which are the most affected industries by COVID-19 in Nepal.

Beautiful weather on EBC Trek.

Nepal is a neighbouring country of China but still, there was not an epidemic condition in the earlier phase.  Some Chinese tourists were travelling in Nepal at that time but there was no transmission of the virus at that time.  When the infection gets started in India, the Nepalese government started getting alert.  Nepal has open borders to India and there are a lot of people from Nepal working. After lockdown began in India, the workers faced a huge problem and wanted to come back to Nepal. Similarly, many workers are working abroad like Middle East countries, Europe, other Asian countries and more.  They might want to come back to Nepal but also lockdown started in Nepal from 24th march 2020 than all international flights have been suspended.

Lots of Nepalese working abroad needed to stay home caused by lockdown in every country. Nepalese government decided to bring people back to the country and started some charted flights to rescue them. Before the rescue flight and bringing people from India, infection of COVID patients were fewer number then increase very fast after the people entered from abroad. The industry that affected by a coronavirus in Nepal is given below.

COVID-19 Effect on Tourism Industry in Nepal

Nepal is a popular tourism destination in the globe. It is a naturally beautiful country having great Himalaya including 8 highest mountains above 8000 meters out of the 14 highest mountains in the world.  Thousands of people visit Nepal for trekking to different mountain base camps every year. Also, there are hundreds of peak climbers and expedition groups including Everest summiteers as adventure tourists in Nepal.

Besides trekking and climbing, there used to be lots of luxury travellers to visits heritage sites, religious sites, a typical village and other adventure activities. Village tourism and eco-tourism were in developing among the traveller community.  Not only foreign tourists do travel activities in Nepal, but internal tourism also is becoming popular. The government had announced visit Nepal 2020 to promote more about Nepalese tourism and had made a motto to bring 2 million tourists from different countries.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic crashed the dream of those people who are in this industry very much.  The government cancelled visit Nepal 2020 finally. Trekking/ tour companies, hotels, the restaurant from the tourist cities, souvenir shop and more are just waiting and hoping stop coronavirus epidemic.

People working oversea.

COVID-19 Effect on Remittance

Mass young fellows are working in abroad like in gulf countries, Europe, US and other countries and sending a huge amount to their family back to Nepal. Those people have to stay home due to global lockdown and stop earning. With no work, they stop earning and stop sending money to their family. Even some family need to send some amount to help them for lives during this situation.

Remittance is the second income source for the country. Not only affected those people who are working currently abroad, but they’re also were thousands of people had got a visa and waiting to fly. Cause of all international flights suspended, those people also stocked in Nepal and deducted incoming remittance.

Besides workers, hundreds of manpower companies and consultancies who are sending workers and students also lose their business.

Rice planting.

COVID-19 Effect on Agriculture

Nepal is an agricultural country and lots of farmers are involving in this industry. Even the people who are in different industries, their family and relatives are in farming.  Agriculture is the first industry in Nepal. It might not for export but at least it blocks importing mass amount of food and vegetables.  But still, some foods, fruits and vegetables need to import from India and China.

Nepal has different elevated lands with different climate and lots of green nature. The farmers from different region and grow different crops and vegetables as suitable weather and climate from the region. There should be any effect but there is not a big negative impact on agriculture in Nepal by COVID-19.

Besides the industries listed above,  transports for public and tourists, taxies are also losing their earnings. Also, courier companies good exporters are effecting to their work with the pandemic. Not only people are doing business with oversea countries, lots of private schools/collages, dance bars, pubs, movie theatres, malls, and many more are also are hitting with this condition. Singers and artists who make concerts abroad, also lose their programs and earning.

Hopefully, this the problem will stop soon with workable vaccine and medication.

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Rajesh Thapaliya

Rajesh Thapaliya is working in the Nepalese tourism industry for more than a decade and a half as a tour leader and currently operating trekking/tour in Nepal. He has visited most of the Nepalese Himalayan base camps and historical heritage sites. He writes Nepal travel information and loves photography.0

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