Most Common Yet Expensive Sales Blunders to Avoid

  • Involve sales rep in developing the plan.
  • It should not be the standard practice to make a plan and then forgetting about it.
  • A successful sales plan focuses on results and activities.

One challenging yet most important thing for any business is sales. Choosing sales as your profession can be complicated because there are many tips on selling and what techniques work in a particular scenario. Yet, salespeople make many common mistakes, and as a result, they lose potential sales.

Wait, how can a little mistake make you lose a sale? So, here’s how. Customer visits are essential, and if you don’t pitch in with the right context, your time and travel expense will go waste. But don’t worry, even the best sales reps make mistakes. So, how to be more proactive and avoid being a victim of those sales blunders.

People buy the solution, not the product.

First of all, you need to prepare your level best for face-to-face meetings. That’s how you can avoid many mishaps, and it is best if you are aware of the problems beforehand. Let’s be clearer and talk about the most frequent mistakes sales reps make. These mistakes are the deciding factor between closing a deal and losing it.

Having No Sales Plan

One most common sales management blunder is not having a sales plan to help manage the sales team. An organized and well-prepared sales flow requires proper planning, tracking, and reviewing all the actions to achieve targeted results. Within a team, every salesperson must have their action plan to deal with customers individually. It creates a sense of accountability and responsibility among team members.

To invest in an effective sales plan, consider the following requirements.

Involve sales rep in developing the plan: If the manager takes over the task responsibility, it will not be as clear to the individuals as if they make the plan on their own. That’s also the main reason for most plan failures. To ensure a high level of plan success, have the rep develop the plan and guide them toward the right objectives.

Focus on regular reporting: It should not be the standard practice to make a plan and then forgetting about it. These plans should have short-term goals and be established every week to provide flexibility in the planning cycle. Do not waste time reviewing the results every day. Instead, do it every week to find out the loopholes and missed opportunities.

Identify all the sales metrics: A successful sales plan focuses on results and activities. Discuss and note down all the essential sales metrics to drive your business results. It can be setting a number of client phone calls, segmenting customer lists, appointment scheduling, and sales closed. Focus on the few measures that matter the most to your business.

Giving a Stale Sales Pitch

It’s 2021! Nobody wants to hear your old cheesy sales pitch. You can’t sell your services by restating a stale pitch that is not for them or customized. What a person wants is to have something that is solely for him. Your aim should be to help them. Talk about your customers’ needs, understand their challenges, and learn about their requirements. Once you know this information, then you can start to sell them on your products/services.

Similarly, you have to set a limit for yourself. Avoid offering potential customers too much information. Don’t try to oversell all the time because if you’re too pushy, you’ll turn off many people.

Think of sales as a dating thing. You can’t be desperate and try to get everything at a single, but still, you have to look attractive. You have to be a bit easy with your sales methods and act like you just want to inform the other person. If your customer is busy at the moment, leave the link for them to set an appointment. Don’t worry, an online appointment scheduling software or a repair shop POS software can do this for you. At the end of the day, if your product or service is good enough, the person you are selling should feel privileged to use it. If you are dealing with any customer online, refer them to your company website.

One most common sales management blunder is not having a sales plan to help manage the sales team.

If you are one of those who want to do things in a hurry instead of just waiting things out, you can always create a sense of urgency to close the sale. Plus, it shouldn’t seem like you are overselling.

Discussing pricing too Early

People buy the solution, not the product. If you believe that you can get the customer by discussing the low prices, you’re trapped in an illusion.

Here’s a tip, don’t talk about pricing in the first third of the sales call. Our data is exact on this one.

Top-performing sales reps talk about pricing in the long calls. Calls that take around 1 hour, after 45 minutes, pricing is mentioned. Salespeople who talk about pricing in the first 15 minutes blow it big time. Their sales numbers aren’t anywhere near as useful. Take the hint. Establish value before talking price.

Vague About Closing the Sale

Unqualified salespeople shrug off most customers who leave a business without using the service or buying the product. One fact is that the salesperson did not do the job, and it could have been done.

Understand the signs and ask the most related questions in the next round. Recognize buying patterns to know when the customer is ready to learn more or want to abort the idea of purchasing from you. A closing sign can be, such as, “Is it in stock?” or “Is there a delivery charge?”

When you see such signals, the sale is just around the corner.

So, here are a few significant blunders that every salesperson makes. Don’t feel depressed if you’ve made any of these common sales rep mistakes. It is okay. It happens to the best of us.

But, for the future, keep in mind that you have to avoid these. You can be aware and learn to listen, sell to potential customers, discover the real problems, and be honest with candidates.

You’ll start to see improvements in your sales numbers before you know it. Good Luck!


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