Mother Pleads for Daughter After Arrest in Oklahoma

Shara Cumins was arrested for drug trafficking in Oklahoma on Dec. 22.

Shara issued the following statement to Communal News:

My name is Shara Cumins and I have pain and suffering on my heart….. My 11 month year daughter is currently in foster care do to a bad decision I choice to make to support my family….. I am currently facing charges but not yet convicted of drug trafficking….. I was on the road with my daughter as I was being stopped by the police and I was currently arrested and they took my child into custody in Oklahoma….. True enough I had marijuana in the car almost 100 pounds but my daughter does not need to suffer behind my actions…. My family amd friends was not contacted to come and get my child nor was I giving time to come and get my child from DHS custody…. Now they are trying to keep my child away from me and my family and we dont even stay in Oklahoma…. All we want as a family is just to have her back home with us…. Oklahoma wants to keep her around people she does not even know than to release her to my family…. All I need is someone to pray and help in the fight for my daughter…. We already missed Christmas and New years with out her…. Please don’t allow us to miss her first birthday on January 29 also…. Help us fight for her freedom…. Contact me at anytime at 205-441-6044 for further information….. Thank you please help to get her story out because I know she wants to come home and she misses her family…. I never missed a day with out my daughter… I have to speak out for her because I know she misses her dear mother in all she knows…..Please get her story out and help her return home please….

Shara Cumins

Free Baby Skylar.... I just want her story to get out so that the world could see how Okmulgee city is treating us about giving her back to my family and friends because of my poor mistake I choice to make...

3 thoughts to “Mother Pleads for Daughter After Arrest in Oklahoma”

  1. I feel sorry for Shara Cumins what a tough situation, as she also involved her daughter with her drug trafficking, which is wrong and endanger a innocent (and attractive) child. A mother does need the ability to raise her child, but Mothers also have a duty of raising a child in a ethical non-endangering manor, what a tough situation for all.

    PS Thank you Shara for you post, and welcoming others to view your currently unpleasant world. I do believe that your unique and honest transparency is a very positive step.

    I wish you and your young daughter good luck !

  2. A mother’s love is unconditional. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone admits to their wrong doings, but my aunt has come forth to accept the fact that she was wrong. Baby Skylar’s family should be able to keep her in their family regardless of her mother’s actions. Her mother has family that loves her as well as Baby Skylar! LET BABY SKYLAR COME HOME TO HER FAMILY WHO LOVES AND MISSES HER DAILY!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU TT!!! ??

  3. Lord please give her back to the family! They are hurting! She don’t deserve to go Thur this at all! She’s only a baby that doesn’t know what’s going on! The system so messed up, no one called the family to tell them know what going nor tired to give her an emergency plan like they do anyone else! I just pray that they have a change of heart! Cause this clearly wrong! Love you tt❤️ Please send her home where she can be loved loved loved at! We begging ?

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