Muhyiddin Yassin Appointed Head of Malaysian Government

  • The Malaysian monarch, Sultan Abduallah, had Muhyiddin hurriedly sworn in this morning at the Royal Palace.
  • It is unclear whether the newly formed coalition has a full parliamentary majority.
  • The old government served only 22 months, after Mahathir Mohamad's shocking victory.

Malaysia has a new Prime Minister Sunday morning, Muhiyddin Yassin, who is 72 years old and has a history of health issues. Sultan Abdullah’s appointment of him is as controversial as his political career. He was accused of corruption and is a former representative of the former head of government Najib Razak.

Our Own Push

Muhyiddin Yassin is a Malaysian politician, currently serving as the 8th prime minister of Malaysia. He was appointed on 29 February 2020 and sworn in on 1 March 2020 after Mahathir Mohamad’s unexpected resignation on 24 February 2020.

The Malaysian monarch, Sultan Abduallah, had Muhyiddin hurriedly sworn in this morning at the Royal Palace (Malhyddin), and commissioned him to form a government. The Palace announced that the chaotic political situation should stabilize as Mahathir Mohamad‘s successor, who resigned last week, was quickly appointed. Malaysia itself, however, is even more shocked. The United Malays National Organization (UMNO), elected in 2018, has returned to power due to an alliance formed by Muhyddin Yassin.

In addition to UMNO, the new government coalition includes the conservative Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS). There is also the Malaysian United Indigenous Party, founded by Mahathir and Mohiddin in 2016. However, a few days have passed between the two meeting friends. Muyiddin fell behind Mahathir and found allies in the UMNO-PAS camp, which he previously opposed. In addition, more defectors from the old alliance joined Anwar Ibrahim’s People’s Justice Party.

A Fierce Struggle for a Parliamentary Majority

It is unclear whether the newly formed coalition has a full parliamentary majority. This will require 112 members in the 222-seat Parliament. If a vote of confidence is held in the next few days, new elections will be inevitable. In any case, the atmosphere of the party was reversed. Malaysia is not facing a calmer period, but turmoil in the coming weeks.

In order to be re-assigned to form a government, Mahathir came to the King on Saturday. The 94-year-old man claimed he had enough MPs behind him. Mahathir and his old allies have 114 names in his hands, hoping he can change his mind until Sunday morning.

Election Mission Lasted only 22 Months

The old government served only 22 months. It was launched by Mahathir after a surprising general election victory on May 9, 2018, and ended six decades of UMNO rule. The party has ruled Malaysia since the state was founded. Now, the wheel of time has been reversed, to some extent. This shift was perfect, with the religiously conservative PAS entrusted to leaders of Southeast Asian countries.

Mahathir Mohamad is a Malaysian politician who served as the prime minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003 and 2018 to 2020. At the time of his resignation, he was the oldest currently-serving state leader.

Voters’ decision on May 8 was clear. Najib Razak and his factions reversed the country’s economic downturn, the bankruptcy of the 1MDB’s sovereign wealth fund, and increasingly restricted democratic rights. An alliance with longtime political prisoner Anwar Ibrahim against Najib Mahathir should ensure a restart and reforms. Less than two years later, the vast majority of people in Malaysia feel fooled. Whether politically awakened citizens will accept this remains to be seen.

Mahathir’s Capital Fails

On the one hand, this fiasco may be related to the weaknesses inherent in the old league. In addition to Mahathir’s Bersatu and Anwar Ibrahim’s Keadilan parties, it also includes the Chinese-influenced Democratic Action Party (DAP), which the party is taking a secular line and intervening in the government for the first time. This is a thorn in the conservative Malay Muslim society. Through racial and religious cards played by UMNO and the Palestinian National Authority, Mahathir and Anwar are increasingly labeled as Malay traitors. The Islamic Party pioneered religion, and UMNO started with a special Malay status.

After all, Mahathir himself is responsible for the decline of the alliance. As Prime Minister, he was hesitant toward Anwar Ibrahim. Although he always claims to be the head of the interim government and will step down after two years, he firmly refuses to give an exact date and clearly states Anwar is his successor. As a result, Anhua’s authority began to collapse, his opponent smelled the morning air, and the mice began to dance.

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