Murder of Russian Oligarch Has Ties to Putin and Formula 1

  • Alexander Petrov was murdered by the sniper.
  • $1.5 billion is missing.
  • Alexander Petrov was an elected Russian official at the time of the murder.

A Russian oligarch  Alexander Petrov was shot dead in his own home. He  is the father of the “Vyborg rocket” Vitaly Petrov. He is the first Russian driver who appeared on the podium of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Vitaly Petrov previously admitted that he was always close to his parent.

The former Formula 1 driver Vitaly Petrov.

It was he who supported him in all his endeavors and contributed to the fact that Vitaly took up racing.

Petrov was the shadow owner of the Vyborg. He also had connections at a very high level. Many suggest that he had direct number and  access to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, which indirectly confirms the allocation of money by Putin for Vitaly participation in the Formula 1.

According to preliminary data, Alexander Petrov was killed in a country house, where a sniper shot at the entrepreneur several times. Alexander Petrov died on the spot from his injuries. It should be noted, that Petrov was shot despite the standing guard, which he always carried with him.

He was  shot exactly after the  investigative actions and arrests in the administration of Vyborg. Additionally, there is a question of the $1.5 billion that were missing.

The tragedy itself,  occurred in the village of Velikoe near Vyborg, where Petrov lived permanently. “To all questions about the details, several of our sources in the St. Petersburg Central Office answer that they have only approximate information about what happened and will not say anything new until they reach Vyborg,”.

Furthermore, the city of Vyborg wondered how the city budget suddenly had enough to sponsor Formual1 racing. The intermediary in this relationship is said to have been a Ilya Moreman , ‘Antiquarian” Traber. St. Petersburg should know him, but his interests were not limited to St. Petersburg. It has been reported that Alexander Petrov had strong connections in the Russia underworld.

The Murdered Oligarch Alexander Petrov.

Moreover, Alexander Petrov was part owner of the Vyborg Shipyard, the Vyborg Fuel Company and also had stakes at the myriad of the Russian large corporation. At the time of his death, he was also an elected Russian government official.

Currently, an investigative team led by the head of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Leningrad region (St. Petersburg), Sergey Sazin, consisting of investigators from the Department for the investigation of particularly important cases, forensic investigators from the investigative Department and investigators from the Department for the city of Vyborg. This is a high priority case.

On Monday, October 26, Petrov was supposed to give evidence at the interrogation of the Investigative Committee in the criminal case of the arrested head of the Vyborg administration Gennady Orlov, accused of embezzling 700 million rubles during the overhaul of apartment buildings, which according to investigators were not carried.

This is a very high priority case. It is highly likely, there will be retaliation for his murder. Also, it is plausible to expect that the Kremlin will be involved in providing as many sources as necessary to solve this murder. However, will it be in the form of the arrest of the responsible or another murder or serious of murders remains to be seen.

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