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I had an interview with Bijan Norouz about cosmic music and his music company.

Bijan Norouz is a audio engineer, composer, and arranger. He is an Iranian musician.He also studied sound engineering and he has International degrees and certificate of Electric Guitar, Lap steel guitar, Electronic Certificate Music, Systematic Music, Psycho Music and Music Technology.  He has been playing hard rock for years.He started activating at space rock. (Music which has scientific and cosmic concepts)

Bijan Norouz explained about cosmic music:

We thought to produce music that describes astronomical, scientific and natural phenomena. Music is the common language of the world that transfers scientific concepts to all people around the world and invite them to a thought challenge.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: Please explain about technical features of Bijan Norouz Music Company.

All the music we produce has video clips. In fact, this is a positive point for our group.We produce music with scientific concepts that also made with cosmic and universal instruments. It has a great impact on the audience. We have a wide range of music. We produce astronomical music in fields of environment, Fossil fuel،‌social issues. It is important for our group to engage people to think about the universe.

Our fans listen to a high quality music.

It includes the Stereo and Dolby Surround Sound versions of 5.1 and 7.1”.

Rhythm and cosmic music; for example you like a rhythm,this rhythm should be repeated for an hour so it can be a relief for listeners and make them so excited.

I know my fans so well and I try to repeat rhythm in the music. It is a positive point for me as musician.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: How Cosmic Music can affect people?

In these videos and music we point out to social and environmental problem like greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, Air pollution and..

We tell the audience that the earth is in danger and it is getting worse and worse but we can solve these problems through cosmic.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: How can astronomical or cosmic music be defined?

It is up to the artist to produce music to create astronomical phenomena at the same time.

It will give the audience a sense of purpose.We can call our music astronomical when we use universal instruments.

Astronomical music should make you feel fear, because this type of music is mysterious.

If music makes you happy or sad, it cannot be a cosmic or scientific music. This type of music invites the listener to a thought challenge and unconsciously they will think about the issues that are related to the human being and universe.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: Please explain about the Bijan Norouz band.

Bijan Norouz is the name of an international group. Bijan Norouz Composition, Music, Studio Recording, Mix and master, license, produce and distribute by this group.

We also have a great startup group that translates our articles and website content. It can help news agencies to cover our news faster.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: How did the idea of cosmic or astronomical music come to your mind?

I thought about cosmic music when I was 18 years old. I used to listen to different genres of music and an I noticed cosmic music as a scientific music. I wanted to produce something new in music and this kind of music can change your attitude to life and universe.

Amir Hossein Hosseinipour: Please explain about the music album and activates of Bijan Norouz group.

The first music album of Bijan Norouz titled G.R.A.V.I.T.Y was released on November 30 (2018) and it is our goal to produce one album every year.The whole process of producing the album was made by instrument in studio. We did not use any computer software to make or produce sound in the album.We also make tracks and video clips in our website to present our future activities and communicate with our fans.

Cooperation with International Space Organizations

We have worked with space agencies in other countries.We have worked with the Southern European Observatory and the Space Agency of Islamic Republic of Iran.We also produce music in fields of documentaries, movies, historical TV programs and biography.

Bijan Norouz music company website

Our website has “Worldwide” label and It is an international credit for our music company, in fact everyone can not own this label.Maybe the most famous and popular artist in Iran cannot own this label.

Activities of Bijan Norouz in the future

We have produced gravity album and our next album will be published soon. Gravity album is Mysterious and all the albums and tracks have video clips and it can make you think about universe.

Our fans should listen to our album and tracks carefully. Because it includes Scientific and cosmic concepts.

Translating scientific books in the field of artificial intelligence

I have translated a book in the field of artificial intelligence and it includes a music album. It means you can read the book and listen to the music album at the same time. Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the music in future. And it is so important for us to have information about that.

In the end, Bijan Norouz said:

“Music is a universal language and the scientific music is a culture and we cannot advertise for this type of music. We should engage people to think about cosmic music and its importance in our life.”

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