Myths and Facts of Tungsten Carbide Rings

  • Pure tungsten is not used.
  • It is actually a very heavy-duty metal.
  • You cannot get it resized because it is extremely difficult to cut it down or reshape it.

There are numerous facts and figures with respect to tungsten carbide rings which individuals take as naked truth. These facts regularly cloud the genuine advantages of the rings and cause individuals to settle on choices without incomplete data. By understanding what the myths are and whether they are genuine you can decide if tungsten rings are perfect for you.

1. Tungsten has only one color

It is a common saying that tungsten comes in only one color which is silverish gray. But that is wrong, it can be changed into different colors like gold or black by just polishing it and giving it a finishing touch. Tungsten rings can also be plated into blue rings like blue opal rings in 925 sterling silver. It can be used as ideal men stainless steel rings.

2. Tungsten Carbide ring not contemplatened as metal rings

It is slightly correct seeing that it is being mixed with another material just so that we can shape it the way we want it. Since pure tungsten is not used.

3. Tungsten ring. But not really made of tungsten!

Surprisingly, it is blended with hard metal that is steady at high temperatures and has highest tensile strength. Considering that the crude form of tungsten is extremely hard that can’t be mold into rings.It retains its shape. Tungsten carbide is an incredibly hard tungsten compound, which contains same quantity atoms of tungsten and carbon.

4. Tungsten is very strong

It is actually a very heavy-duty metal that there only exists one other material around the globe which is, of course, a diamond. So this is actually a good fact about tungsten because it is perfect for the occasion of weddings.  Men always prefer stainless steel rings.

5. Tungsten Carbide rings are fragile

Again this is a misconception here. Tungsten in its raw structure is brittle. As we know, the tungsten rings are not purely tungsten. It is Tungsten Carbide and we have alloyed these two materials it makes it stronger. So you don’t have to worry about it. It won’t break easily. It is perfect for everyday wear.

6. Shine and gloss of rings

We all hate it when our rings are not as bright as when we first bought it. They fall dull. But here’s an appealing fact about tungsten rings that they don’t change their color and maintains its beauty. They never need polishing. The luster and its durability stay for a lifetime. Move over, the nature of tungsten carbide ring also has scratched safe and holds its dazzling brilliance it’s been begotten the ring that is everlastingly cleaned. Tungsten rings are also available in a variety of fashionable styles, such as astronomical sphere ring.

7. The difference in prices of tungsten carbide rings

There must be a question in your mind. If all the rings are made of tungsten carbide and have the same properties then why is there a huge difference in the prices? There is always a reason behind this. One major reason is that the cheaper ones have tungsten mixed with nickel. This lower the quality and attribute of a tungsten carbide ring. This may cause your finger to be green and you might have an allergic reaction to it. On the other hand, if you buy purely tungsten carbide you will not face any of these difficulties. You can further consult any experienced jeweler when buying a ring. have lots of cool rings in tungsten carbide.

8. Once you have bought your ring you cannot get it resized

This one is absolutely correct. You cannot get it resized because it is extremely difficult to cut it down or reshape it. Therefore, whenever you are considering buying a tungsten carbide ring so make sure you give them your perfect size of the ring or at least a clear return policy of the company in case it doesn’t fit.

9. Can it get stuck?

This is just a myth that once you wear it you can’t take it off and the only way to get it off is to visit the hospital. But this is completely wrong. There is no such thing. You can take it off and put it back at any time. Unless your fingers are grown by time and the ring doesn’t fit you anymore.

10. Out of fashion

Like some other adornments you buy, there’s a slight possibility that tungsten rings may not be as elegant later on as they are at the present time. When looking for a ring that you plan on wearing on your wedding, it may be a smart thought to consider what you can see yourself wearing for the following years. Is this ring precious and valuable enough that it can go down in the future generations? In all the truth, all things considered, a gold, silver, or metal ring is going to stand the trial of the time extent that design goes. Tungsten rings may be the trendy thing at this moment; however, who recognizes what you or others will consider them in 10 years.


In conclusion, seeing what people think of tungsten carbide rings and what actual properties it holds. It is clear that it is the best option to buy when you love rings or for any of your special occasions. It is as satisfying as it sounds. The pros of tungsten carbide rings dominate the cons but in any case, it all upon your happiness and comfort.In addition, it is durable and stylish. Tungsten rings are always an amazing decision!

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