National Security – Israel Goes Again to Elections

  • Every nation has its first concern National Security.
  • National security is the security of a nation state, including its citizens, economy and institutions which is regarded as the duty of a nation.
  • The universal west can tolerate their opposition when it does not come to violence.

Israel will be going to election again in September after failing to make a government with a majority. National security needs national unity and Israel failed to make a coalition government. The government was split after elections between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Ganz both received an equal amount of votes.

To make the government all on the side of Likud (the right side) Netanyahu needed the help of the other parties which had received mandates.  On the right there was a conflict between the religious ultra-orthodox right and the secular right.  Netanyahu had on the right side with Likud the potential to reach the majority number of 61 mandates, even 65 if there was unity between secular and religious right.  They remained split on issues of compulsory draft for all Israelis including the religious students and leniencies for conversion of soldiers.

Knesset Building (Photo: wikipedia)

The Orthodox Aguda, who had seven mandates, refused to accept new legislation which would require their children to serve in the Army.  Netanyahu was willing to wait on this legislation until after forming his government but the right secular party of Avigdor Lieberman refused.  The deadline for forming the government expired. Netanyahu refused the other possibility of forming a united government with Benny Ganz and called for elections.

Iran is facing sanctions from the USA.  Both nations are facing the conflict between religion and politics.  National security is in danger on both sides.

Every nation has as its first concern national security.  There are 195 countries in the world according to Worldometers. Taiwan and the Cook Islands near New Zealand are dependencies which may have autonomy but are not recognized, similar to a nation like Palestine. There are 54 countries are in Africa, 48 in Asia, 44 in Europe, 33 in Latin/South America and the Caribbean, 14 in Oceania, and 2 in North America. China and India are the largest populated countries in the world.  America has 329 million people, Russia 144 million. Russia has the largest land area, over 16 million square kilometers. America has nine million.

The radius of the earth at the equator is 6,378 kilometers.  The earth’s polar radius is 3,950 km.  The total surface of the earth is 510 square kilometers.  Seventy one percent of the earth is covered by water and 29% by land. Mount Everest is the highest place on the earth above sea level. The lowest point on the earth is Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

National Security is the security of a nation state, including its citizens, economy and institutions and is regarded as the duty of a nation.

The National Security of a nation may be through its own military might and guarantees of security through an alliance with other nations like NATO.  A nation as small as the Vatican relies on other nations for security.  In 1920 Switzerland joined the League of Nations, which was based in Geneva, on the condition that it was exempt from any military requirements. Switzerland was not invaded during each of the two world wars.  However it maintains a strong air force and has an army.  Internal national security also depends on political stability and economics.

The eight great powers in the world according to the Hudson Institute are:

  • USA, China, Russia, the three major powers. Japan – the third largest national economy in the world behind USA and China in terms of GDP.
  • India, the second largest country by area, the second most populous and most populous democracy, GNP #6 in the world, nuclear power with second largest active military.
  • Germany- The third largest exporter of goods, the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth largest by nominal GDP, and the fifth one by PPP.
  • Iran – A founding member of the UN, ECO,NAM.OIC, OPEC.  Major regional power and middle power, the world”s largest natural gas supply, 4th largest oil supplies.
  • Israel – The most advanced country in Southwest Asia and the Middle East in economic and industrial development. The second largest number of start-up companies in the world. The third largest number of NASDAQ listed companies.  Leader in development of High Tech weapons systems. Unknown Nuclear potential.  Sophisticated air force.

Greatness may not only include military might as can be seen by evaluating those countries which are not the major military powers.

Every nation needs secure borders.  When there is a border dispute between two nations the nations clash at different intervals until the dispute is settled. This we see from the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, India and Pakistan over the Kashmir and other disputed territories.

Nations with secure borders can crumble from within over economic and political issues. Venezuela is in political turmoil due to the discontent of its people over their living conditions.  In many countries ethnic and cultural differences between people may be a cause for weakening the nation.

There are national units which need strengthening which include Religious National and political national units.  Within each nation there are groups ethnic and religious.  The work of strengthening these ethnic and religious groups is done through private organizations.  The nation and its government works to strengthen its own national security which includes strengthening the ethnic and religious groups of people living in their nation.  In a democracy they give equal importance and concern for each person living in the country.  The groups fight for their own interests for public support.  They also should interact between each other.  They are part of one government and their concern should be for National Security as well as their own private interests.

Religious groups are concerned about the faith and morality of their constituents.  They represent their members also politically.  Their constituents are made up of families with children.  They provide religious education. They can sometimes stand in the way of politics and danger National Security.

Judaism is a family unit within the national spectrum as a separate nation and also part of the nation in which they live. According to Jewish law even in times when there are differences between Jewish law and the law of your country should be respected the law of the country.  Only in rare instances where faith is being suppressed will Jews go against the laws of the country that they live. In Communist Russia, Jews were put in jail for not obeying the prohibitions spreading their religion. Even today Jews living in countries abroad sometimes face difficulties obeying the laws of their country especially in matters of education.  Many countries require specific secular types of education in all their schools. Religious Jews prefer to learn in Yiddish language or Hebrew language.  They consider English to be their second language.  Accepting all the hours of secular curriculum may become difficult and interfere with their ideas of proper Jewish education. This is also true in Islamic Muslim schools and less in Catholic day schools since their spoken language in English.

National Security means national unity.  This makes it difficult for nations to make exception for special religious and ethnic groups.  Religious and ethnic groups would like their government to give them independence within their nation.  The Nation has difficulty catering to its minorities because of opposition from the other side the majority.  Many problems in life have no solutions; and this problem which Ultra-Orthodox may have has no solution.

Many problems in life have no solution.  There are national interests, group interests, and individual needs.  The Jewish people were faced with a decision in making their nation between Jewish National Unity and Universal Faith.  They chose Jewish National Unity and Moses gave them the law for a Jewish National State.  By making a Jewish National State they had to completely separate their nation from the nations around them.  The laws of their country had to be for a Jewish National State giving the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be citizens from birth.  There is a National spiritual light and a Universal spiritual light.  By choosing to be National; they miss out on the benefits of the Universal spiritual light.  Also there is a stronger National Religious Unity in a National Religious State when it is a dictatorship then when it is a democracy.  This applies to a National Islamic State and National Jewish Religious State.  A nation of Universal faith lives on a higher level of spirituality but is weaker on the level of family unity.  America began as a nation of Universal faith in the Declaration of Independence. In a short time its religious values has become damaged because there is no strict law like in a National Religious State. However, in America where there is freedom the opportunity is greater to reach to higher spiritual values of World Unity and Truth.  In a National Religious State has more control over issues of morality and ethics since there is no freedom.  Everyone is required to be religious.  The people have no free choice to be religious and many of them follow the rules without enthusiasm.  In a Universal Faith State with freedom everyone who prays their pray comes from their heart and not only through obligation. With freedom and democracy comes homosexuality, abortion, atheist values, and other liberal influences.

There is no perfect solution.

Israel and Iran are considered two of the great powers in the world. Iran is today a National Religious Islamic State.  The pressure from the West is on Iran to Westernize.  Westernize means to adopt universal values. In adopting universal values the people of Iran will lose much of their religious culture.  At the same time they will be able to become part of the world. Islamic religious values are at stake. Through Westernizing a portion of these values can be protected and preserved.  It is possible to be an Islamic democratic state but it cannot be as strictly religious as the nation of Iran is today.  Israel is a Jewish democratic state.  The large majority of Jews living in Israel are not observant on difference levels.  Only a small percentage are Orthodox.  Democratic means universal. Israel is holding on to its strict laws on intermarriage through having marriage and divorce controlled by the Orthodox but there is opposition from universal democratic law.  If Iran will modernize to become like the state of Israel protecting assimilation through maintaining its control under Sharia, it may be the way to bring Israel, Iran and the Arab States together.  The benefit of being universal is in becoming an equal part in world commerce.  National security demands economic strength.  In Israel and the Islamic states there will always be opposition from extreme religious fundamentalists who are not willing to surrender their orthodox ideals. The universal west can tolerate their opposition when it does not come to violence.

There is universal law Judeo- Christian and there is Sharia and Jewish law. They can come together but there will always be opposition from within.  About this King Solomon comments: Don’t be extremely righteous but for sure don’t be wicked.  Live within universal law.

Israel is a democratic State. It has no difficulty living within universal law. First and most important is national security.  There are many interests of many people in Israel to worry about but first comes national security.  The transformation of the Jewish people from a religious national state to a democracy has its problems. There is no perfect solution.  The religious national biblical state was almost immediately faced with problems.  The ultra-orthodox are demonstrating against Sabbath desecration in Eurovision.

A gay parade is scheduled in Jerusalem.  They just had a gay parade in Tel-Aviv a few months ago. Homosexuality is called a desecration of the name of God in the Bible. There have always been gays throughout Jewish history but they kept it a secret.  Today freedom has allowed these gays to march with pride in the streets of Jerusalem which antagonizes those that believe in God and the Bible.

In biblical law women were exempt from the draft, only the men had to serve at the age of 20.  The Orthodox rabbis are vehemently against the draft of girls and religious students. The government of Israel under Netanyahu has failed to build his coalition and there will be new elections.

In the world there is a network of nations.  No one nation has sovereignty over the whole world.  The problem in the Middle East between Iran and Israel is a major problem for the whole world.  Israel and Iran are both major powers.  President Trump has to defend Israel because they are aligned with the Western Powers.  Iran has the right to exist but not at the expense of the democratic nations which are far stronger than Iran and able to defend Israel or other nations in the Middle East from Iran aggression.  The potential of Iran is to become part of the Western nations which will mean that it has to sacrifice its Islamic National pride.

Also Israel cannot allow the religious parties to interfere with National Security. Netanyahu is having difficulty making the government because the religious are not interested in national security which is the priority before religion.  About this it says in the Torah, “If there is no bread there is no Torah religion.”  If there is no National Security there is anarchy. It says in the Ethics of the Fathers, Give honor to your government for if not for the government each person would destroy eachother.”  The secular mind has no difficulty understanding what is to them common sense.  However the religious on both sides Islam and Judea have difficulty accepting secular values.  Both are seeking sovereignty to be free from responsibility to the world. The Western nations control the world and today they carry with them the sword of peace; the sword of democracy.

There is a new light in the world which is opening slowly which is the light of the Messiah of Freedom. The Messiah of Freedom gives a solution to the conflicts which exist between secular and religious which is prayer.  Prayer begins with one letter, one syllable and opens up to become words of love and joy.  About this sang Serhat and Madonna at Eurovision, Tel Aviv.  The Chassidim in Israel of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov who is buried in the Ukraine in the city of Uman give another solution to all of the problems of life: Sing Na,Nach,Nachma, Nachman Mauman.

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