National Security; Terrorism, Dirty Bombs

  • Building the wall will expose that there was corruption amongst Border Patrolmen and drug smugglers.
  • The Mafia has invested millions of dollars to overcome all the efforts to stop drug traffic and will continue to fight the efforts of America even after building the wall.
  • There is no completely secure America or any other country in the world.

The two main reason given by Trump supporters to build the wall is to stop criminals illegal aliens from entering the country, and to stop drug traffic.  Both are good reasons but may not be enough to declare a National Emergency.  The threat of terrorism, a terrorist attack where a terrorist will enter the country by way of open borders and bring a Dirty Bomb is a real threat which America is covering up not to cause panic amongst the people.  A Dirty bomb is a small nuclear weapon detonated by hand which causes pollution from radiation to the surroundings.

People who had business with President Donald Trump recognized him for his egotism.  My niece had the opportunity doing business with him as a representative of a distinguished law firm.  She noted pictures of him in his office and an aura of a person who thinks highly of himself.  He took the job as President of the USA as part of his ego trip.  He wants to be the best President in the history of the USA.  His incentive is not only love of America but to make for himself a name to be written in history books about Donald Trump the best President in the history of the country.  He wants to confront issues which were ignored by previous presidents like Jerusalem, Iran Nucleur threat, economic improvements, North Korea and The Wall of Mercy.  Other presidents may have been more loyal faithful lovers of America, than President Trump but less interested in being different less egotistic.  Trump is even accused of not paying his taxes. 

Most presidents consider the Status Quo created by Presidents before them but not Donald Trump.  Donald Trump. Building the Wall was a touchy issue for other presidents.  They considered it but gave up the idea.  They had concern for Status Quo and not to rock the boat.  Building the Wall will create other internal problems.  If Drug traffic will stop there are thousands of drug addicts in America who will become violent in search of drugs.  The price of Heroin will go sky high.  It will be a problem for police and increase costs of rehabilitation.  Today there is status quo, the junkies can get their fix. Junkies are also citizens of America.

Drugs have been able to enter the country even though there are border patrollers on the Mexican Border.  Building the wall will expose that there was corruption amongst Border Patrolmen and drug smugglers.  Heroin and drugs is big money.  The mafia inderground is behind drug smuggling and marketing.  The Mafia is very powerful and even has lobbyists in the congress.  There have been large payoffs and corruption in the government to keep the wall from being built in the past.  When you are dealing with the Mafia you have to be careful.

Corruption in the government in the past prevented making the changes which Trump wants to make.  The Mafia has lobbyists in the congress and senate.  To make changes in America demands a lot of courage which not every president has the motivation to put himself under attack from opponents.  Even after building the wall, corruption will not stop.  The Mafia will continue to pay off border guards to let in small packages containing Heroin.  Charles Schumer and Judy Pelosi know that making the wall may not stop drug traffic because it can come in also from the Canadian border.  Today at airports and at harbors there are sophisticated machines, trained dogs, to detect drugs being smuggled into the country.  Building the wall still leaves the Northern Border open.

Building the wall on the Mexican border for sure will prevent drug traffic but it will not stop it.  The Mafia has invested millions of dollars to overcome all the efforts to stop drug traffic and will continue to fight the efforts of America even after building the wall.  Maybe Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have their good reasons, and should be given respect, even though drug traffic in America is a National Emergency.  Especially dangerous will be entrance of Heroin and Cocaine after legalizing Marijuana and Hashish because the youth will be interested in trying these hard drugs.  The minds of the youth are looking at the inevitability of a third World War and many of our youth are living with a give up hope attitude which leads to using these drugs.

Emphasis has been put on the dangers of criminals entering America through open borders.  Drug traffic seems of secondary importance but it takes primary importance.  The danger of terrorists entering the country is less emphasized but is another reason for calling building the wall a National Emergency.  After the attack on America on September 11 America became aware of the dangers of terrorism and have taken action to secure its borders at airports and harbors.  The whole world has become aware of the danger of terrorism.  Terrorist organization have no difficulty getting the money to do terrorism on a small and large scale.  America like Israel is secure from attacks in the air of missiles with its anti-aircraft and anti-missile technology.   The mistakes made in security at airports in the 9/11 attack have been corrected.  President Kennedy secured the country from attacks of missiles from Cuba during the Cold War.  The open border in the south can be used by terrorists to bring into America Dirty Bombs.  Dirty Bombs are small nucleur weapons that can be detonated manually to cause pollution to the environment of radioactivity.  The danger of dirty bombs became public after 9/11.  Some say that an attempt to detonate a dirty bomb was already made but the mechanism failed.  Terrorists entered Israel from the territories wearing belts and blew up buses and public places until was built the wall around the territories.  There is a danger of terrorists bringing in these deadly Dirty bombs through the Mexican border.  To build the wall may be necessary to prevent this danger.  For sure as long as there is a danger of Dirty bombs, building the wall is a National Emergency. Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi don’t want to frighten Americans so they are maintaining a low tone about the dangers of terrorism especially Dirty bombs.  America is not 100% secure today from this danger.  There were rumors in the news which caused panic that Bin Laden had stolen an arsenal of Dirty Bombs from Russia.

In the eyes of President Trump there is a National Emergency to build the Wall of Mercy for many reasons.  Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and former presidents have recognized these dangers but did not have as much Ego as Donald Trump to confront these issues.  The truth is there is no such things as completely secure borders, so why cause panic.  Donald Trump or other presidents will continue to attempt to build completely secure border in the light of the danger of terrorism and nuclear attack but Americans have to live with reality.  In reality people there is no such thing as perfectly secure borders people need God and religion.  Believing in God and religion is not hiding from reality as many atheists and agnostics claim.  Believing in God is facing reality and it is no accident that there have come into the world prophets of truth to give to mankind ways of being happy living in a world of danger amidst pain and sufferings.  There is no completely secure America or any other country in the world. There is no nation in the world without an opponent an enemy.  In Wikipedia under Politics in the title “State” it reads, The origin of State is to be found in the development of warfare. Historically speaking all political communities of the modern type owe their existence to successful warfare.  America took the land from the Indians with successful warfare.  Wikipedia learns, the history of politics is reflected in the origin of development and economics of institutions of government.  America is a democracy but in a National Emergency it becomes more like a dictatorship. America is at war, and it should never forget. America today is post war and in a situation which is considered peacetime because of National Security.  The war may be from within the country like war against crime and drugs or from the outside on one or two fronts. Nations cannot rest but they can give to their civilians of their nation peace of mind that there is no National Emergency.

National security is very important but World Unity and Peace belief in the Universal God is essential to prevent war and to give all of mankind to breathe the breath of life and peace.  When religions are exclusively national and reject the goal of World Unity and Peace it is a great problem.  No one nation today is in control of the world.   No one religion controls World Faith. When there is a balance of power there is peace.  There has to be a desire for peace and people need to be artisans of peace at home and at work in the world.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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