Netanyahu Compromises – Coalition Government Time Extended

  • Decision on the annual budget is postponed to December 26.
  • The unified coalition has been faced with severe disagreements on many issues.
  • Hamas aggression continues to show their opposition to Israel American peace efforts.

Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the compromise offered him and Likud to avoid a fourth election. Pushing back the deadline only kicks the budget crisis down the road as the two ruling parties are at loggerheads over key issues including judicial appointments and annexation of West Bank Settlements. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced on television that he will not drag the country into a fourth election.

Erdogan meets with Hamas leaders in Istanbul.

Benny Gantz and Netanyahu had faced a Monday night deadline which would cause the government to fall. Netanyahu said that following an historic peace agreement to establish official relation with UAE and with the country struggling with another corona virus outbreak, he felt it was not the time to go to new elections.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner are visiting Jerusalem on the way to discuss support for the deepening of Sudan-Israel relations. Sudan is eager to be removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism and normalizing ties with Israel is a step toward this goal.

On Monday Pompeo will visit Jerusalem. On Tuesday he will visit UAE.  Then he will go to meet with Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdak and his ministry. Pompeo in his statement affirmed that his purpose in visiting Khartoum Sudan is to discuss American support for the civilian led transitional government and the deepening of Israel-Sudan relations. Sudan was responsible for the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Netanyahu and Gantz agree to postpone their differences on the budget until December 26.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is hosting top Hamas officials in Ankara. This is in objection to the Israel-UAE peace accords and the visit of Pompeo to the Middle East to expand the peace deal made between Israel and UAE.  According to media reports, Hamas briefed Erdogan about the Palestinian cause and the danger to the Palestinian people by UAE and other Arab states making peace with Israel. The general goal of their talks was titled, “opposition to Judaization of Jerusalem.” Turkey, Iran and Hamas all expressed opposition to the Abraham Accords.

The IDF continues to pound Gaza who are throwing incendiary balloons into Israel causing fires. For a week, from even before the peace agreement between Israel and UAE, these balloons have been used to cause damage to Israel property in southern settlements.

Hamas has also used rocket launching into Israel to cause damage to Israel property and a direct hit on a house in the settlement of Sederot. Planes and tank artillery are being used for retaliation against Hamas aggression. By yesterday afternoon, there were already 28 fires caused by these incendiary balloons launched from Gaza.

Israel has placed a blockade on vehicle travel to Gaza which Hamas has condemned and responded by threatening all-out war. Limitations have been placed on life in the Gaza strip including fishing rights.  The Palestinians made a statement upon the arrival of Pompeo to Israel and the Middle East, “Pompeo visit to Israel will not advance peace process with Israel.” Pompeo told Gantz that we will do all that we can to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He also guaranteed Israel that arms sales to UAE will not hurt Israel’s military advantage.

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