New Hong Kong Security Law Restricts Religious Freedom

  • China is trying to conquer the world economically.
  • The Coronavirus, originating in China, has crippled the world.
  • Falun Gong is a religious movement originating in China for human rights.

A new security law issued by China in Hong Kong has brought fear among the population that the freedom of religion which they have enjoyed is in jeopardy. Under Article 29 of the new law, anyone who conspires with a foreign country or an institution or individual outside China could be prosecuted.

China’s relations with Iran pose a danger to Israel.

The law, passed by the Central People’s Government, is likely to cause serious consequences among Hong Kong residents. While in Mainland China, freedom of religion was under strict control of the government, in Hong Kong there were fewer restrictions. The new law will make Hong Kong under the same restriction of freedom as in mainland China.

Especially in danger by the new security law is the alleged cult, Falon Gong, which is more outspoken than other religious groups in Hong Kong and mainland against the atrocities against human rights which exist in China. Protests in Hong Kong this year caused the People’s Republic of China to crackdown on human rights demonstrations and to initiate this new security law.

The People’s Republic of China officially espouses state atheism. The government claims to protect what it calls normal religious activity. Buddhism was the main religion in China before it became Communist. Buddhists were forced to relinquish their faith.  Tibetan Buddhists were expelled from Tibet.

The Falun Gong movement came to revive the Buddhist faith in China.  It became very popular amongst the people, and was recognized as a threat to the Communist regime.  The Communist regime considers normal religious activity to include only organizations recognized by the state, which are Bhuddist Association of China, Chinese Taoist, Islamic Association, Protestant and Catholic Associations.

These organizations are prohibited from doing missionary work in the country.  The Falun Gong and Tibetan monks refused to subdue to Communism and continued to spread their faiths.

In Hong Kong there was more freedom for Falon Gong, but today,, in response to freedom demonstrations in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China has decided to crack down on movements for democracy, and also against Falon Gong, who preaches the downfall of the Communist regime.

In Israel, there are a group of supporters of Falon Gong and Epoch Times, an international multi-language newspaper and media extension of Falon Gong’s new religious movement based in the US.  They will be holding a rally to denounce the atrocities committed by China and the discrimination of China against Falon Gong.

The offenses committed by China against Falon Gong and other religious believers in the country is considered to be genocide. Falon Gong and Epoch news are joined by President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in their campaign for human rights and freedom of religion.

This demonstration in Israel, in front of the Chinese Embassy, will be limited in attendance due to Coronavirus Pandemic. There will be read a statement of support for democracy and freedom of religion by Rabbi Wexelman.

China has bought the leading producer of milk products in Israel, and are interested in further investment in the country.

China is considered a danger to the Jewish people in Israel. Not only have they brought the Coronavirus to the world, they are continually working to monopolize their world government interests. They are also purchasing Israeli companies under their corporations, which are really state institutions.

A Chinese company, Bright Foods, bought Tnuva, the leading Israeli dairy conglomerate. Critics in Israel to Communism and China, aligned with the United States, object to Israel doing business with China. Israel has friendly relations with China, but there is a conflict between Israeli-Chinese relations and Israeli-American relations.

An article recently was released by CNN about the recent restrictions of human rights in Hong Kong.

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