New Year Message and Blessings

  • Overview of world peace messages from Putin, Trump and Pope Francis.
  • On the first day of creation, the moon and the sun calendars were both joined together in complete unity.
  • Jesus made the attempt to bring peace to the world but his work is not complete without Mohammed and Moses and other artisans of peace in the history of the world.

I send to the world a message of World Peace and Unity consisting of all the main religions of the world united together in resurrection Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  Although all of these religions conflict and their scriptures may conflict, Moses in his resurrection unites them.  They are united also in his Torah, the five books by Adam the father of all mankind.  I call for an end of hatred and the beginning of true love and respect between all the families of the earth.  My message is combined with the New Years Message of all the secular and spiritual leaders of the world.

Vladmir Putin spoke beautifully in his New Year Message.  As the leader of his country one the great powers in the world he called for the unity of Russians and the improvement of the conditions of life in Russia.  He emphasized Russian family life.  He also showed his desire for world peace.  He did not mention God in his speech but prayed for good luck and success. He showed that he is a humanitarian.  He seems to be happy with the stability of his nation as a democracy. He didn’t mention any specific problems in foreign affairs like Ukraine, Syria, or Turkey.

President Trump bragged in his New Year message about the success of his administration and its intent on building the wall around the country to prevent indiscriminate immigration from South America.  He pointed at his success principally in economics, employment, salary rises, etc. which will make the life of Americans better.  He bragged that he kept his word about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem but did not mention anything about supporting Israel militarily.  He claimed to be successful with relations with North Korea. He remains strong about his policy against Iran producing nuclear weapons.  Trump shows himself more as a politician than a humanitarian.  He didn’t mention anything about human rights.  His major concern is the welfare of America and shows very little interest in Globalization.

Pope Franics expressed his prayers for all people in the world for peace. The Pope prayed that people should be artisans of peace and not only rely on politicians. Peace begins at home and in the family. People feel that peace can be won through making money; which is not the case money can also separate people. He said that Jesus brought peace to the world.

Netanyahu in Israel even though the New Year January 1 is shared by Israel did not make a special speech like did Putin, Trump, and other world leaders. The New Year is celebrated in Israel on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah according to the lunar calendar. The solar calendar and lunar calendars are both important but today the solar calendar is the principal calendar of the world.  Judaism which was established by Moses the prophet takes consideration of both the Solar and Lunar calendars.  In Judaism after several years following the lunar calendar there is added an extra month to balance the time of the year that the holiday of Passover should be in spring season.  The first month of the year is the month of Passover, the 15th of the month of Nissan.  Islam also uses the lunar calendar but they do not adjust the time of the year according to their holidays like Judaism.  Islam is exclusively lunar. 

On the first day of creation, the moon and the sun calendars were both joined together in complete unity, as it says, “it was evening and day on the first day.  The sun and moon are two energies.  The sun rules over the day and the moon rules over the night.  Naturally daytime is more important in the lives of man than nighttime. Daytime is for work and nighttime is for sleep.  Judaism reversed the balance between day and night; and made the lunar calendar more important than the solar calendar.  In Judaism the afterlife is emphasized, life in this world which is temporary; it is only a corridor to the world to come which is permanent.  When religion becomes extremism, the light of the sun is completely nullified to the light of the moon.  Moses did not want Judaism to become extremism.  He made sure that the lunar and solar calendars should be in balance.  Therefore we should learn from Moses and from King Solomon in his writing called Ecclesiastes to avoid extremism.  Extremism brings bloodshed.

Another hidden secret about the Pittsburgh massacre of Jews is that the day of the massacre was the anniversary day of the death of Rabbi Meir Kahane the Jewish radical and extremist the founder of the Jewish Defense league.  One of his followers, Dr. Goldstein is known for the massacre of Muslims in the Cave of the Patriarchs on the holiday of Purim.  Jesus said, He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. Return your sword to its place for all that take up the sword, will die by the sword.  This was also the way of Moses the prophet and all the prophets of truth.  Moses is praised in the Torah for his humility.

Trump and Putin are leaders of nations which follow the solar calendar.  Almost all the nations of the world follow the solar calendar.  The solar calendar also needs a correction; not only the lunar calendar.  There is not only one calendar and there is not only one way to God.  Some religions reach God through the moon.  Other reach God through the son. There is a third way to God which includes both the moon and the sun.  The afterlife is important but the share in the afterlife is acquired in this world which values life.  Religious extremism is not the only way of God.  Nationalism without Globalization is not the way of God.  Putin in his New Year message showed concern over globalization more than Trump.  America has fallen into the dumps and has lost almost all its Christian values. Trump wants to take birthright out of the constitution.  In restricting the borders of his country he may be right, but not to change the constitution.  Jews cannot change their religion to Christianity; but they can accept Jesus and Mohammed as prophets.  In Numbers 11: Moses accepted Eldad and Medad as prophets in the camp. Joshua who was a nationalist objected.  Was this a prophecy of Moses that in the future would come two prophets to make two new religions in the world.  Joshua who was also a prophet objected for he saw the problems these religions would make for Jews.  Moses answered him and said, that the whole world and all of mankind should become prophets.

The Pope emphasized peace in his New Year message.  He said Jesus brought peace to the world. Jesus brought the peace to the world of the Solar Calendar; but the lunar calendar had already been established in the world through the Jews.  Jesus made the attempt to bring peace to the world but his work is not complete without Mohammed and Moses and other artisans of peace in the history of the world like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and religious and secular leaders of the world today.

The New Year should bring success, health and happiness to all of mankind.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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