Newspaper Ignites Freelance Global Gig to Rocket-like Growth

Having a rapidly growing global newspaper integrated into a freelance gig service has proven to provide both with a tremendous advantage. Communal News (CN) is helping to launch Freelance Global Gigs(FGG) Low Cost Marketplace) with propelled rocket-like growth at  FGG Low Cost Marketplace, as CN articles demonstrate how Buyers and Sellers can save more money with significant low-cost advantages.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace is a Fast Growing, Very Low-Cost Platform Providing High Quality Global Business Services.

Having your newspaper services post the FGG Low Cost Marketplace gigs to over 6,000 daily online visitors is a large tangible advantage. Yet, the strongest overall advantage is combining news articles and gig services in tandem, published in over 100 global languages and fueling the tremendous growth at both Communal News and FGG.

What have all these online news advantages provided? FGG Low Cost Marketplace achieved 115% growth in registered Buyers in only the first 15 days of April.   FGG has grown registered Sellers by 75% during the same 15 days. We are seeing real, measurable growth and migration onto the discounted platform.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and publishes in over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform!

The dominant traffic on Communal News is from the United States, however FGG Low Cost Marketplace traffic is truly global with Buyers and Sellers from countries that represent the world’s top 10 languages such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and the Philippines. Many Sellers from these countries are starting to provide unique low-cost services on the site. The FGG goal of being a truly global operation is becoming a reality, with US visitors second behind only India. The US is the only fully industrial nation in the top ten.

Even though the raw statistics are fantastic, it will be awhile before the FGG Low Cost Marketplace low-cost global discount model truly becomes a rival in scale to the industry leaders. Throughout history the low-cost solution has nearly always, over time, succeeded as most people prefer a lower cost global solution.

Usually the big problem is that there’s a mass array of competitors trying to take this top low-cost global position. So far in the freelance global gig market, we have seen very few competitors. This means that the global discount freelance gig market is still in the embryonic stages, as most competitors are still focused on local languages or single country strategies.  This kind of approach over time will often lead to a much higher overall cost and make it hard to expand beyond their target markets, creating a long term disadvantage.

One large advantage for FGG Low Cost Marketplace is that they always help promote the Seller’s gigs. Communal News articles contain over 200,000 links on every new post and of course are integrated with a leading global newspaper that is distributed by Google and Facebook News. This high level of service is provided at less than half the total cost of their largest competitor. No wonder Buyers and Sellers are moving like a rocket ship to FGG; most Buyers (and now even Sellers) do not want to pay the greedy monopoly-level fees of the giant gig platforms, and look forward to the success of the discounted global services.

Both Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace have been growing at very fast rates and we hope to have some very good announcements from them soon.

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