Not Feeling Well? Maybe It’s Time To Write Your Own Obituary!

  • allows the Undead to pre-write their own obituary.
  • The tool is most useful for people nobody likes or cares about.
  • You can even make stuff up! Who knew you were awarded the Medal of Honor - Twice!

Mark Twain was enjoying a hearty breakfast one morning and, while perusing his local newspaper, he turned to his favorite section: The obituary column. Imagine his surprise when he saw his own name and found out he was dead. It was a misprint, of course. But it did evince one of his most memorable quotes: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

Blank Obituary
What happens when a famous obituary writer dies? They get their own death notice published in a prestigious newspaper like the NY Times or the Washington Post, what else? The real question is: Who wrote it?

There have been a handful of noteworthy people throughout history who were shocked to read their own obituary. And, lived to tell the tale. But, now anyone can enjoy reading what people will be told about your life, and death. Because YOU wrote it!

That’s right. No longer do we have to deal with the pesky detail of having to be dead to ensure our eventual passing will be covered in print sympathetically and focused on all the wonderful achievements of our lives as we strolled the stage of this mortal coil.

But, like the overwhelming majority of us, let’s say you’re a schlemiel who never did anything notable. We’d be lucky if we get even a single sentence on the Death Notices page, much less 5 paragraphs in the Obits section.

Well, now you can change that!

A website called is, naturally, focused on notable passings of famous and near-famous persons who have attained some notoriety in life. Since it was launched, the site has been populated with thousands of actual obituaries chronicling the stories of prominent persons who actually did something with their time on Earth.

Manson Obit
Newspaper editors looking to increase circulation have long known that lots of readers skip the front page and go directly to the Sports section. And, there are many other features, besides current events, which readers are more interested in. Like Comics, Puzzles and even discount coupons or contests. But, despite the dark subject matter, few pages are as popular as the Obituary section. Is it because we are secretly happy those people are dead? Nah. Can’t be. Can it?

Then there’s the rest of us. Where can we turn to tell our own tale, ensuring lasting and endearing memories in the hearts and minds of our families, friends and even strangers? WikiObits has the answer.

By logging in to the site, subscribers can write a free obituary that includes great detail and allows the prospective corpse an opportunity to fill everybody in about all the neat stuff they did during their anonymous and very boring lifetime.

Plus, there’s one really cool advantage: You can even make stuff up!

Who’s to say you weren’t nominated for more Oscars than Meryl Streep? Or, that you won 5 times! Worried that nobody knows about the day you saved a litter of kittens from a house fire? Write it all up, in glorious detail. (Just leave out the part where you missed the elderly couple smoldering in the bedroom…)

Andy Warhol once prophesied that “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” With WikiObits, we can all milk that 15 minutes, and turn it into an eternity.

All while enjoying a hearty breakfast…

What do you think? Will you write your own obituary?

Please let us know, with a comment below!

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