Not Just Trump, All Politicians Should Submit Records for Transparency

  • Only 17% of United States citizens trust their government.
  • Corruption is more prominent in the House and Senate.
  • HR1 has unbalanced scales.

Right now, as of today, a new poll has been released showing that only 17% of United States citizens trust the government to do what’s best for the people. This comes on the heals of months of needless bickering on subjects that simply have no place in our society right now. There’s too many needs of the people that should be addressed as opposed to worrying so much about digging up dirt on someone else. And, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

All Americans know that most corruption in politics happens in the House, Senate, and other high offices. And since the President is a representative of the people, just as all other political offices should be, maybe then all politicians should be subject to tax records transparency also. With the findings of this new poll, surely the majority of the people believe it so.

Amazingly, the poll also shows that Republicans express a much higher level of trust during a Republican Presidency than with any other political party Presidency. Meanwhile, Democrats on the other hand seem to be consistent with trusting no matter which political party has the Presidency. It should be pointed out here that this doesn’t look good for prominent news outlets that have been giving false numbers and false accusations.

In recent months the Democratic higher-ups have been screaming for Trump to release his tax returns for the scrutiny of his opponents, in another attempt at discrediting the President. Hopefully this attack will backfire as the bogus Russia collusion scheme did. Not all of the Democratic Party is willing to keep fighting with Trump though. With the Democratic Party presidential candidate numbers spreading the party thin, and too much time and effort being focused on Trump, some members are beginning to express their concerns.

In an interview with Vox, Rep. Jared Golden of Maine said, “A lot of voters I think are not going to be making this a top priority in terms of how they decide they’re going to vote on 2020.”

The new HR1 Bill that has already passed the House, failed the Senate and will surely be submitted again, includes mandating that all Presidents and Vice-presidents release their tax information. However, the bill makes no mention of doing the same thing for all politicians, to include the House, and Senate and all other government bodies. Again, according to the survey, we the people want transparency across the board in all matters, no matter which political party is in the Presidents seat.  Should anyone stand with the people, a link is provided here to show your support.

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