Numbify Asks All Numbing Companies to Stop the Fake Reviews: “Our Customers Deserve to Know the Truth” 

We have had a lot to say recently about Numbify – a fast growing numbing product line, based out of Salem, Oregon. However this week, it turns out that they had a lot to say about their customers! An exclusive interview with owner Randy Durig reveals insight into how the company feels about its customer base. Randy is quoted as saying:

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

“A lot of people are calling us heroes, because we are not only one of a very small number of companies in our industry that don’t participate in fake reviews, but also because we actively and publicly oppose companies that do so. We have the courage to stand up and say no more!”

“The truth is that we are just people trying to do the right thing. We do everything we can to conduct business with the ethics that we would like to see ALL business conducted with, and we try to be socially and environmentally conscious as well. The real heroes are our customers who shop with us not just because we have a really powerful price leading product, but also because they want to be a part of the movement to take down corruption in online reviews.”

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What many people aren’t even aware of is that the business practice of paying individuals, or organizations to create fake accounts and post positive 5-star reviews on your own products, and poor 1-star reviews on your competitors, is a growing and can even be called prevalent on many online shops including and  When almost every other company in your industry does this, and when some competitors buy and post thousands of fake reviews, it can really hurt your business, and it really hurt Numbify. You can read more of their fake review challenges at the company on their About Us page.

That’s when Numbify had to ask themselves the question, “should we do fake reviews like almost everyone else in the Numbing industry?”  If they didn’t and most of the other numbing firms continue using this unethical illegal practice, basically fleecing the consumer, many in the Numbify management meeting thought the fake reviews companies will become even more powerful, by putting good honest companies like theirs out of business.

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During the meeting, Randy describes the firm needing to making a decision:

Numbify is eager to show, in honest competition, which products really are the best.

“We decided  not only to abstain from this practice, but to absolutely oppose it. I remember the exact moment in that meeting – we were discussing the issue and the question was raised, how do we handle this problem? I mean it is insane how much money is being poured into fake reviews, all to make products look better than they really are. The reviews are often just big fat paid-for lies.

In our meeting there was an almost tangible silence after this, and then one of the best things I have ever seen happen. From that point forward our company mission was clarified and brought into focus. We weren’t just going to be the working hard to provide the best numbing products on the market, we were going to start a industry wide movement of honesty and transparency.  Since then we even have gone so far as to call out all the fake numbing companies with our Strongest Numbing Challenge.

Our customers have been amazingly supportive, and they come back to us time and time again, not only for great products, but because they believe in what we stand for.”

So whether you are looking to support a great cause, carry Numbify at your shop, or you just want a fantastic numbing product for your next tattoo, head on over to and try our best in class numbing solutions.

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