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We have heard it all over the news, and the internet– organic and natural products are great ways to improve your health. Widely viewed as the healthier option, you may wonder to yourself, are natural and organic products really better? Or, possibly the most important question, what can I do to earn income in the natural and organic field?

Let’s address the first question: “Are natural and organic products really better?” The answer may surprise you, but with a little critical thinking it may not. The answer is a firm, absolute and emphatic maybe.

Let’s face it, organic/natural/holistic medicines will never be as effective as concentrated and refined, or synthesized ingredients. Don’t even get me started on homeopathic medicines, they aren’t in most cases worth the price of the water that they really are. That’s a big part of the reason that our friends at Numbify use Lidocaine as an active ingredient, it’s really effective, more-so than natural alternatives.

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However, Lidocaine can only be sold at 4-5% over the counter, and that leaves 95-96% of the product available for companies to pick and choose the superior ingredients that they feel will deliver the active ingredient in the most effective, and comfortable manner (or in the case of some companies the cheapest manner possible).

That’s why at Numbify, they always choose the highest quality ingredients, and in many cases that means natural. In point of fact, they seek out natural ingredients that are both healthy for you, and effective for their purpose, which is a big part of why many of their customers report that not only was it the most effective product that they have ever tried, but that it left their skin feeling good, and left them feeling healthier.

The end answer is that depending on the ingredient, the level of refinement, and effectiveness, natural CAN be a better way to go. Let’s face it, snake venom is natural, but we don’t want any of that in our cosmetics or pharmaceutical products.

But let’s be real here, you are far more interested in the second question right? How can YOU get involved and make some money in the natural/organic markets? It all starts with Numbify.

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You see Numbify has a national reputation for being both powerful, and healthy/natural. Selling Numbify products is a FANTASTIC way to make additional profits and revenues at your place of business. Whether you run a pharmacy, a grocery store, a tattoo parlor, day spa, or heck even a hardware store, (we can’t imagine that do it yourselfers would turn their nose up at some pain medication just in case) Numbify is a great addition to your lineup.

So head on over to Numbify,com and fill out the form to sign up for a free sample of Numbify to try. All business owners considering carrying Numbify are welcome to a sample, at Numbify’s expense. Or you can give them a call at (877) 906-4806 and one of their helpful customer service reps would be happy to help!

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