Numbify Breaks the Mold with Its Honest Amazon Campaign

In this dog eat dog world, it is easy to see how many companies turn to deceptive, crooked and sometimes downright illegal marketing practices, just to stay in the horse race. Its all over the place and frankly not enough is being done to stop these practices, and what little is being done is dwarfed by the enormity of the problem.

Numbify is a deep penetrating formula delivering 5% lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching. In side-by-side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market.

In an age where so much of internet sales are controlled by big companies like Amazon and Walmart, we rely extensively on those companies to police their third party sellers and ensure that they do not “work” the system and deceive their customers, but unfortunately especially on Amazon, that just isn’t the case. In the lidocaine numbing agent market alone, we have identified fake/purchased 5-star reviews on over 97% of the products listed. Many of the top products on the first page, the ones that Amazon is actually pushing on you first, are some of the worst perpetrators.

I say most and not all because there is one brand that stands apart in this market, and that company is Numbify.

Numbify is known nationwide as the single best numbing agent on the market today, and it shows in their reviews. Numbify refuses to give in to pressures of falsifying their reviews like many of their competitors do, instead they have a different philosophy. Instead of trying to hide that our product wasn’t the best, why not make it better instead, and that philosophy has served them well.

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After scouring the world for the best ingredients, and testing countless variations, Numbify is still working to improve, and its already the best out there. In addition to their commitment to never buy fake reviews, Numbify has three core values:

  1. Stronger numbing
  2. Natural ingredients
  3. Low cost pricing
Numbify 5% lidocaine is FDA compliant for lidocaine strength. Numbify has scoured the entire world, and spent years perfecting what we believe is by far the strongest numbing spray around.

Stronger numbing is the easiest one to understand. When a person needs a product, they want it to be the most effective that is possible, and Numbify has outclassed them all with their commitment to safe healthy natural ingredients.

Now not every ingredient in Numbify is natural. Sometimes natural is not the best choice, and through trial and error, Numbify has found which ones NOT to use, but they remain committed to the principle that the quality ingredient that works the best is always the right way to go.

That usually raises a few eyebrows, in part because Numbify is so low priced. They remain committed to making medicine available at the best pricing that they can so that everyone can afford it. But that’s not the eyebrow raising part. The part that makes people wonder is why do the other guys– who are using the cheapest ingredients they can, from the lowest bidder– still cost as much or more than Numbify?

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We will let you answer that for yourself. What we can say is that if you are skeptical about how good this product really is, that is understandable. That is why Numbify has issued this challenge: Try them against any competitor for free. Numbify is now providing free samples to any business that is considering carrying Numbify at their location, and they want you to try it and decide for yourself.

So head on over to and fill out a sign up form to get your free sample, or give them a call at (877) 906-4806 and find out for yourself why Numbify is taking the nation by storm!!!

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