Numbify Inviting the Numbing Industry and Consumers to Only Support Honest Reviews!

One of the great things about the era that we live in is the plethora of online sales venues available to list your products. Right at your fingertips are millions of purchase options, which you can sort and filter any way. Shipping speed, customer review, high to low pricing or vice versa, its an amazing feat.

The downside to that is that we as a society have become increasingly dependent on point of purchase reviews. This is dangerous because they are surprisingly easy to manipulate. Many sellers on sites like,, and ebay actually contract shady organizations called review farms to place 5-star reviews on their products. By doing this you can get hundreds, or even thousands of fake 5-star reviews put on your products.

Good reviews aren’t the only thing you can buy, you can also purchase negative reviews for your competitors products, or you can pay reviews farms to fake positive reviews on your products and fake negative reviews on competitors products so they are more visible to the public. Today the numbing industry is seeing fake reviews purchased by the thousands on a single product.  That’s tens of thousands of dollars being spent on fake reviews by many companies in just the numbing industry alone, and the reason they do it is because it is working for them.

And they know it hurts you and me and everyone else, not to mention it’s against the law.

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The folks at at Numbify are fighting the fake reviews in numbing and make the following commitment to you:

  • We will never post or buy a fake review
  • We are proud of our company and products and will not lie to gain an unfair advantage.
  • We will not work with (and refuse to be involved with in any way) any organization that promotes itself by buying fake reviews.
Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

Not only has this been going on for years, it has become worse each year. Numbify is a brand of numbing products that has taken a stand to fight fake reviews and run their business with integrity. This strategy has not only helped them refine and improve their products through honest customer feedback, but it has also gained them a huge advantage as one of only a very small amount of online retailers that refuse to participate in fake reviews. They even started the Numbify Strongest Numbing Challenge, telling the fake reviewers, “if your product is so good, stand by it with truth and honor instead of hiding honest reviews by buying thousands of lies every year to cover up the truth.”

Today, Numbify has officially invited all of its competitors to join together with them in eliminating fake reviews as a selling tactic from the numbing industry. CEO Drew Steig says:

“It just isn’t enough for us to stand up and say, lets be better than this. One brand just isn’t enough. We need to get the entire numbing industry and the consumers to ask them to do what is right.

“This is the only way the consumers will have faith in our industry. Our fellow Americans read about the massive review fraud permeating online selling, and they lose faith in the people who manufacture their medications.  When you can’t trust pharmaceutical companies to tell the truth about your medicines, that’s when you know it’s time for a change!”

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