Numbify Low Cost Pricing – Even in the Pandemic

With shortages in almost every industry, prices for almost everything (except maybe gas) continue to rise around the globe. Materials that used to be plentiful and easy to find, are not available due to rising risks centered around this pandemic.

Because of shortages, prices on even the little things are rising, and the longer manufacturing companies stay closed, the more expensive they will get. Because of the increase of raw materials, many companies are raising their prices, and it’s easy to see why.

But that’s not how they are doing things at Numbify.

Numbify is well known for its commitment to powerful and effective Numbing. Their logo even sports “Stronger Numbing” as one of the three cornerstones that they build their company on. Along with Natural ingredients (which we all know can be more expensive) and low cost pricing, Numbify really stands out from the crowd. However, while many companies are slowly raising prices to avoid their bottom line getting hit, Numbify is staying the same.

You see the reason for those three cornerstones really all falls down into one core concept: they put their customers first. Sometimes that means biting the bullet and taking a hit so others can continue to afford your medication, especially with so many unemployed. And sometimes that means taking a hard look at your products and really listening to what your customers have to say.

You see that is what really sets Numbify apart – They listen and they care. That is why they have taken the lead in the fight against fake reviews on online marketplaces, while many of their competitors instead give copious amounts of money to review farms that falsify reviews to make their own products look better, and their competitors look worse.

That is also why they started the Strongest Numbing Challenge. They claim stronger numbing, and really want to back it up. That’s why they have challenged their field to 3rd party side-by-side testing, with the winner getting the title of strongest numbing, and an article in the news.

So next time you are trying to decide what numbing product to buy, do you want to buy from an honest company that actually listens to their customers and fights for better products and honest reviews? Or do you want a product that is overpriced, and sold by companies with questionable ethics?

I think the answer is pretty clear – so head on over to, or give them a call at (877) 906-4806 today!

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